Written by Captain Mary on Monday, July 08, 2013

How do you know when something is just right? Well, I imagine it is the feeling you get deep inside your soul. I have always thought that living in the Bahamas would be my ultimate destination for my retirement, or sooner if possible. The thought of it has stepped back into my mind lately and I havn't really thought about it until my son took me on vacation to Paradise Island, Bahamas.
As soon as I walked out the doors of the airport after a 35 minute flight, the smell of the air, the smiles on faces, everything inside of me just relaxed so that I could take it all in.

Now, I can't get that smell out of my brain. The beautiful waters and smell of the ocean, like being put in a dream that felt so real I never wanted to wake up. It wasn't a dream though, it was me standing in the pink sands of another country, a country that called to me for years and is still calling me. This trip was yet another confirmation that I have selected the right place.
Atlantis is a bit of a tourist location, yet still finding the local places isn't so difficult to do. We always seem to attract the local people, I don't know exactly why, maybe it is the look on our faces, it shows all the way to our core how much we are enjoying our little place under the sun.
My son and my grandchildren get that same look, as if something deep in our soul has be revised, and brought the best of us out.
Even though there is quite a lot of people, it seemed we got lucky the first four days of our vacation, we had most of the place to ourselves. Our days were spent walking the beautiful grounds of Atlantis and watching the enormous amounts of marine creatures all around us. The food was delicious and the pools were like magic waters, nourishing our bodies and the sun carresing our skin as if the ancient Gods had planned it that way. The theapudic environment can take the evil out of anyone.
So much to do on our days that by the fall of the sun we were exhausted, but still had time for a little adult entertainment.
 Can you imagine putting your camera and belongings on a lawn chair and going away for most of the day to return and find everything untouched. A feeling that you are safe and the people are always watching out for you, because they care. Who wouldn't want to live that way, even amoungst all the crowds of people I felt safe and without a care in the world.

I seized every moment of this vacation to re-boot my system and enjoyed each second as if were my last. We had so much fun, we did so much and yet never enough. The kids enjoyed a day with the dolphins on Blue Lagoon Island, a 20 minute boat ride from Paradise Island. They got to touch and love these creatures, which are my favorite animal. I actually think that in a previous life I lived among them. One dolphin was very interested in me when I first arrived, he posed for me until I was moved off the platform.

I am convinced that the Bahamas is where I want to be. To be in a place without prejudice and government interferance, a place to live life like a human and not property used to generate income for the fat cats in politics. A place where people help their fellow man, without being asked, because it is the right thing to do. A life of smiles and sunshine, the perfect combination to easy living. A way of life that is "Just Right"!