Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My zoo residents are taxing my emotions to the maximum. If I had unlimited resources I would be the caretaker of all kinds of animals, I would take in every stray that needed a loving home.

These last few months have seen so much loss in my little animal kingdom, this time another of my kitties was missing for three days and I made my walk around the neighborhood each evening calling for him. It was Sunday morning and I was getting ready to make repairs on the screen on my patio, at the same time doing a kitty inventory as I do each day. When I noticed my missing kitty, Salty, was laying in the yard. I walked over to him and he did not get up to greet me, instead he was crying a loud meow, that I thought sounded different. When he tried to stand up, he fell over, he was breathing very hard and he had become dirty and skinny. I can't say what happened to him but he was in horrible condition, there wasn't a mark on him, no blood or obvious broken bones, but he was a mess.

I got on the phone and called Queenie, she rushed over to see if she could help, we got some water for him and food. Salty hesitated but finally began to eat and drink.

I can only wonder how he got back in the yard, when he could hardly stand up, I have a 6 foot privacy fence, but somehow out of sheer determination he scaled the fence and found his way home. Its been a couple of days now and he is not crying in pain, some of his injuries seem to be better, today he jumped up on the table for food. Most of the time he stays in the crate, even though I keep the door open. I can only hope that it was an accident of some type and not a person who injured my kitty. I wonder why anyone could hurt an animal, but I have so many animals because they have been abandoned or left to fend for themselves. I just don't understand why people find the lives of animals less important than their garbage.


Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Haven't written in awhile and I think the more time I spend at home the more things go wrong. I am getting back to my routine and looking for more work. I need to get back to my spinning class and my Karate class.
I take a look back at the passing year and have found so many good things, which always out weigh the bad ones.

  • I achieved my weight goal, but have gotten off track a bit.
  • I achieved State Champion in TaeKwonDo, and student of the month, and an award for the loudest Kihap.
  • I achieved my black belt.
  • My kids are healthy and happy.
  • My family is healthy and happy.
  • I have friends that are life long.
  • I manage a zoo of kritters.
  • I seem to make ends meet, even in times of trying economy.

There is so much more, but these are some of the important things that I can look back on and say I made it through another year. Like the good things I have a list of bad things, but I can't seem to recall them. Because, they have made me realise that looking at the positive and ignoring the negative gets me through each day with a smile on my face.


Written by Captain Mary on Monday, December 15, 2008

I have the opportunity to enjoy something that I had somehow lost in the years gone by. Christmas parties with friends. Last weekend was a fantastic gathering of friends and family, well friends that are like my family. I wish that the rest of my gang could all get together more often and have festive parties.

This party was my second at the Davis house and as always, the food was as festive looking as its flavor. Certainly I ate my share of that famous fudge, my fingers were covered in confections while placing them on platters and my resistance became weak. I savored every bite of chocolate and cookies and all the other goodies Shelah presented.

The most fun was just being with the gang, ever since I left my Karate school I miss my daily doze of these freaky friends of mine.

I am low on cash this year, but I wanted to give something to everyone, so I got out my crochet hook and yard and began making hats, scarfs, purses and also made some candles, I even made my own Christmas cards, out of recyled materials. I had so much fun and I enjoyed the appreciation of my small gifts. Everybody was wearing one of my creations and they looked adorable in them. I can never thank my friends enough for letting me be part of their fun.


Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, December 14, 2008

I have a special love for arts and crafts and want to extend that love to my grandchildren and friends when I can. I arranged a Workshop for the kids and collected all kinds of goodies and piled them on the table for them. The minute they walked in the door they began grabbing things and letting their minds go wild. The workshop started at 7pm and continued until I had exhaustion on my head at about 11pm that evening.

There was 7 children in the group and all their minds work in different ways. They created some fantastic ornaments and miniature Christmas trees made out of pine cones. They were most successful out of making a mess, but isn't that what makes it fun. It was nice that they exhausted some of my supplies that have sat in boxes and draws for far too long. Instead, they created things that will last for years and bring memories of the fun we had at Nana Claus Workshop.

The fun didn't end there, my 4 grandchildren spent the night so that their parents could get a little bit of a break. The next morning my son came over, because he had a school project that had to be completed. It turned out fantastic, Jason always comes by to do the kids projects, because I have so many supplies.

After doing some cleaning I realized that I had not made anything for myself. I proceeded to create a center piece for the table. I admit that I had as much fun as the kids did. I hope that this tradition lasts for years, it gives the kids a chance to get excited about the Christmas Season when they become part of it.


Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, December 11, 2008

Named by my granddaughter after the jellyfish in Finding Nemo, this kitty of mine was the most loving and wonderful of pets. I feel such loss for this beautiful creature, even though there is so many more kitty's left in my home, her face will always be in my mind. I remember her birth and her short life, that enriched my life and my love for animals. My dear Squishy you have brought love to my heart and every heart that you curled up with and purred.


Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, December 11, 2008

I had a wonderful time with family and friends, the time was too short. The food was excellent, here are a couple of pics for your enjoyment.


Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I love the holidays and the travel, I find peace in the drive and love to travel. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, had a great time with family and friends. I spent some wonderful time with my niece and nephew, who I miss being close. My sister and her employee (Joe, her husband), prepared a meal fit for royalty and I couldn't get enough of it. I gained the standard 5 pounds and now it is time to get it off for the next holiday.
Anyway, that was all fantastic until I got home. I gave myself a day to get back to the routine and rest before the week of work began again. I left my zoo behind and my temporary zoo keepers did a fantastic job. Everyone was waiting by the door when I got home, all 12 cats lined up with my dog, Baby in the middle. I opened the door and they all came in, things were great for awhile and then they decided to let me know that they were pissed off at me. My cats began marking everything in the house, the floors, the walls, my luggage, my computer, the counter tops, the freezer, any place and every place. I found myself spraying and disinfecting everything in sight. Thus leading me to throw every cat outside. Well if that wasn't enough, I went to check on my marine fish and found the tank was leaking all over the floor, as I was repairing that problem I had some laundry going. With wet towels in hand I make my way back to the laundry room only to find it was flooded, now it was time to clean up that mess and find out what was wrong there. After some time I ascertained that the drain was clogged, now I had to clean up the floor that was soaked into my storage room. Finishing the laundry by draining it out the back door I find the sink in the kitchen had also backed up onto the floor and the shower had backed up. Well, now exhausted and frustrated I sit back and ponder, what the hell! I think today I will get back to work and not worry about the little things, I got my work-out for the week.


Written by Captain Mary on Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving has just passed and the question this month is "Did you eat too much?", just kidding! Really,
"Besides all the traditional food that is served on this wonderful Holiday, what did your feast have that was outstanding?"