Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, July 31, 2008

Today starting at about 1:30pm my cat, Pepper, began having her litter. After 5pm she had completed the birthing process and we have 6 new additions to the family of 9 cats. As beautiful as they are I can not keep them. The $50 to $100 a week it costs me now for animal supplies and food is killing me, this doesn't include vet bills. I will be posting updates about the kittens as they begin their new life on planet earth. They will officially be up for adoption on October 1, 2008. I will be posting pictures so you can pick out your favorite.


Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, July 31, 2008

Today I had to get up early to head to the Humaine Society, which thank goodness is less than a mile away. I am being a responsible pet owner, three of my kittens are going to get snipped, the little boys will now be harmless house pets. I am one of those people who can't look into the eyes of any animal that would be homeless and walk away, so now its time to fork out some cash. My little kitties had to be confined last night in my bedroom, so they couldn't have food and water before surgery and they left me with a sleepless night. I never knew how much trouble 3 kittens could get into during the middle of the night, besides biting me every time I moved, they unrolled the toilet paper, destroyed all the paperwork on my desk, knocked pictures off the wall, and things off the shelves. I think there was a short period of time that they actually slept, but it was brief. Now its time for me to pack them into their crates for transport to the Humaine Society and would you believe it they are now all quietly resting on the bed. I only have 2 cats left to get fixed and one is so small she has to wait, the other is pregnant again, oh I hope that she has really ugly babies so that I don't keep anymore. I have exceeded the county limit of 4 cats, only 3 of them go outdoors so I figure I am safe, not having more than 4 exposed to the community. I would love to capture some of the strays in my neighborhood and get them fixed too, I am only one person and do the best I can. Be kind to your animals and have them spayed and neutered.


Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This is a tribute to the late great George Carlin.

  • 1. What is your language pet peeve. (example 'hot water heater', why would you heat hot water)? I can't think of any off hand, but when I do hear one it always makes me laugh.
  • 2. What is your favorite word? Both dirty and clean? Shit, because I have lots of ooops!
  • 3. What is the one word you cannot spell? I can't spell most words over 5 letters, thank goodness for spellcheck.
  • 4. What is the one word you always pronounce wrong? Depends on the time of day or how much I have been drinking.
  • 5. If you could erase one popular catchphrase from the English language, what would it be? It is better to have love and lost then to never had loved at all. It just doesn't work for me.
  • Bonus (as in optional): The late, and very hot Michael Hutchence (INXS) once sang, "Words are weapons, sharper than knives" . What is the most hurtful thing you have ever said to anyone ?Was it deliberate or accidental? I say a lot of hurtful things, just because I tell the truth, I don't mean to hurt others but people really don't want to hear the truth. What was the most hurtful thing ever said to you? Do you think it was deliberate or accidental? While on vacation one of my fellow travelers called me an idiot day after day and she was being deliberate. Special note she is not my friend any longer.


Written by Captain Mary on Monday, July 28, 2008

With a little help from my friend Bill I compiled some before and after photos, these photos were taken in 1973 and at the reunion Friday night. I don't think we have changed that much after a mere 35 years. That's a laugh, some additions to the mid section and lots of gray hair. Lets see if you can match up the 1973 photos with the new one. Good-Luck. The 70's were the best, yes we were hippies. Love and Peace to all.


Written by Captain Mary on Monday, July 28, 2008

The weekend now behind me and what a busy one it was. Class reunion, friends and family, and finally the week begins again. Now its back to the routine and work. I sometimes look forward to the new week, its when everything begins again. I hope that I can get things done and make some money, so I can enjoy another fantastic weekend. Perhaps this weekend I can get out on the boat, without it raining on my parade. I had originally planned for a Tuesday off, but my customers seem to need to change schedules again, I am so glad that I can be flexible for them, and then I picked up some extra work. Just when you think you are going to have an easy week, things change, one good change is that my Friday will be a half day instead of a long end to a busy week. I guess I will get myself together and get my week going, going and gone. Time for me to feed the zoo and herd the animals to their places for the day. Signing off for the day. Have a good Monday morning.


Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, July 27, 2008

Where do the years go? I can't believe how time passes and we move on, one day we are young and carefree and then next we are older and responsible for everything. How we change, how the years are marked on our faces and our lives. This was an opportunity to see friends that I spent my teen years with, we were with each other everyday and yet I couldn't recognize any of them. I went to the class Reunion with my first husband, Jerry, we were married in our Senior year and it seemed fun to go as a couple like the old days. It was indeed fun, and full of renewal of lost friends, catching up with their lives and for the moment the years between us seemed to disappear. Now we have an opportunity to stay in touch again and maybe we will find something other than the memories of the past that brought us together in the first place. The only bad thing about reunions is you end up drinking so much you almost forget the nights highlights. I was the designated driver for the evening and that means I didn't miss much. My daughter made an appearance to visit with her Dad and my friend Bill said "he saw me in her, like a dejavu". Jerry got smashed and he becomes very lovable, can't say that's a bad thing, we all had a great laugh and so much fun. I just hope that we can renew our friendship and stay in touch for a long time to come.


