Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, February 21, 2021

 NEW NORMAL???????

What does that even mean? I am not really what would be called a normal person, in the big scheme of things. I tend to be a little abrasive, which only means people don't know how to react to the truth or a statement that doesn't include consideration of their delicate feelings. Yuk!!!

I am certain that I am more abrasive with the things around me impeding in my happiness. As a retiree I am excited about new directions that will fill my life with adventure and happiness. I got the opportunity to take a little vacation with sister. I found myself acting normal except for all the masks and the social distancing. It still feels like a plague is in our mist. I can't help, however, the feeling that people will never be able to embrace each other again. 

My generation is awesome and we wish that all the following generations can find the peace and happiness that we enjoyed in the past. We worked for everything we got, it was actually the whole point.

  I did enjoy my adventure to Colorado with sissy and my niece. This is just one of things that we saw.

Since my travel has been greatly reduced, the new plan is to rediscover our beautiful nation. Can fly to so many places here in the states. I need to enjoy this opportunity even though I have been to every state in the U.S.. Years have passed since my original discovery of the States, time to do something with the rest of this life that I am so lucky to have.


Written by Captain Mary on Friday, December 18, 2020

    January arrived and I was filled with excitement. My grandchildren would arrive and fill my home with sounds of youth and curiosities about life and the world around us. This year, the year of my official retirement and boy do I have travel plans for this year. I have planned an amazing trip to the other side of the world. Starting in Singapore and circling around Malaysia and Indonesia and then go to Japan perhaps. My grandchildren and myself, experiencing what Asia has to offer.

      Perhaps that last sentence was a bit of a give away, what did Asia have to offer after all? As, it happens, the trip of amazement and wonder was cancelled 20 days before we were to arrive at our destination. This trip was to be a gift to my grandson, Samuel, a way to show my grandchildren other parts of the planet. Shyanne, was already gifted such a trip, but to Europe, and now I have created a monster, she finds herself on many of my excursions. When a person breaks out of the box of our mundane existence and begins to explore, something explodes in our life. The world gets bigger and better as we reach beyond our familiar surroundings and actually get to be part of it. So much better then watching the Discovery Channel. 

    The world as we knew has just changed with the onset of this world-wide virus. I can't say that I get involved in the hype and panic that the news and propaganda want us to hear. I can't stand looking into peoples faces and can no longer see smiles or frowns, an absence of expression makes life around me very depressing. As things progressed into quarantines things got worse. Just when you think it can't get worse it does. I don't want to get into so many of my conspiracy theories, although there are many, but it is hard to overcome an overall feeling of sadness everywhere I go. To see so many friends and family in fear, as if living with the fear of death is the new way of life. Should anyone live their life this way as if we all had terminal illnesses, and afraid of the person next to them giving them the plague. I wish that it was over, this virus that is not just killing people but destroying our happiness down deep in the depth of our souls. I am a staunch believer that life should be filled with as much happiness and love you can muster. With so much damage done to our lives, will we ever recover?

    I am lucky to have work when I want it, so I don't have the additional worries of not making ends meet on top of all the short comings and restrictions of today's lifestyle. I would have never guessed that I wouldn't be able to hug people that I love. This year I lost my little friend Bogey, my Maltese dog. I had to wait in the car while the vet assistant carried my little man to his death. I sat waiting in tears for them to bring him back to me, so he would get his proper burial at home. As I looked inside the cardboard box which they so carefully posed him and covered him like a sleeping beauty, I became hysterical over my loss, because at that moment I found myself more alone then I had ever been. I found at that moment that there are people in this world, pandemic or not who knew I needed a hug. My friends from the office came out and gave me a hug. Don't want to give names but I have the best veterinarian team in the world. 

    The months are slowly passing by, hope dwindling at each corner. The safe places are being replaced with violence, racism, and pure hate for our fellow man. My earlier predictions came true when the election began to heat up and the way we treated each other only declined more. I hate to say it, I also noticed that so many people have become clones following masses into stupidity. I guess this is what it feels like just before a civil war breaks out. I can only hope that it doesn't turn into World War 3 and we can see the errors of our current thought process before it's too late. 

    The holidays this year have come and gone, they just didn't have the happiness a family waits all year for. Most were cancelled just because I didn't have to think about all the people I miss, instead of enjoying them all I could see was the masked, social distanced people I use to see smile.

