Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sorry no posts during the holiday, I am out of town eating myself into a comma.


Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, November 22, 2008

Last night I was honored to be able to attend a show that was put on by a home school enrichment program. There were kids performing from ages 3 and up, they were playing piano, singing, public speaking, double dutch jump rope, cheer dance and so much more. I saw so many talented children and their instructors were all volunteers.
The amazing part of this show was that, the children only go to this program a mere once a week and this is just the first semester. How can this all be put together in a such a short time. I guess this is what happens when parents are involved in their children's lives. Congrats to all the home-schoolers, you children are brilliant and talented.


Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, November 20, 2008

I had a phone conversation and the subject was our morning routines. Well, recently my best bud decided I needed to change my routine and add spinning class to the morning ritual. I have been fighting her forever on this subject and I finally gave in. So I got my happy ass up at 5am to go and work-out, now I am sitting at home after a great soak in the tub and wondering what I am going to do now. The animals are fed, the dishes are done, and it is hardly after 8am. Now I guess I can clean the house a bit, the problem here is I don't have to be to work until 10am. I just don't know if this is going to work out for me, but one thing I know for certain is that I don't have to find the time this evening to go and work-out, because I am finished for the day.
I have to admit this is not a bad idea, even though I am not a morning person, perhaps I could be a couple of days a week.
Have a happy day and keep the blood pumping.


Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, November 20, 2008

This has to be my favorite holiday, less stress, and more fun. I don't always get to be with my kids but that is alright, they rotate between parents. This is a holiday for traveling. This year, the turkey and trimmings are at my sissy's house in Central Florida. I have to find some clothing to wear because going north it gets cold. I am sitting here with my shorts on, the last couple of days have been a bit chilly in the 60's. It's all I can do to stay warm at night. Thank goodness my kritters have the same thought, last night I had about a half dozen kitties and my two dogs keeping me warm. When I woke this morning, I looked up to see bodies everywhere.
My family rotates the Thanksgiving Holiday, which is a great idea, between the four of us. Next year is my turn and there is no way to out-do my sister Cheryl, but I don't feel bad. I just look forward to the next one. Last year was at my brothers home with lots and lots of food and lots and lots of people. It's always different and it's always fun. After my turn is June's, she has the right idea, no stress, no mess in the kitchen, no exhaustion, she caters the affair and enjoys the fun. We all get a chance to visit the Keys, do a little fishing and sun-bathing.
All our lives have changed so much, the kids have grown, some have their own kids and their own celebrations, some people have to work and some are retired. No matter how the miles separate us, we still enjoy the time and the smiles we have together. Each day is special in our lives and knowing I have family and friends that I can call anytime I need one of those smiles, is precious.
Happy Thanksgiving.


Written by Captain Mary on Friday, November 14, 2008

I have come to a conclusion in my life, that being an American citizen I am getting the dirty end of the stick. I have decided to renounce my citizenship and become an alien. I can start by no longer paying any taxes, off I go to the welfare office to pick up some cash. Next, I go to the food stamp office and the Medicaid office, for food and health insurance. Lets see, now I need a place to live, I can turn my own home into a section 8 and live here for free. I definitely have to quit my job, so that the welfare keeps coming. Now I can tell all my friends and family to do the same thing and we can live the American dream without being an American.

Let's see what we will be giving up. Well, I won't be able to vote, that's a crap shoot anyway, isn't it? Social security, that's not enough to fill up a tank of gas. Recently heard that congress is going to give us that too. Pretty much have all the benefits as good tax paying Americans without having to pay for schools, bail-outs and such. I can still get credit cards, but if I don't pay my bills where can they deport me to? Back to the government offices and they will help pay all my bills.

If I remain an American I will be giving up all these free benefit's and will have to work for a living, paying a large percentage of everything I make to the government and aliens.


Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, November 13, 2008

I recently wrote to the governor of Florida, which did respond, with my concerns and suggestions. I wrote about the taxed amount I pay for Schools, and how it continues to rise. First I mentioned that I do not use this service, nor does anyone in my household, I don't feel as if the American tax-payer should pay for things that they don't use. Our schools have become an extremely dangerous place for our children to attend, not to mention they are not learning what they need to know. Yesterday, another child was shot and killed, imagine you send your child off to school for the day to empower their minds, the phone rings and it is the police saying they need you to come to the school to identify your child's body!
The schools are so busy with the testing that determines how much funding the school will get and now who suffers, of course it's the children. There is four schools currently that are going to be closed if they don't bring up their scores. It is all on the students and teachers to save the school, if the scores are F's than perhaps the schools should close. The money that is collected from each taxpayer is not going to the schools, it is going to build stadiums and finance the war. Perhaps the people who are sitting at their desks milking the American public, with their six figure paychecks, should donate some of the money to the kids. After all, they work for the school board, shouldn't their first concern be the children. The only people with security and is the people at the top of the food chain, milking the American Public and children are being killed for lack of education.
Parents, you need to step up and remove your children from these institutions, they are not safe and the only thing they get to learn is how dangerous our world has become. Children should be protected and nurtured, for they are our future. How can we expect damaged children to live up to the expectations we put forth. We are loosing a precious commodity, it is our job as parents to do something. Write your governor, school board, anyone who can do something, we have to save the planet, and that includes our children.


Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, November 11, 2008

...STAYS TOGETHER. We have our up and downs, but one thing we have in common is we kick ass. I must admit I have a great looking family. I am so proud, considering I really didn't do much as a parent, I simply got lucky when it came to my kids. I have two more grandchildren and my hope is that we will have a picture in the future that includes the whole gang.

I recently received my Black Belt and my school proudly announced to me that I managed to make November's Student of the month. To see the article please Click Student of the Month.


Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yesterday I was preparing to go to work, I was so close. I was sitting in my truck, looking through my day timer at my schedule for the day, when a lady pulls up in my lawn. This cute little Latin women walks over to me, I roll the window down and just figured she was lost. With her thick Latin accent I could hardly understand what she was saying, she said; "I was driving around and God sent me to you". My brow wrinkled in confusion and I asked her what she was talking about, again still thinking she needed help finding an address I said; "Let me see".

Much to my surprise we walked over to her car and she pulled out a box, I imagine she saw the confusion on my face and she began to explain why she stopped at my house.

She told me that she was driving around her neighborhood and stopped, she then told me a story of how her dog, killed a small kitten and the family was devastated. She found a kitten roaming around the street, picked him up, looked into the heaven and asked, "God help me, find a home for this animal", and she ended up in my yard.

I opened the box and looked inside, there looking up at me was a beautiful little kitten, I picked him up and he was shaking with fear. As I cuddled him he began to purr and my heart sank. Not that I could really use another animal. I told the lady that I already have eleven cats, she looked at me and said, "But god sent me here". That's when I looked up to the heavens and said, "Are you kidding me, when is enough a enough". I try so hard to not believe in things that I don't see or that can't be proven, but things like this make me wonder. Well, I can't pretend to fight fate, because everything happens for a reason. So now I have a new kitten, his name is Heathen. He is a beautiful little man, with a great disposition, now he has a home, even though it's a bit crowded he has found a place.


Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I never thought I would live to see the day, that prejudice was put aside. The American people for the first time in history voted on the party, we were so afraid of having another Republican in office that color and race did not have an effect on the decisions of the American people.
I also noticed that the voters did not allow any more taxation, I feel sorry for the community colleges, but we are sick of paying for schools, we don't need more taxes, and the people spoke up. Money's collected for schools are going over-seas to pay for the war anyway.
Historical or not, the new presidency has to take on the worst mess I have ever seen. He has to deal with the last administration and state of the economy. With any luck we can end our involvement in the war and keep our noses out of other peoples business. What kind of example our we anyway, we can't manage our own budget and we have the arrogance to tell other countries how to manage theirs. How can anyone learn from a country that has made a mess of everything. People are loosing jobs, income, security, their homes, and the American dream.
I have a glimmer of hope that what the country wanted was change, and that this is the administration that can make this change. This eloquent speaking president is a breathe of fresh air, who speaks to the American public as if we really matter. I am so proud of the American people, this has been the largest voting public in history, and America finally got off their ass to make a change.


Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, November 04, 2008

So clear in my brain the embarrassment of the Florida Elections commission. I remember as if it were yesterday, how we held up the presidential race, because we can't count. It was not only an embarrassment to the State, but the Nation. But, wait it traveled even further.
I was traveling in a 3rd world country and made the mistake of wearing a sweat shirt, that said: Miami on it. All I know was, that it was cold and I just threw the thing on to stay warm. Not really paying attention to what was written on the front of this big green sweatshirt. I found myself in a village market, people were pointing and staring at me. I didn't think much about it, at first, but then people began to laugh. Surprised by this I went over to see what was so funny, so I too could enjoy the laughter.
A child no more than eight years old, in a third world country, points to my shirt and says, "Corrupt Elections", I was shocked to hear these words come from such a place. I imagine the education in other countries is far better than ours. I couldn't possibly get upset, I began to enjoy the laughter, even though the joke was on me. Perhaps, this country is just a joke to the rest of the world.


Written by Captain Mary on Monday, November 03, 2008

I have pondered this question in my mind, getting ready for the election. As I spoke to friends and family, to get their input. Listening to the debates, reading as much as I could about the candidates platforms. Still, in my mind I can help but think, what I really need to do is vote for the Vice-President.
I know what kind of hate must be igniting around our candidates, and then again, how about old age itself. There has already been attempts on the life of one of our candidates and the other is just old as dirt.
So, I have concluded that, since the survival of the Presidency is in question, then I should select the candidate who has the best Vice-President. Am I being absurd or did someone already think about this?
Whatever you decide, tomorrow is the last day to have your voice heard. Please get out there and vote, mine is already being counted as we speak.


Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, November 02, 2008

Me as a Flapper

Kitty as a Classic lady of the Evening

It's been years and years since I went to a Halloween Party, but this year I did it! Not like my best friend, Shelah, was going to let me sit home anyway. She told me if I didn't get a costume she would. It started hours before the event with costume and make-up and keeping the dog from snagging my stockings. Best thing about dressing up, my daughter, Monica, keeps a hardy supply of costumes on hand.

Jesse and Carlo

Dave, Shelah and Father Jeff

It was a grand affair, with lots of people in great costumes, and my friends were awesome. The party was full of pirates, cowboys, immigrants, ghouls and goblins, gangsters and hoodlums, the costumes were great and the music was too. We danced the night away, all the way into daylight saving time.

Jesse and Luke's Grill

Sweet Charlotte

As the liquor flowed our brains turned to mush, but the fun continued. Even though some people had masks on, you could tell they were smiling. Halloween is a fun holiday where we get an opportunity to be something different, play roles and enjoy the gathering of great people.

Father Jeff

Can you find the Puppy?

A festival of fun and fantasy.



Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, November 01, 2008

My daughter came by with the kids to go Trick or Treating, but when she arrived my once fun neighborhood was dark. The indication as you well know is a light on at the front door. My neighborhood was very quiet, so we headed out in the car to find a better place. As we drove down the side streets full of darkness we happened upon a great neighborhood not far away.

My daughter had become very discouraged for this is her very favorite holiday, but then things began to light up and the Spooks came out, the boys, Max and Sam, were going from house to house, filling their bags full of goodies. Some of the houses were decorated in perfect Halloween fashion.

The evening became a festival of fun for the kids and I am so glad I got to enjoy their faces when the Spooks came out.


Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, November 01, 2008

This is a fun one!

  • Have you ever farted in public?
  • How did you cover it up?

Read the responses and leave one of your own.