Written by Captain Mary on Friday, July 25, 2008

My grandchildren that live with me have been gone and last night they returned for a weekend visit. I thought that I was really enjoying the peace and quiet, but this morning, my little man Max came in my room with a giant smile and a big hug for me. Well, it doesn't get any better than this, a little while later Samuel, my other grandson came in and his smile was so big that a glow radiated around him. All this before I even get out of bed. I have to be the luckiest person in the world.

I have so much to do today to get ready for my 35Th class reunion, but first I have to work, and I want to get off early to help my friend Shelah at the food co-op, because she works so hard for me, I am just not doing my job as her friend. I still need to get my nails done and do all the other things to try to make this old body look good, it might be impossible without plastic surgery. I am not complaining, I really have earned every wrinkle on my brow, and from smiling all the time I have permanent smile wrinkles. Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, it's off to work I go.


Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, July 24, 2008

My trip to Australia was very memorable, and from time to time I would get lost in the moment with my camera in hand, sometimes I would just wander in the wrong direction. On this particular occasion I was in the Northern Territory , Darwin to be exact, where there is a giant natural reserve called Kakadu National Park. It would literally take days to explore, so I thought I would start my adventure here. I saw so many interesting things and found myself this day in a forest, with giant trees and beautiful fauna. I began to follow the trails through the forest and noticed a Frilled Lizard, camera ready I began to follow him, as he continued to move through the forest I was taken off the trail deeper into the forest. So involved in the photo opportunity's in the forest I didn't realize that the sun was fading from the sky, and now I think I was lost. I found a stream running along the tree line and began following that, the sun now completely gone from the sky. Here I was alone in the forest, the sounds of night were increasing their volume, and now its time to dig out my flash light. I only hope that the really poisonous things sleep at night, I was still following the stream and was trying to remember if the trail came anywhere near the stream, the hiking had become more difficult, I had hardly anyplace to put my next step down, for now the foliage was very dense, this is definitely Bush Walking, a phrase they use in Australia for hiking. The sounds were now different, I kept moving and listening, perhaps I should follow these new sounds, it wasn't the sound of the roadway it was sounds that I had never heard before and then I heard the sound of a bull roarer, this is a tool that the Aborigines use to communicate to each other. The sound was loud and strange, but I now think it lead deeper into the forest where the indigenous people live and not where the parking lot was located. Was I afraid? I don't think I was I was more intrigued about my surroundings and what may be lurking around me lost in the Outback. I almost felt like Crocodile Dundee at home in the forest, and then without thinking I happened upon the trail, I continued for another hour or so and the forest opened up, there it was my rental car alone in the parking lot, the park was closed and there wasn't a human in sight. Somehow I found my way back to civilization and the journey through the forest now just a memory of unusual sights and sounds. I was definitely lost, but somehow I found my way, perhaps there was something magical out there in the forest.


Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A few years ago, I decided to take a month off to go to Australia, it was a place I had always dreamed of going and now the dream was reality. I arrived after a very long plane ride, through time zones and the division of days, I was now living in the future. I arrived at the Sydney airport and noticed that quite a few of the Aboriginal people were employed there. I was waiting for a ride from the shuttle and noticed that these people were special, they possessed a sense that we don't use or have. I saw a lady who seemed to be stressed a bit, but I couldn't tell what she was trying to accomplish, an Aboriginal man came up to her somehow anticipating her need or maybe even reading her mind. The man helped her without even asking what she needed. It was a small simple thing, but it was something he did without thinking. This was my first experience with Aboriginal people and I was impressed.

I got my shuttle to the hostel and read the brochures of things to do. I found that I could take the train to the Blue Mountain for a few bucks, and then catch a bus that runs on a circuit, dropping you off and picking you up every few minutes or so. Sounded great and I was going to see as much as I could. The trip by rail was a couple of hours, I just sat back and took in the scenery, arriving at the Bus Depot just in time to catch the last circuit of the day. Armed with my camera and hiking boots I was off exploring. I was dropped off at a trail head and began to hike through the mountain passes, seeing water falls and parrots in the trees. The sounds and smells of nature, my cup of tea. Although I traveled entirely alone I never felt that way, this is a country that you can feel completely safe in. After a couple of trails I found myself alone waiting for the bus to show up so I could continue to the next location. I stood on the side of the road in a very large clearing, I began hearing a very loud sound, it sounded very strange and only now I know it was the Kookaburra bird. I was distracted by the sound looking for its origin, perhaps I could see what was making this sound. About that time I noticed a figure walking toward me, as he got closer I could see that it was an Aborigine, a large man, his face painted with white lines across his cheeks. We made eye contact and I smiled because this half naked man came out of nowhere, and he was what I had imagined an Aborigine to look like in their natural environment, not the guy at the airport dressed in his work clothes. He looked directly into my eyes and without really making a smile I could see it in his eyes.

