Written by Captain Mary on Monday, October 29, 2018

Between, text messages, phone calls, every channel on television pushing the next election and for some reason everyone is interested in how I am going to vote. I have never seen a time that people have less privacy then ever. First, how do all these special groups get my email and phone numbers. Please don't tell me it is from the voters registration data base, is that yet another government agency that is making a profit selling my information.
My generation is called the "Boomers", we were and are, pretty much a passive group. Rock-n-Roll, free love all that kind of of stuff. Then we gave birth to "Generation X", a group of people that were introduced to technology and the information highway, where at that time was mostly factual information.
The generation that I have the problem with has come of age to be a large influence on the life of all of us. This generation is called the "Millennia's". A generation that has parents who give them everything they could want without having to work for it. Seems easier than actual parenting. They are entitled and arrogant. This is the group that is now plaguing our society with racism, because all of them somehow think that they deserve what ever it is they want without a thought for anyone except themselves. My generation loved everyone, we just wanted peace and harmony with each other. I don't understand why this belief is antiquated and no longer applies as an applicable way of life. Value each other along with their opinions!
Back to the horror, as I listen and watch the publicity of the politicians as they surge forward on their campaign trail to get the American public to vote them as our representative. I can't help noticing that I have not learned anything about the candidates except gossip and hate from the apposing candidates and parties. How am I to decide whom I should have as my representative, when everyone appears to be corrupt? Does this dilemma haunt you as you try to read through the ballots? Not only is it impossible to select a leader, but how do we decide on the issues when they are written in some strange sand script that purposely tricks you into voting the wrong way, if that wasn't enough, then they add something, not related to the issue above in order to confuse you even more.
How do we shuffle through all this crap and make a decision that in fact has some bearing on the future that will enhance our freedom and not further take from it. All I can suggest is we do the best we can without making ourselves as ignorant and hateful as the comments toward the candidates.
While my opinion is yet my own, I think that there is a person or two who would like all the hateful propaganda to stop and treat people with open minds and open ears. Can we hear what they will do for us without the confusion and hate. This country looks like a joke to the rest of the world, who think of common decency and respect as qualities to life. I wish I could brag about being American, I just don't want to be lumped together with the protestors and the special groups who behave badly and think for some reason that they deserve more than any other person or group on the planet. If treated with respect and perhaps a smile we could start to mend this country. 
Get out there and vote, do the research first or it will take you hours to make any decisions. Good luck voters.


Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, October 16, 2018

50 years of my life has been spent puffing away at those disgusting things that we know as cigarettes. Imagine that many years inhaling toxins other than the ones in the air. Purposely polluting your body. When I started smoking I was a mere 13 years old, and it was the 60's. We did everything that we could imagine to get a hold of things that were not good for us. Yet we survived!
I have quit from time to time, never with much success. I finally found a way, thanks to my son who had a plan and a support system that worked. I am happy to say that it is nearly 4 months since my last cigarette. I feel confident that this time I can make it stick. I just can't imagine going through the agony and side-effects that quitting does to a body. Every time I quit I started again because of serious weight gain, as the years passed by I realized that I don't loose the weight in spite of smoking again.
Looking at myself in the mirror, a size, gigantic, well at least my ass is. It was very difficult to accept that my body was falling apart. Did some research and asked people who also quit and realized that gaining the weight had an expiration date, that means your body will stabilized. Now, that I have reached this level and accepted the fact that it is time to move on to being a non smoker.
My brain is working again, and my weight is down a bit. Soon, I hope to be in the normal size range again, that means my ass won't be 4 feet behind me after I enter a room. I can take the money I saved on cigarettes and spend on some healthy food and perhaps a nice treat for myself.
Another step in my life, making things better, and maybe staying around a little longer.