    So much has happened to crush my soul, yet I will always have my family who picks me up when I am having a hard time standing. I am smothered with hugs when I am with them, if I go to jail or die from a plague for this, then so be it. What has happened, getting in trouble for loving? 






Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Why would I possibly care about something happening on the other side of the world????
The fact is I had been planning a 3 week excursion in honor of my grandson's graduation, the planning was over a year in the making. My excitement to see him on his first world adventure is what makes traveling all worth it. All that excitement, the time nearly here, 20 days to departure and guess what, our trip was cancelled. Our 3 week adventure around Asia, slashed into disappointment. Four of us horrified and empty, tried so hard to fill our time with another trip, I guess everyone had the same idea. Everything we tried was full.
I guess that answers my first question on why I would possible care what happens on the other side of the world!!
When I first heard about this virus and its location the first thing that came to my mind was that China was tired of the protestors. That they concocted this to stop the protestors. I thought for certain it was a political ploy.
 Before I go on with my story, I want to remind the readers that these are my own thoughts and opinions, and not based on anything else.  
I kept watching as the virus spread and I asked myself questions before making any definite conclusions. I am still not certain how this has become political and it seems as it has become part of the 2020 campaign. I have been listening to our representatives and my thoughts were that these people are behaving in a manner that is in my best interest. Or are they?? I can't help scratching my head when I listen to people talk, all I hear is the BLAME GAME. That doesn't seem to be productive or in any way helping the citizens that they are representing! 
I understand the financial ramifications for everyone, this effects so many. This virus has put the planet at a stand still. The businesses that are taking a hit could cost them everything, airplanes, cruise lines and anything related to travel. It effects the people who work for the travelers too. The dog sitters, the baby sitters, the lawn guys and so many others.
Now lets talk about the economy. It makes me sad that a group of people, you know who you are, those who play the stock market like a video game. I get it, always looking for that get rich quick scheme. So, these investors look for that tragedy that could stuff their pockets with green. In the meantime not giving a shit about the rest of the people. Carelessly, using a virus and the death of people to make money! What has this world come to, where is the compassion? Shame on you, not only did you sell your stock but you sold out America.


Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, March 11, 2020

As I grow older, I wonder if I have told all the stories there are to tell. I loved listening to my mom as she told stories about the old days, but her stories of adventure were few. I asked if she had dreams of traveling the world and such, what she said was that her life was her family and that was the dream that came true.
As the years passed I realize that I have out lived my mother and that is a gift, I also guess that her dream of a family is also my dream. I still can't get that travel bug out of my system, getting ready to go on another adventure to the Eastern Caribbean, with daughter and granddaughter. This is my way of sharing my life, instead of telling stories of continents and adventures.
The trip now a memory of beautiful locations and amazing landscape. The island people are wonderful and seem to figure out the simple life is the happy life.
We visited St. Kitts, Antiqua, Barbados, Martinique, St. Thomas. V.I., and Grand Turk.
Ten amazing days of perfect weather and local cuisine, hopping around the island to see the sights. Taking cruises is just like a tasting at a wine bar. So many flavors and never enough to bore you. I find it the greatest way to explore where I want to stay longer in the future.
St. Kitts
Traveling with family is always a way to share life long stories. It is proof that I am not exaggerating, which my family thinks I do. They become a witness to my amazement and I become a witness to theirs. Enthusiasm should never be confused with exaggeration.



Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, January 19, 2019

 My New Kitchen
My New Pantry/Laundry Room
Almost finished with renovation, only have a little bathroom left to do and I am so happy with the look of my seaside cottage. I want to retire to the Bahamas and this is the next best thing.
So much work and it has been over a year to get to this peaceful, beautiful place. I have to thank my entire family, for hands on, design ideas, and just being a place to go to exchange ideas. As anyone can see, the design in this little tiny house is just perfect.


Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, January 19, 2019

A new year begins and we go through all the wishes to be smarter, thinner, more beautiful. The hopes of a stress free life, let me tell you about all those dreams after 60.
My current dream as I wake each morning is, "where did I put the aspirin", because I slept wrong again and my neck or my back is twisted. In spite of the old age pains in the ass, I get up and make another day fun for me in spite of it. I am more focused on going on trips and being with family at the same time. Nothing is better, the location isn't even that important. (Well, not really)
This year will be different as each one is. I am grateful for still walking on this earth and being loved by my friends and family.
None of us really can know how long we will have together on this planet and yet I am so sad to see people who don't understand this fact.
My last years resolutions included spending more time with family, this year I am going to bump it up even more, until they scream "UNCLE", and beg me to go away! Perhaps be a place for my grandchildren to go to keep secrets. As the grandchildren grow older, they really don't need their Nana, but I am so in awe of them.
 My legacy continues and it is beautiful and handsome, my children and grandchildren are my life's greatest gifts. I have no regrets in life and want for nothing more than to see everyone I love happy and fulfilled with dreams that will keep them in the clouds forever.


Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, November 13, 2018

To me the season starts with Halloween, this year a party at a friends house. So much fun to get together with old friends that have nearly disappeared from our minds. So nice when we can recharge the beautiful friendship that has withstood so many years.
Next, was once my favorite. Thanksgiving, not for its historic meaning or for anything except a gathering of my family with food, fun and cheer. Notice I said "was once my favorite". I have such mixed feelings anymore. This year is going to be sissy's turn to host and yet it will be at my brothers house. A large group of people expected, I believe the largest group yet. Not a bad thing at all, the more the merrier, the fun will go on for days.
The small issue I have is getting together with my children and grandchildren, for so many years rotating between myself and their father. Then the last few years it seems like more of a burden than a joyful explosion of love with family and friends.
I almost stepped away from my holiday, because of a guest who was invited whom I can't stand. So many reasons why, not important, I just make it a habit to be around people who enrich my life, not destroy it. Mixed emotions are the fact that my children love this person and they might think that I am not being reasonable, that I should be the one to sacrifice my family holiday for the sake of an outsider, who cannot control their drinking habits and say horrible things not only to me, but to my children and grandchildren. Not understanding how part of my life was spent just trying to survive his abuse. Years have gone by and we were able to put aside our past. Until, a couple of years ago when I found that the person I knew many years ago as an abusive husband had returned, and not only used his horrible words and his wrath on me, but my children and grandchildren. So, as the dilemma continues, I don't want to hurt my children's feelings either.
 I was pondering on this thought with only a couple weeks to go, to Thanksgiving.  I finally decided to call my x and ask him not to attend and give as many reasons as necessary to get him to concede. As I was looking at my phone with this intention a text came through from my daughter who somehow anticipated my needs, as always and made that call for me. I thanked her, but it had to be bittersweet conversation for her and her father. I am so sorry to hurt my child that way, I had agreed to go away while her father was in attendance at my families celebration. That was not acceptable to my daughter, I love her for understanding and I am so sorry to make her hurt her fathers feelings for the sake of mine.
The last holiday of the season is Christmas, and I think that it is time to say good-bye to this one. The kids are grown, the actual meaning is not important to me. I lost my father just before Christmas, it now seems like this holiday just isn't worth a celebration. I sound awful this year. All I want to do is leave the country, sit on a beach with a tropical drink in my hand and the sound of the ocean ringing in my ears. Soothing my soul and easing my worried thoughts. I want everyday of my life to be full of smiles and love. 