The sound of the Kookaburra bird still in the background, the man passes by me and of course I swung around to look at him again, much to my surprise he had disappeared completely, the sound had also seized. I stood there in complete confusion, I couldn't believe what had happened and the fact is no one was going to believe me either. After that day I was a believer that the Aboriginal people do posses special powers. A living aberration.


Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, July 22, 2008

While on vacation in Tanzania, East Africa I stayed at one of the most fascinating locations in the world. The Ngornogoro Crater, a fish bowl of wildlife, its hard to imagine the diversity and amount of wildlife that inhabit this once live volcano. We stayed high above the crater in a Lodge built on the rim of the extinct volcano. The lodge was beautiful, surrounded by the rain forest roads, only a four wheel drive vehicle can get you there. The evenings were spent gazing into the sky at the stars of the southern hemisphere, were I met this wonderful lady named Chaad, a.k.a Star Gazer, she resides in England and was also on vacation. She taught me things about the stars I never knew. What I did know was the stars were so close we could touch them.

The visits below in the crater were amazing, I have so many stories to tell there, this story though was one that occurred at the Lodge. Our safari guide would have us ready in the morning early for our trek down to the crater floor, the drive took some time. The air was cold and we definitely looked forward to the warmth below. We rose up to the sun shining through our window, time for the morning rituals, you know go potty and brush your teeth and to our surprise there was no water, not a drip. I heard sounds in the hallway and as I emerged from my room there appeared to be a parade of people heading toward the front desk of the lodge. Well, I was feeling kind of yukky and was very curious on what had happened so I continued to the front desk. Outside I noticed a very large elephant and a big hole in the ground, I didn't think I needed further explanation. I did find one important fact, elephants can climb mountains, what this big guy did was find the main water line to the lodge, he opened it up for his morning bath, feeling cool and refreshed he ventured on his way. In the mean time we were without our baths and you can bet most of us had bad breath. We got our bottled water and did a quick freshen up and were on our way towards the Ngornogoro Crater floor. The people who work and live here didn't seem to be bothered by this inconvenience at all, they were quite accustomed to this type of event. We were told that the forest belongs to the animals here and if they cause us a bit of inconvenience it is just the way it has to be. A little bit of a surprise for us, but there was one big beautiful and very clean elephant that we sacrificed a little water for. After all it did belong to the animals.


Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, July 20, 2008

I don't think we should dismiss ghosts or spirits, after all there are so many people with experiences, I for one have had many. I believe that there are more dimensions that exist in our life, we can only see part of them. I would ramble on endlessly about my personal experiences, but instead I will tell a few select stories.

After the passing of my Mother we gathered at her memorial service and I had just given my speech, I was quietly standing and waiting for my sister June to finish her words. Suddenly, without warning I was thrown toward the vat of Holy Water, I put my hands out grabbing the rim just in time to stop me from tumbling into the water. I don't know how it happened, but I was wearing a pair of my mothers shoes, perhaps it had something to do with it. Everybody witnessed this and laughed, my Mother was always up for a good prank. I can't explain it, but I was pushed by something that I could not see or feel. Funny thing is that it didn't end with that, I would be mowing the lawn and I could hear a voice calling me, the noise of the lawn mower didn't seem to cover the sound of the voice that was calling, "Mary, Mary", I recognized this voice it was my Mother, so clear and distinct with her Boston accent, as if she was right there. I stopped what I was doing and looked around, the shock of my Mothers death maybe. It was in the middle of the day and the voice was so real. This was not the only time it happened, for quite awhile mowing seemed to be the activity that I would hear her voice. Other strange incidents had to do with a picture on the wall of my Mom and myself, once not even in the room I heard a sound, it was the picture it flew off the wall, I mean it flew. After that happened a couple of times, I glued the picture to the wall, but it didn't end there, the frame would come apart, it always happened at key times, when something upsetting was going on or if we were talking about her, today it still happens, we just make the repair and continue what we were doing. I was not the only one who had experiences with Mom, my Dad had many experiences while in his bed at night. It got so bad he didn't want to sleep in his own bed. The worst night was when he felt something grabbing his leg, he looked up and didn't see anyone or anything and then he was nearly pulled out of the bed, he was convinced it was Mom. My brother, Charles, also had strange experiences with his son, who was born after my Mom's death. Connor was very young and just beginning to speak, he was looking at a picture of my Mom, who he had never met and his first words were "Mama", remembering he has never met this woman and that was the name that all the grandchildren called her, it continued, my brother was so convinced that it was just a crazy coincidence that he tested Connor with other photos and got the same reply. How did this little guy know her? Creepy huh!

