Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, May 25, 2008

On Safari again, I just have so many stories. You just don't know how funny the little things can be, until after its over. It was one of those days, that I just had too much of that fantastic African coffee. I was starting to feel that urge to pee pee, well we were so far out, and there was a lot of tall grass. We just passed a cheetah, I told our guide Big John that I needed to go. It was going to be one of those natural places, not a potty around for miles.

Big John got on the radio to the other guides, ones behind us ones ahead of us. The guides are very protective of the tourist. Job security and all that. After some conversation in Swahili he said it would be safe up the bumpby road a bit. OOOOOh! the bumpy road was getting to me, I started doing the pee pee dance, you know the one where you can't really stay still or your bladder will spill out. Hurry Big John stop the van for God's sake. He slowed the van in a nice open area, looks like there is nothing here. The guides have an amazing ability to see animals in the grass, they will point things out to us and we stare at nothing. So I trusted his judgement, at this point the pee pee dance had turn into disco. Finally stopping, I slid the door open and jumped out walking toward the back of the van. I am looking around because you just never know. Ahhhhhhhh! what a relief, returning to the van with one foot in I look out the other side of the van with shock, well here comes two lions. I jumped in and slid the door closed as fast as I could. While this was happening Big John has his head down in one of his information books. I said "Big John look there", pointing my finger at the approaching lions. His reply was casual, "Where did they come from?". He asked if anyone else had to go, funny guy that Big John.

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