Written by Captain Mary on Monday, October 29, 2018

Between, text messages, phone calls, every channel on television pushing the next election and for some reason everyone is interested in how I am going to vote. I have never seen a time that people have less privacy then ever. First, how do all these special groups get my email and phone numbers. Please don't tell me it is from the voters registration data base, is that yet another government agency that is making a profit selling my information.
My generation is called the "Boomers", we were and are, pretty much a passive group. Rock-n-Roll, free love all that kind of of stuff. Then we gave birth to "Generation X", a group of people that were introduced to technology and the information highway, where at that time was mostly factual information.
The generation that I have the problem with has come of age to be a large influence on the life of all of us. This generation is called the "Millennia's". A generation that has parents who give them everything they could want without having to work for it. Seems easier than actual parenting. They are entitled and arrogant. This is the group that is now plaguing our society with racism, because all of them somehow think that they deserve what ever it is they want without a thought for anyone except themselves. My generation loved everyone, we just wanted peace and harmony with each other. I don't understand why this belief is antiquated and no longer applies as an applicable way of life. Value each other along with their opinions!
Back to the horror, as I listen and watch the publicity of the politicians as they surge forward on their campaign trail to get the American public to vote them as our representative. I can't help noticing that I have not learned anything about the candidates except gossip and hate from the apposing candidates and parties. How am I to decide whom I should have as my representative, when everyone appears to be corrupt? Does this dilemma haunt you as you try to read through the ballots? Not only is it impossible to select a leader, but how do we decide on the issues when they are written in some strange sand script that purposely tricks you into voting the wrong way, if that wasn't enough, then they add something, not related to the issue above in order to confuse you even more.
How do we shuffle through all this crap and make a decision that in fact has some bearing on the future that will enhance our freedom and not further take from it. All I can suggest is we do the best we can without making ourselves as ignorant and hateful as the comments toward the candidates.
While my opinion is yet my own, I think that there is a person or two who would like all the hateful propaganda to stop and treat people with open minds and open ears. Can we hear what they will do for us without the confusion and hate. This country looks like a joke to the rest of the world, who think of common decency and respect as qualities to life. I wish I could brag about being American, I just don't want to be lumped together with the protestors and the special groups who behave badly and think for some reason that they deserve more than any other person or group on the planet. If treated with respect and perhaps a smile we could start to mend this country. 
Get out there and vote, do the research first or it will take you hours to make any decisions. Good luck voters.


Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, October 16, 2018

50 years of my life has been spent puffing away at those disgusting things that we know as cigarettes. Imagine that many years inhaling toxins other than the ones in the air. Purposely polluting your body. When I started smoking I was a mere 13 years old, and it was the 60's. We did everything that we could imagine to get a hold of things that were not good for us. Yet we survived!
I have quit from time to time, never with much success. I finally found a way, thanks to my son who had a plan and a support system that worked. I am happy to say that it is nearly 4 months since my last cigarette. I feel confident that this time I can make it stick. I just can't imagine going through the agony and side-effects that quitting does to a body. Every time I quit I started again because of serious weight gain, as the years passed by I realized that I don't loose the weight in spite of smoking again.
Looking at myself in the mirror, a size, gigantic, well at least my ass is. It was very difficult to accept that my body was falling apart. Did some research and asked people who also quit and realized that gaining the weight had an expiration date, that means your body will stabilized. Now, that I have reached this level and accepted the fact that it is time to move on to being a non smoker.
My brain is working again, and my weight is down a bit. Soon, I hope to be in the normal size range again, that means my ass won't be 4 feet behind me after I enter a room. I can take the money I saved on cigarettes and spend on some healthy food and perhaps a nice treat for myself.
Another step in my life, making things better, and maybe staying around a little longer.


Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, July 21, 2018

Let me tell you a story about a young man. First a little background, I was sitting around having coffee with my best friend and we were on the subject of basic parenting. Which is pretty simple and easy to understand, a parents job is to support and protect their child. Support entails emotional support, love and financial support when they are growing to adulthood. My friend told me that any parent who thinks that they are somehow owed a payback from a child is basically nuts. A parents job does not get payback, if they have great children, who are great people that my friend is payback of the best kind. It is not like they asked to be born. Being a parent is not so easy, and it is riddled with mistakes, believe me I am the queen of big mistakes.
Back to the story of the young man. A wonderful, kind and talented young man was driving down the road in his car, when out of nowhere another car broadsides this young man. Of course, as luck or bad luck would have the person had no insurance. This means dealing with his own insurance company, who as a minor lead that responsibility to the parents. This young man was at doctors for his injuries and in the end, months and months later finds that he is permanently injured. In all the months that passed since the accident, this young man was without a car and spent much time just waiting for all doctor visits and insurance back and forth to be over.
In the end a settlement had been agreed upon, by the child's father. Whom, I might add, was hardly there as a parent when this wonderful young man was growing toward adulthood. This parent thinks for some reason that he is owed part of this settlement. I don't know what excuse any parent could use to take something away from a child who will be forever in pain, and as life goes on, even worse pain from the injuries of that day. What kind of person would profit from the injury of their own child. Who even thinks that way! What did this parent do to be entitled to any settlement on the back of a child, when this wonderful child was the injured party, who I am certain could use this small yet important settlement to get on with his young life. This young man will always be reminded of that day the car slammed into him and the day his parent took away the value of his injuries for himself.


Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, June 10, 2018

Currently working on the kitchen, still waiting on some more cabinets to arrive, the house is in such disarray that I can't even show the living room, even though it is completed. Thought you might enjoy a couple of pics of almost completed jobs.
I call this my seaside room, colors of the ocean and that feeling of peace.
Next is the pantry construction, I love this room even though I really only do laundry here.
Pantry beginnings

Pantry/Laundry Room almost done.

Just adding a few more cabinets certainly makes a world of difference in storage space. Now I have more storage than I know what to do with.
Master before
Master After

I feel like I am in a seaside cottage, so peaceful and fits my taste. My house definitely needed an upgrade and it helped with my happiness factor.
 Can't really show my completed kitchen but watching the process has been fun. Since there is lots of progress by far.

 Dinner time in the old kitchen

Kitchen after partial demo

The new floors are already in, most of the cabinets are here. Spent the day waterproofing them with this thick rubberized paint. Perhaps it will save it from casual water damage for a long time. This is fun for me, except the part that leaves me without a kitchen. My refrigerator is in my living room, I must admit it's a good location for convenience sake. I can't wait to be finished, and perhaps I can begin on my backyard and doing some art work. Will keep you updated to the progress. Saying a big thank you to my family a.k.a The crew.  


Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, June 10, 2018

Grandchild #2, has made it through High School. Samuel is ready for the next steps in his life. I don't envy him, I recall that excitement and yet I don't think that I would go back if I could. All the things that go through a young mind, where do I start first has to be the question. Then again, a young person that has just come to the end of the first quarter of their life, has so much more to experience. I don't think that when I was that age I thought about the future.
Now, the kids are expected to have it all figured out before they graduate. What road they will take, or what path is next is already in their minds. Career, a place to live, a job, all expected to be figured out. Seems like a lot to expect from an 18 year old. I am still trying to figure it out!
The crazy thing is Samuel has managed to arrange a place to live, the college he will attend, and a possible job in another city, far from home. That takes bravery and guts, which Grandchild #1 has already done. I guess its not much of a stretch to know that Grandchild #2 can accomplish the same thing. With the help of family the sky is the limit.
All my Grandchildren are amazing people, Shyanne, Samuel, Maxwell, Jasmine and Jonathan. The most exciting part of everything they will do is just a plus, they have accomplished already in their lives the most important of all successes. They are wonderful people, they are good, loving, and caring people. Their families are most important to them, so as anyone could see, they have accomplished in their youth what most people only dream of becoming. I have never had dreams of monetary success for my children, because to me that was never the most important thing. When everything that is valued in todays society disappears what do most people have left? I know that if that happened in my family, we would still have each other and who we are.  I am so proud of my little tribe, I worship the ground they walk on, and I don't think that anyone could feel loved more than I do.
More graduations in the future. I hope that I can see them all, come hell or high water I will be the proudest one in the room.


Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, May 31, 2018

It has been over a year since I began the renovation on my home. The last time it was even painted was in the 90's. I would love to show a ton of before and after pictures, but I haven't quite got to the after completely. My craft room is finished, my laundry/pantry room is almost finished, my two guest rooms are finished (adorable I might add). The master room is finished and I just love being in a coastal cottage. The main room, is so close, but I have spent so much time and effort in putting pictures on the wall I don't think I will ever finish.
Craft Room
Most of the work is detail stuff, the main work is thanks to my daughter and  her wonderful husband, whom has no limits on their skills. I have some fantastic Grandchildren who are hard workers, they don't even take breaks unless I have food. It is a great time to spend with these gifts of mine. Being a grandmother definitely has its perks. NOTE TO SELF: Never pay them until you are finished for the day.
Getting the house ready for my retirement so that I can begin a new stage in my life. I hope to have time to paint pictures and enjoy the memories of a life well lived. I am reducing my work load so that I can do some of these renovations, but I feel like I am letting down my customers. I know that I will get over it.
Currently living without a kitchen, its not that bad. I do miss cooking a little bit, eating out of cans and making sandwiches get boring fast.
I guess as each room is completed I will post the pics, wish me luck and less rain, can't spray paint in the rain.


Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, March 31, 2018

We have tried and tried to gather the family together for an adventure. We have come up with ideas and each one had failed because of one reason or another. Thanks to Monica who put together an idea that everyone could manage to come together. A canoe trip along the Peace River in central Florida, camping in that primitive way. Tents and pee pee in the woods, washing in the river, living out of coolers and limited supplies. A central location for everyone and a weekend in nature.  The weather was just perfect, except maybe the first night that dropped down into the 40's, it took awhile for me to crawl out of my very cozy sleep bag and my tiny tent the next morning.

We canoed up river to find a spot to support all 20 of us. Canoes were stacked with supplies and people, because our primitive still included steaks and sausage and or course a generous supply of alcoholic beverages. The daytime was jumping into canoes, paddling up river to go fishing or hunting down the fossilized shark teeth that are all over the river. The kids found ropes hanging out of trees to swing into the cold water for a splash. Definitely fun to watch, as some of the landings didn't go as perfect as they had anticipated.  

In the evenings we shared laughter and stories, and some warmth. The kids seem to embrace the adventure, from climbing trees, gathering firewood, knocking each other out of the canoes, and just paddling around. It was so nice to see everyone away from electronic devices, even though we still had service they stayed away from their social media and embraced the wilderness. There was three of the group who had never tent camped and they were great, I think they would do it again.
Still close to civilization, yet far enough away to enjoy the hawks fishing along the river, bats hanging in the Spanish moss waiting night time and, of course, those cute little alligators peaking out of the waters surface. A weekend of personalities and peace along the ancient river.
I think we are all in for next year.


Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, February 25, 2018

A long, long time ago in a land far away, who am I kidding, in my childhood. I grew up with lots of phrases, "People who live in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones", "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth", well that one took me awhile, does a gift horse have different teeth!. My favorite one was, "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong", this phrase is commonly known as Murphy's Law. This guy Murphy lives with me most of the time, but he left my side to attack with Wrath my dear friend.
My friend called to tell me about the eruption and flood of that ever wonderful thing we call indoor plumbing. As the flood waters began to rise from the most horrible places, it left behind a river of paper and you know. On the beautiful polished wood floors and the Spanish tiles my friend ran with dozens of towels trying to stop this unpleasant eruption. That is hardly the worst part, the guy who came to fix it didn't know how to turn off the house water because the handle was missing. Hello, pliers!!! This is the guy who is going to fix your problems. Oh Murphy, please be gentle and go away. After 3 days and countless workers, the problem has some resolve, never heard of removing the toilet to snake the pipes? Well now what does she do with all those towels, throw them in the washer would be my solution. That is a great idea until Murphy strikes again and breaks the washing machine. In the meantime the waterfall in the pond stops working, and the regular guy couldn't seem to fix it. Of course not, that would be too easy.
Well, somehow my friend got her waterfall working again, I guess she didn't need the service man after all. That is one issue taken care of, no the plumbing isn't fixed. The cable finder had to come and mark the underground lines, he wasn't all that bright either. With a little supervision he took care of the marking, before the backhoe arrives to dig up the entire yard that is. When did the plunger stop fixing these little problems?
My beautiful friend finally called enough service people to get someone out to the house to look at the washing machine. Still waiting for the part to come in. If all that wasn't enough, she finally was able to get out of the house and rejoice at the thought of doing something beside dealing with her new friend Murphy, even going to work would be a pleasure.
No, that would be too easy, leaving for work she is driving away and hears a thump, thump, thump. You guessed it, Murphy was in the passenger seat and put a big nail in her tire. After a week of the Wrath of Murphy she was finally able to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and a good nights sleep. Now everything seems so much better after a week of what can go wrong, did go wrong. Things like these may overwhelm most people or at least pull chunks of hair out of your head, not this woman, I call my friend. Days like these are absolutely what makes the good days so good. Like BBQ, everything tastes better. Here is to time away from Murphy or learning to live with him.


Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, February 24, 2018

A couple of years ago, I decided to change up birthday gifts for my grandchildren. I got tired of the card that gets tossed and the money that really doesn't mean much, or gifts that are not used. What I decided to do is each time a birthday came along for my grandchildren, I would give them a day with me. More like a gift for me, but it is a chance for us to get to know each other without all that electronic stuff. I get to find out about who they are, in turn I get to tell them amazing stories of the old days.
Our day usually ends up as a weekend, but that works for me too. This past weekend was Jazzy's birthday weekend, we started with the movies, a great time there. Then Jazz decides she would like manicure, pedicure time. I was all for that since it has been months since I had that treat. Jazz then decides that we should hang around the house and watch movies, so I opened the sofa bed, per her instructions and we laid around watching some great movies. It was almost time for dinner and my beautiful granddaughter wanted to have her cousin join us for dinner. So down to Homestead we went to capture another grandchild, Max, who is suppose to assist me the next day in the yard anyway.
We arrive at the restaurant and, of course, there is a wait of 25 minutes. I suggested we walk outside with our electronic buzzer and wait for our table. Max looked at me and said "What are we going to do for 25 minutes", I replied, "Talk". I began the conversation and it seemed like only 5 minutes had passed and our table was ready. Dining with the grand's is always an opportunity to embarrass them, I like to talk with our server, I guess we joked so much that he forgot a lot of things. In the end we had an amazing dinner with great conversation. It surprises me how young people see the world and wonder about the opportunities life has to offer.  My grandchildren are not the entitled type so they actually think about important things, like the current school system. They were both homeschooled and are finding their first year back to the public school system a bit of a bore. They told me that it is hard to socialize with some of the kids because and I am quoting "The kids my age are stupid". The grandkids said that the other kids in their grade level still don't know how to read in high school and we have to pay the price with ridiculous homework that we have already mastered. They both agree it is a waste of their time. It is nice to see that they can recognize this and more importantly they want to be challenged. The school they attend is a Charter School, which one would think should be better. Enough of the rambling, that's a whole new subject.
After a great dinner we headed home and all plopped down on the sofa bed watching movies. The next morning I couldn't get anyone up till noon. Good to see how relaxed they are, I remember sleeping late on weekends. Didn't get any yard work done, but we had a great day full of fun and conversation. My son came by later to pick up the kids and we had a pizza party. Just seems like these spontaneous moments are the best of all. I can't wait for the next birthday celebration. Is there a point to this story or a moral we can take away. Yes there is, anything can be replaced except these wonderful people we call family. I am so lucky!


Written by Captain Mary on Monday, February 19, 2018

I don't know that taking sides on an issue like this is going to change anything. All it does is cloud the real issue. Our children, friends, family and people are at risk everyday with our generations outlook on life. So many things can contribute to all this violence, all we can do is try to figure out how this all began! We should be looking for a real solutions.
When I was growing up, pretty much everyone I knew had a gun of some type in their home. In my home I never saw the thing, but I was told what could happen if I got near it. I had a very close knit family and Mom and Dad were definitely in our business. We had conversations everyday, come rain or shine, it was held at the dinner table. I know some of you out there must remember that. The worse things I would try to get away with was skipping school, that ended up with my mother getting permission from the school to sit in all my classes with me. I got the message. We were a community, that watched everyone's kids, I didn't get away with anything, because my mother already knew what I did before I got home. The thing was, there was no cell phones, no internet, just those crazy dial phones or one of the neighbors taking a walk to your parents house with the report. We did try to sneak around but we always knew there was a chance of getting caught, so we never tried anything too stupid, because the punishment would be far worse than the crime. I learned quickly that if my parents asked if I did something wrong, and I tried to lie, they never asked a question that they didn't already know the answer to. So, I would not only get in trouble for what I did, but added a lie to it. That was always our biggest rule, never lie, you will get caught.
We had respect for our parents and any adult, we never talked with an attitude to anyone just to be a smart ass. We learned self-respect, what we did in public was a direct reflection on our family and our self. The funny part is back when I was growing up there wasn't cameras looking to capture these moments, there was real people who cared about you. Your community, your neighbors and even if your friends thought you were crossing a line they would tell someone. Not because they were a rat, but because they cared about you.
It seems like I am getting off track, but what I am hoping for is to see families and communities come back together. Not after a tragedy happens but before one does. Talk with your neighbors, you live with these people, they are part of your life. Look out for them too, even if some of them are not the best neighbors. We all deserve to live in a safe happy world. Communication is not that hard, not with texting or some other social media outlet, but face to face. Smile at someone who waits on you, wave to people and smile, be part of the world in a positive way.
I can't begin to know what kind of pain survivors are feeling and their anger. I know they have to talk to heal and we have to be there for each other. There is no one who hasn't felt the loss of someone whom they loved dearly, I have lost and the comfort I feel is when my family came together and we supported each other and we talked and talked. I have never felt alone in this world. What could have been so tragic turned into a family coming together for each other.
All this rambling seems so corny, but I really love my family and friends. I remember one thing that my parents said to me the entire time I was growing up which I remember with such clarity. "The only thing I want for you, is for you to be happy". It is not as easy as you think, but well worth the effort. 


Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, February 04, 2018

Last night I went to the movies to watch "Winchester", a horror flick. I like horror movies for the excitement, much of them don't get me too excited, seems like I am always expecting something different. This story was based on actual events and on a real historical haunted house. Without giving away the story it is a must see! I mean jumping out of your seat and chill bumps kind of movie. A movie made from a real life attraction.
I guess the surprises of the movie were still in my brain as I entered the grocery store. What I thought was a regular day shopping for food turned out to be something else. Most of the time when I am shopping I am on auto-mode, not really paying attention to what is going on around me. I was casually standing by the cooler doors, just gazing in to see what peeked my interest. Just as I began to reach to open the door, the door next to me began opening on its own. I stepped back and just looked, suddenly an arm outstretched then a leg from the inside of the cooler. That was all I could see, no body, I jumped and shouted "What the F...k!". Then climbing out of the cooler along the side of the shelving a young lady emerges. By then I must have jumped out of my skin. A lady standing nearby started laughing and the girl who slipped out of the cooler was apologizing for scaring the sh...t out of me. If I didn't have a heart-attack on the spot I must be in pretty good shape. The lady who laughed thanked me for making a joy out of her day and the cooler girl just stood smiling. These are the times when a person can't help laughing at themselves.  


Written by Captain Mary on Monday, January 29, 2018

I am of age to retire and yet I can't stand the thought of not getting up and going to work. On the other hand I can't stand getting up and going to work. A world of confusion and chaos its how I live. That is what keeps me going. My energy is that of an old lady, oh wait I am an old lady! I have my mind full of clutter these days, thoughts spinning out of control where I have no single thought. The only way to keep focused is to have my head-set on. These thoughts interrupt my sleep and make me pretty cranky. Something to work on!
The big holidays are over and the family seems smaller, not larger. Loosing people along the way, even though they have lived amazing lives. Still seems like I have a missing piece in my heart. It makes me think that our lives are so important, and I have embraced each chance to explore and experience everything I wanted to. I must say that I am a lucky person. I have everything a person could want. I don't mean the stuff, like TV's, fancy cars, a big house, because those things have absolutely no meaning in the big scheme of things.
New Year's is when we make resolutions. Last year was to spend more time with family, that was rewarding and better than anything else I could imagine. This year I may not take my retirement seriously, I think I will let my work subside in time, most of my customers are celebrating 20 years with me and I can't just walk away from them. They have become my family and I don't plan on letting them go away.
I am taking more time for myself, I don't mind not going to work everyday. This year I need a resolution that could beat more time with family. I would like more time with family in exotic locations or even familiar locations, I want more laughter and more hugs. I don't think anyone can get enough of love.
I am going to start with a new "Bucket List", this is in addition to the good family stuff. I have gone to Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Bahamas, numerous countries in Europe, Caymans, Bonaire, Aruba, South Pacific Islands, all 50 states of the U.S., and other destinations. So where do I start my list? I imagine I have made my goal of never living with regret or passing up an opportunity. I think the next adventure on my list should be a Cruise Around the World. Perhaps I will complete all the continents around the world that way. I want to get creative again, that is why I have been blogging more. I hope everyone who sees my posts enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.


Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, January 27, 2018

It has been over a year now since my father has gone to the other side. I know that he is here in my heart. After the pain of such a loss subsides, I can feel the joy that both my parents gave to me. Missing them is remembering them.
This is always how I want to remember them. I can't tell them how much they made me who I am, because in this picture I wasn't even a thought in their minds. Years pass and tears subside but I think about them everyday. All I can say is thank you for the time you gave me and for giving me a family that will forever keep you in their hearts.