My husband passed away less than a year after Mom and strange things began to happen at my house. It started out with my grandson, Sam, who was very young about 2 years old. Sam would spend a lot of time with Grandpa, they would talk to each other all the time, a 2 year old doesn't understand that Grandpa is gone now. I was walking past Sam one morning and he was talking to himself, I asked Sam "Who are you talking to?", his reply was "Grandpa". Sam talked to Grandpa day after day as if nothing had changed. I think that children's minds are so much more open to these special phenomena. Eventually he stopped talking to Grandpa, he told us that "Grandpa is not there anymore". My daughter and I were sitting up late watching a movie, when we heard the kitchen cabinet doors open and close. Monica was in shock, and all I could think about was how my husband would do that every night when alive, because he was quite the midnight snack er. It continued to occur and after awhile we would just say "It's Steve getting his midnight snack", no big deal anymore, it had become a part of life. The last time anything else happened me and little Sam were sitting out on the patio when we saw a ghostly figure pass by the screen door. Sam jumped back in fright, I asked him "what did you see?, his reply was "Grandpa Steve". We never heard from Grandpa again after that night.

My last experience and perhaps the most memorable, was a late afternoon on a summer day. Monica called me and said "I ran out of gas, but I am stuck on the highway, with no place to pull off", I immediately jumped in my truck with a gas can to rescue her. Monica was stuck on a main highway with no place to pull off and her three children were in the truck with her. I arrived and the sun was beginning to set, both of us had our flashers on to indicate to approaching traffic we were in distress. I parked behind her, and I gave myself quite a bit of extra room, sometimes you just get feelings to do things. I sat in my truck while Monica was fueling her vehicle, traffic passing carefully by, that was short lived. All of a sudden a car slammed on its brakes just in front of Monica's truck, causing the semi tractor trailer behind that vehicle to loose control of the 2 trailers it was towing it began to jack knife. Before I could think or do anything I was struck by the last trailer, it slammed me into the side railing and tore the drivers side of my truck to shreds, I was so concerned with Monica I didn't realize I was even hit, at same instance I was watching the first trailer hit Monica standing in the roadway, what I saw shocked me. The image of watching what you think is going to be the death of your child right in front of your eyes. Around Monica was a white cloud, I could hardly make out her features, her truck was struck by the trailer and so was she. The white cloud surrounding Monica had protected her and she was gently turned around at the same time she had dropped the gas can. I was trying to get to her but my truck was damaged so badly I couldn't get out of my door. I heard the kids screaming and finally got to my daughter, who by this time nonchalantly put the gas can in the back of the truck and tended to her children like nothing had happened. The only injury Monica had was a couple of scrapes on her shoulder and her forearm. I know I saw the cloud around her, and it was confirmed by her youngest child Max, who told me "Mommy was in a cloud, did you see it?" I thought I was going nuts but I wasn't the only one. I talk to Monica about it and we are convinced that it was my Mother, who told us she would always be looking after us. All I know is that I have an angel who watches over me and my family. Do I believe in ghosts or spirits? You bet, they have made my life quite interesting.


Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, July 19, 2008

I think it would be ignorant to assume that there is no other life other than whats on this planet. There doesn't appear to be an end to the vastness of space, nor have we even begun to explore but a portion of it. O.K. lets say you agree with that statement, now lets explore some more ideas. I do believe that animals, plants and other life does evolve, for example there was a time when mosquito's could only breed in fresh water, then brackish water, now we have salt water mosquito's, and it didn't take that long to accomplish. How about those fleas, we have or should I say had these great topical treatments we put on our pets and they worked great, now, I don't know if its just me but none of them seem to work at all, thus the super flea is created. This is evolution. Whether it is natures way of preserving the species from environmental or from man-made chemical changes, things seem to evolve. Are you still with me?

The big question, how did we get here? So many different theories are out there, I think about the movies and television shows depicting lots of aliens and you know they aren't that far fetched in my opinion. When I was about 18 years old I walked out of my front door and something in the distance caught my eye, my younger brother was standing right next to me. The both of us were looking into the sky at an object, within a split second this object was directly over us and it was gigantic, another second and it was gone. This object never made a sound, it was disc like, silver and white, to this day I can't get the picture of it out of my head. The only thing I could do was look down at my brother and say "You didn't see that did you?" I know I am not alone when it comes to this subject, there are people who swear they have seen unexplained sightings.

I am sure about now you are wondering "what is her theory?", well, I believe that a long time ago aliens would visit this planet, perhaps just watching, learning, hell it could have just been a field trip for educational purposes, maybe just explorers like Christopher Columbus. I think and remember this is just one persons opinion, it all started in Egypt, why Egypt? I will explain, I believe Egypt has more unexplained and advanced proof that something extremely intelligent inhabited this portion of our world. Evolution says we came from apes, what happened only some apes evolved and the rest stayed as apes, well that really isn't how evolution works is it? Lets say for a moment that another life form, obviously more intelligent or they wouldn't be able to travel here in the first place. They looked around and perhaps saw the apes and decided to do a bit of genetic engineering, mixing the genes of themselves with our apes. Wallah, they have a creature that is now starting to walk upright. As they continued to mix their DNA with their new creatures they began to evolve into humans, the Aliens then picked some of the select ones to educate and teach a written language, some remnants are found in pyramids, caves, etc.. After some time the aliens decided that their experiment was a success or perhaps a failure, who knows, but they left, or did they? I think this is the only explanation on how the pyramids were made or perhaps how they mummified their dead, after all this time we have only theories on duplicating this same technology. There is just too many unexplained things on this planet, obviously we don't have the intelligence to explain it, we can only theorise. What do you think? Am I crazy or does this make some sense to you?


Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, July 17, 2008

My son showed me this fascinating website that compares what we sacrifice here at home to supply the war effort. You can search by state and department. You should definetly take a look and if then you think the sacrifice is worth us throwing our weight around, well lets consider how important it is, and what we are giving up for the effort. Federal Budget Trade-Off


Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer time is the opportunity for most people to take their vacations, take some time off and relax. We clear our minds and souls, taking in the beauty and the breath of life itself. In Florida it is a vacation everyday, because the sun is always shinning, but in the Summer the days are longer, giving the working person even more time to enjoy the day. What do you do if you live in Alaska, where the days are the longest?

My friend Bruce lives in Alaska and for his Summer Solstice he took an 800 mile drive down the dirt road of the Dalton Highway, it leads to the Arctic Circle, and Gobblers Knob the top of the world, where he only had a 2 minute sunset, but 0 minutes of dark. Bruce told me he often takes impulsive drives of over 800 miles, because in the Summer Solstice it doesn't get dark for about a month and a half.

I always complain about not having enough day to complete my tasks, if I lived in Alaska I guess I wouldn't have an excuse. What would you do with that much time on your hands? I would be fishing, that's for certain. Bruce when do the fish sleep?


Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Have you ever had one of those days? Yesterday I was helping a friend get their home ready for a big party. A party for their Mom who was getting ready to celebrate her 90th birthday. Family from everywhere was coming to town for this fantastic event. I was helping by cleaning and doing the detail work that Susan couldn't get to. I was cleaning around the air vents on the ceiling when I saw that the chandelier needed a good cleaning. The family will be sitting in the dining room and would notice the dusty glass, so I started cleaning and polishing the fixture above the dining room table. Suddenly the fixture broke free of the ceiling and began to fall, I tried to stop it and with its sheer weigh it threw me back off the chair I was standing on, the fixture crashed on to the table smashing the crystal candle holders and bowl below, gouging the teak table and then the light exploded. After picking myself up from the ground all I could do is break down into tears I was just trying to help a friend get ready for a once in a life time event. I looked at the damage and shouted some select words, not knowing what I could do to fix this, or even why this happened.

Finally finished cleaning the mess and was leaving a note for Susan with some cash to start paying for the damage, she came home. I told Susan what had happened and all she could say is "Are you all right?", she made me take the money back and again I broke into tears. Karma again, but what did I do to deserve bad Karma? I was just trying to help. I then told Susan "Lester is going to kill me when he sees what I did", I hardly got the words out of mouth when Lester, her husband walked through the door. Karma again, his reply to the event was "how about a drink". We all sat around the kitchen and had an afternoon cocktail, they wouldn't let me leave until I felt better about the small tragedy. There are so many good people in this world and I am lucky enough to know them. I still can't help wondering why this happened, I guess shit just happens sometimes.


Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I know that the economy is causing more crime. The police can't be everywhere and by the time you call them it's all over. I have a friend Ralph with a Mango grove. It earns him some money during the picking season and gives him plenty of delicious fruit for his own consumption. Ralph rents the house that sits in the middle of the grove to a very little old lady, Ms. Laura. Saturday Ms. Laura called Ralph and said "Someone is in the grove picking the mango's", Ralph headed over in the golf cart with his crutches. Upon his arrival Ralph confronts the Mango thief, "Put the mango's down and leave my property" Ralph said. A note here is the property is surrounded with "Keep Out Private Property" signs. The Mango thief tell Ralph, "No" and continues to collect the mango's. Ralph again insists that he leave the property and drop the mango's, "You are trespassing", the thief says he has permission from Ms Laura, at that same moment Ms Laura pokes her head out of the door and says "I didn't give him permission, I don't know this man". About that time the mango thief becomes agitated and attacks Ralph, knocking him off his crutches to the ground. The thief didn't realize that it was only then that Ralph had the advantage because he was once a very good wrestler. Ralph got some good licks in and the thief finally fled. From what I understand this thief was not going to give up the mango's, he appeared to be crazy. Its awful to have this happen in your own back yard, is nothing sacred. The police showed up but by that time it was over, it could have gone a different way. What kind of desperate person would attack a disabled person? I know next time Ralph has the opportunity to chase off a thief he will be much better prepared. I think about Ms Laura in the house alone, she can't weigh more than 75 pounds, if she was attacked she wouldn't be here to talk about it. What can we do to protect ourselves? What are people going to do to feed their families, like the mango thief, was he feeding his family or selling mango's for drugs. What is happening to our country. More and more people are becoming desperate and those of us who just try to live our lives are in a peaceful manner become victims. We need more protection for our citizens and the war abroad has caused the downfall of everything at home. Explain to me how a great country like ours can allow this?


Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oh my God, the scale has to be my worst enemy. I never had a problem when I was younger keeping my weight down. I kept so active I just couldn't eat enough, I would eat pasta salads three times a day just to maintain my energy level. Now, I just have to be in the room with a carbohydrate and it puts pounds on me. I remember the days when I taught Scuba Diving and was swimming 8 hours a day or tossing tanks on the boat to take divers out. Fit as a Fiddle. It seemed like no effort, then everything in my metabolism fell apart. I started getting giant after my husband passed away, its true about stress and depression all effecting your body and metabolism. I finally put it in my mind it was time to get physical and loose the extra pounds.

I started with joining a TaeKwonDo class, right away I lost 20lbs. dropped a couple of sizes, I was all the way up to a size 14, it wasn't enough though. For a short person that is a big size, I have tiny feet they just couldn't carry that kind of weight. All I keep hearing is a healthy weight, well what is that, is that a weight that when you wake up in the morning you can get your fat #@%# out of the bed. All I know is that I felt better but no more weight was leaving this body.I carry all my weight below the belt and they don't make clothing to fit pears.

My daughter joined a weight loss center and her weight just melted off. She had the program and I saw it work, she wasn't starving so I thought I would try it. Sure enough in a mere 7 weeks I had got this body down to a size 1. I got to hear comments like "Hey you look too skinny", I loved it. Months have gone by and for some reason, which are many I put on 9 pounds in just two weeks. I have been eating like crap and feeling the same. Today I got on the scale (the enemy) and lost a couple of pounds, simply by eating a balanced diet and including those fruits and veggies that are essential for maintaining a balance. I wish for one moment that eating good and healthy was less of an effort. Today I feel good about me and I am back on track.


Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This week just started and I am getting calls from my customers for scheduling changes, good thing I am flexible. I just finished writing my emails to confirm all changes, then I get a knock on the door from a neighbor to see if I have time to add some more business. I really thought with today's economy I would have less work, but it seems that I have more than ever. I guess when your good at something people make exceptions. I am so smart by having a day timer, I would be completely lost without it. Things in my life pop up at a moments notice.

I found out yesterday that the place my 35Th class re-union was suppose to be at went out of business. Had to notify the guys who arrange these things and they quickly came up with an alternative. That was a close call. Since I will be going to the reunion with my first husband, the man I was married to while in high school and its the only day he can come down to Miami he had to be notified also. I feel so much like a secretary. All our high school friends knew us as a couple so we thought it would be fun. He wants me to go with him on his motorcycle, that also seems appropriate, since we use to go everywhere in high school on his Honda 90. Can't wait to see what everybody looks like and what they are doing. Two more weeks to go on that one.

My poor daughter comes home with a new drama nearly everyday, it could be work related or relationship related or kids or some other thing. I sometimes, who am I kidding I am always glad that I don't live in her shoes. I did try it once and I was exhausted. Working mom of three, going to school, and just trying to have a life well you figure out the math. I found that the day was short a few hours to accomplish everything she had to do. Monica my hat is off to you!

Indian Givers

Written by Mini on Monday, July 14, 2008

So, the other day I get a message from my daughter telling me that she has a new phone number. What, why??? OK, let me call and find out what happened. I call her father and he goes on to tell me that his mother (Mimi) got mad at Shy because she didn't want to spend time with her. OK, my daughter is 12 and Mimi is...well, grandma (not a very fun one at that). So what do you expect, not much. Shy asked her dad if she could go over to her friend Shannon's house for fireworks. Sure, no problem her father said. Shy did spend the whole day with her grandparents before the fireworks. So what is the big deal. Well, if her father doesn't have a problem, then neither should g'ma, right. I mean he is the father, so he makes the decisions when he is present. So here is the kicker...Mimi bought Shy a blackberry phone (too much for a 12 yr. old as far as I am concerned) about a month ago, and now, because Shy didn't want to hang out for fireworks, her phone was taken away and shut off. Now, I am a very family oriented person and I do believe that children need to stay in touch with family. But, do you take away presents from them when they don't visit???? I think not. I don't think you should give a gift to someone, with conditions..."You can have the $450.00 phone, but only if you visit me!!!" Yeah, no!!! A gift is a gift and not leverage for you to get your way when you want it. No wonder my daughter acts out!!! How is it that I, as her mother, am the only one with sense? How can adults act this way? Children I can understand, but an adult. That's a great example to show my kids. Take away things that you give to people so that you can be in control at all times. The world does not work that way. So now, I have to tell my daughter that for future reference, think about what her Mimi is giving her before she accepts it. Because it may be held over her head for leverage. This story goes on to get better, so since Shy can't have the phone anymore...Mimi is going to give it to Sam (my 8 yr. old). Yeah, even smarter. That would definitely piss off Shy, but why the little mind games from a grown woman. I told the kids' dad that g'ma might as well just buy Max (my 5 yr old) and oozy to play with. This is just crazy. The kids' dad end up taking the phone for himself and now Shy is back to square one, no phone.Thanks for daddy, he was nice enough to give Shy his old Nextel, better than nothing...


Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, July 13, 2008

Do you have one of those friends that just totally ignore your suggestions and birthday rituals? I don't celebrate my birthday because they would count, but nooooo my girl friend Shelah just doesn't pick up those subtle hints. I thought we had agreed not to do anything, we were going today to get our nails done, go out for sushi and take a trip to the Fresh Market, you know a girls day out. Shelah picked me up at 1 pm for our day out, she had her son Austin with her and said that he was being rotten so we were going to drop him off at the Karate School where the rest of the family was helping Jesse out with the computer stuff. Which of course I didn't question at all. Austin was being a total brat when we pulled up and I was going to kick his ass myself, instead Shelah asked him to come over and she wanted a little talk, I went ahead and opened the back door to the school, with complete shock I found myself getting squirted down with silly string and all my friends and family standing there. I have been had! I can't believe this got pulled off without a hint from anyone. This was the biggest Surprise Party, who would have thought, its been a week since my birthday I was not expecting it at all. Does this mean I don't get my nails done?

We had cake and a obstacle course, don't all senior citizens get obstacle courses? Shelah told me I had to stop knocking down the course and I told her "It's My Party I can do what I want!" and she agreed. I didn't do so good on time, but I did have a lot of fun knocking people down while they were trying to run the course. I played like a little kid and so did my friends and family, I can't believe I am 29 again.

The gang was all in on this Surprise and I thought that I had dodged the birthday bullet again. My first instinct was to never speak to Shelah again, but I don't think I have ever had a friend that loved me enough to make a day just for me. I was so touched by the whole experience.


Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, July 13, 2008

Today I say good-bye to Molly, Veronica and Zoey. I have finished my House/Animal Sitting job. Molly the dog was so afraid when I first arrived but by the time I left we were playing and having a good time. Veronica the Calico cat had no problem with me at all. In the middle of the night I would look up and find her cuddling next to me. Veronica was rescued when found as a small starving, ugly little cat. She appreciates humans and is just a lover.

Zoey which I was told was a Scaredy Cat came out quite a bit to say hello. Zoey was rescued when she was found being eaten by a dog off the side of the road, all bloody and most of her hair missing. That might be the reason she is so skittish. I will miss the quiet of the country, but I won't miss the drive, especially with with the gas prices.
If you live in the Miami area and could use a reliable Kritter Sitter don't hesitate to email me at

P.S. Not much to do in the country so I ate a whole box of sugar free fudge pops. My mouth was frozen for hours.


Written by Captain Mary on Friday, July 11, 2008

In order to make a couple of dollars to keep this site running I will run an ad or two now and then. Don't be upset with me, I got to do what I got to do.

Last night I spent the night in the country in an adorable house set in the middle of beautiful landscape. I was taking care of some animals, Molly (dog) and her kitty friends. The owner was a bit nervous because she kept calling me to check on the Kritters, on her final call she asked if Molly bit me. To my surprise Molly didn't look like the biting type. I have never had a problem with animals before except for my friend Shelah's dog Cash, he likes to bite my feet, I think he does it out of love. I guess if the owners weren't just a tad neurotic about their pets I wouldn't have a job.

This was the first time I was in someones home that didn't have a computer, imagine my shock, I actually had to take a night off from my writing. I had to just relax and do some Sudoku puzzles and watch some of my favorite t.v. programs. I had a big fluffy kitty, Veronica, in my lap purring away as I enjoyed the quiet of the country.

I got home early this morning to take care of my ZOO , as soon as I open the front door I was greeted by Bogey and Baby my doggies and looking across the room toward the glass sliding doors I see my Kitties all lined up waiting for me. I cuddle and hug the dogs and open the door to say hello to the 9 kitties who in reality only love me because I feed them. As soon as I open the door my buddy Roscoe (yellow Nape Amazon Parrot) says "Good Morning" I am not sure when he learned that but it sure is funny when I reply to him. It's so nice to be greeted every morning. Now my morning ritual is completed all the Kritters are content and relaxing I take off and go to work. Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work I go.


Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I just had my birthday and I don't really feel any older, because in my mind its just another day not another year. Everyday I get up and breathe is a good day. I have put my body through so much in the past years and time is taking its toll. Breaking nearly every bone in my body, have surgery's to repair damage throughout the years and now my body is telling me that I can't do the things that I want to do. I came home from TaeKwonDo class tonight and my knees are just done. I have been doing so well and now we are practicing more jump kicks and spinning jump kicks all that twisting and impact is killing me. I wish there was a magic formula that would at least take the pain away. I am really starting to feel like an old lady.

