Written by Captain Mary on Monday, July 18, 2011

Well, Casey Anthony walks away. I completely understand how, if the glove doesn't fit you must acquit!
 First lets start with the investigation. As always they focus on just one person, granted they did try to find leads to people who didn't exist. The nanny, babysitter and such, which of course, lead them right back to Casey. The obvious way to get away with murder is to leave reasonable doubt. The investigators tried for more than they could achieve, instead of charges that could actually be proved, how about man slaughter, they were thinking far too big and had no evidence to convict on such charges.
Just a reminder that our legal system is so ridiculous it isn't even funny. I know people who were convicted of small charges and no victim was involved and they got 10 years. Does that seem right to you. People who get caught with pot spend more time in jail, a victimless crime. There is a beautiful little girl that will never see her next birthday and I can only blame the whole family. The report of her missing a month late, sounds like they had plenty of time to make certain there was no evidence to find. Isn't the grandfather in law enforcement? You bet, he had the information and knowledge to make this all go away.
So the simple thing to do is get someone else to look as if they could have done it, thus you have reasonable doubt. Don't report the crime for as long as you can and all the evidence will be washed away by then. Our law enforcement and criminal system in Florida is so corrupt, it is easy to pull the proverbial wool over their eyes. Our legal system makes it simple to get away with murder.
 If you think for one minute that Casey Anthony will not pay the price eventually, you are wrong, because I believe what comes around goes around. Look at O.J., his life went to shit, and remains there. People who get away with murder, make mistakes and eventually get caught doing it. Casey Anthony's daughter will get her justice and public will be there to see it.


Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, July 16, 2011

Have you ever wondered what keeps the water flowing through your toilet into the sewage instead of on your floor, and how the seal just lasts forever? Well, Monica and I have been doing some small renovation in my bathroom, (a little upgrade from the 60's) after putting down some beautiful new floor tiles  and waiting the next day to grout between the lines, it was time to put the new (recycled) toilet on.
After removing the old, gray colored toilet, which didn't match a thing, except the sink, we noticed this gross, disgusting substance sitting on the floor surrounding the drain. Monica held her head down, looking down at this strange stuff, then turned to me and grimaced. I knew we were going to have to clean this stuff off, so I volunteered Monica to do it. I don't know exactly how to describe this substance, except that is thick, sticky, slimy and covered in who knows what. Using rubber gloves to clean this thing was even more disgusting, because then your fingers stick together.
Time for the replacement toilet and underneath it was another one of those wax rings, Monica looked at me and without uttering a word, let me know that I was cleaning the wax ring off this time. You know that feeling you get when just about to vomit, well that's what it is like to clean off a wax ring.
Working in a really small space picking up the toilet to slip it onto the wax ring just perfectly while lining up the bolts was a very precarious job. Struggling with the weight, one of us holding it up while the other lined up the bolts, almost smashing  our fingers in the process. We then tested it for leaks and the wax seal worked just perfectly. I can't believe it, our first toilet installation, and guess what! It's a no brain-er!
The best part of this two day renovation was the opportunity to work with my daughter, who just loves construction. We laughed and talked the days away. It doesn't really seem like something you would plan with your children as a form of bonding or even entertainment, but we had a great time together.
I can't wait for the next project, the kitchen counter, it is definitely time to get the chicken tiles off the walls.


Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, July 12, 2011

....HOW MANY MORE TO GO? What a crazy question. I look at my birthday now differently than I did before. I would fight the thought of them and leave the country every time my birthday came. My thought was, that if I wasn't here I didn't get any older and I held at 29 for a very long time. The last few years I have been home and well, when I look at my face in the mirror it looks like they all caught up in a very short time.
I did realize one thing, I do feel loved and that is more than anyone could ever ask for, in a lifetime of birthdays. My friends sent greetings and wishes, one friend even hid a gift in my truck, good thing it wasn't perishable! It wasn't really hidden, I guess I just wasn't expecting such a surprise.
My wonderful children and I went out for dinner, the place wasn't the best part of the evening. It was a great opportunity to have conversation with my two very favorite people in the world. I look into their faces and see what kind of people they have become. Their hearts are so beautiful, they love unconditionally and I am so glad that I am on their list. My children make me feel like the only person in the world that matters. I know that I am not, but I sure feel special when I look into their faces. I don't know if I really had anything to do with the way they turned out, but if I could take credit for perfect creations, they would be it.
I think about the birthdays that have passed and the places I have been, I don't know if it would really be fair to ask any more from my life, since I have had so much. I have so many fantastic friends and the best family ever, I go to sleep every night and dream sweetly, thinking about how special my life has been. Even the bad stuff doesn't really seem to hinder my thoughts. I can only hope that the next year will be as fulfilling, for as each day passes I love and learn.
Best wishes to everyone who has another birthday, its not just another day, its another opportunity. The years pass so fast, it always gives me something to look back at and encourages me to look forward to each and every day.