The past two years have been good to me, I competed in TaeKwonDo tournaments and earned the State Championship in my division. Don't believe for a minute is was easy, there are a lot of women in my age group that are ruthless. There isn't always enough in my age group to compete with so I have to fight and compete with younger women, I do hold my own. I am taking this year off in order to get my knees back in shape, but they don't seem to be getting any better, if anyone has suggestions short of more surgery, bring it on. I will get my Black Belt hopefully in October this year and the following year I will begin competition again contingent upon my knees. I am tired of hobbling around like an old lady. Just had to vent, now I am going to get some ice packs and take a break, tomorrow I will do it all again.

Mom's B-Day

Written by Mini on Monday, July 07, 2008

Well, the story begins many moons ago. My mother came up with the idea that if she left her native country on her birthday, she would not increase in years. For the past few years, she had been boating over to Bimini for a few days, one of which being her birthday. Well, this year that was not the case. The seas were bad because of some tropical storm that we are about to experience soon. So there had to be an alternative.

Mom, by her counting is probably about 30 or so. I tell her that she is catching up!!! So trying to make her day somehow, I decided to decorate the living room. I had skipped going to Taekwondo to set up. In the meantime, she was at TKD, so I knew exactly how much time I had to work with. Once I was finished it looked like a streamer spider was in the house!!!!

I waited patiently for her and my brother to arrive back at the house. We were going to be taking her to dinner, but she did not expect to walk in to this...

She laughed hysterically as she broke her way through the streamers to get in to the house. The both of them had to go through an obstacle course to find a place to stand. Streamers were everywhere. It was a lot of fun decorating it too, thanks mom for giving me a reason to do something crazy!!!!!

After they took their showers we went out to a Japanese buffet, wonderful!!! Still stuffed as I am sitting here blogging. Back at the house of streamers, mom blew out a couple of candles and we ate ice cream cake. It was late already, so the night ended quickly.


Written by Captain Mary on Monday, July 07, 2008

This year I did not escape the US, but I hear if you have a backwards party you can reverse your age. Today I did nearly nothing as it should be. I did interview a potential new client for House sitting and animal sitting. The family was approved, I get to stay in a wonderful room with a giant tub and its in the country, so I have plenty of space to roam with the Kritters. My friends and family all called to say Happy Birthday! I just love them all.

Tonight I am going to go to my TaekwonDo class, during our bow out the Instructor, Jesse called me to the front of the class and had the whole school sing Happy Birthday to me. Shelah came walking across the mat with a Birthday Cake with one candle that I couldn't even blow out on the first try, due to our extensive work-out, what a great laugh everyone had. I looked so funny next to my Instructor which is 6'5" and me 5' nothing, I wish I had a picture, I am officially the oldest women in the school. After class my son and daughter are taking me out to dinner. I am really in the mood for seafood. We ended up going to a Sushi buffet and I ate until I couldn't move. But before we went I came home to a mass of streamers and I admit that it was hysterical, I couldn't even get in the front door. I had a great birthday and I am working on the next one, let the adventure begin.


Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, July 05, 2008


The best part of this weekend is that it starts on Friday and for me it doesn't end until Monday night. We started first thing in the morning with a Parade, the locals make their own floats and the kids were adorable, some decorating their own little bikes and wagons. After the parade I went over to my best friends house the Royal Ones. We had a great BBQ, you know some days hot dogs and hamburgers taste so good, especially after being on a diet for so many months. We swam in the pool and just chilled, because that's what we do best, my family and friends, well it doesn't get any better than that. We head out to the fireworks display down in Homestead to let the kids blow off some steam, the kids included everybody. I even got out there and tossed the Frisbee around for awhile. Dark came upon us and the display started, the sounds and smells remind you of how important the day really is. Just think if we were still ruled by the British, how different would things be? Good or Bad nobody knows for certain.


Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I heard a term today that I haven't ever heard before "Cougar Women". My friend Carolyn, told me I was a Cougar, she said it was because I have courage, aggression, self confidence, power and have dated younger men. I took this as a compliment, then I did some research on the Internet and found lots of opinions on the subject. It seems that the jealous ones call us predators, men don't seem to mind Cougar Women at all. They are self-confident and don't play the stupid games of the younger girls who haven't quite learned what they really want out of a relationship. No fault of theirs they have not experienced the dramas that make them the mature women. Unfortunately this takes years and lets face it ladies sometimes we never get it.
As for me how would I define this term "Cougar Women", women of character, courage, self-confidence, and intelligence. As per my definition I will proudly call myself a Cougar! Women ages 35+ you are targeted to be called this term, think of it as a compliment told to you out of sheer jealousy. Lets not think of ourselves as predators unless you want to, think of it as giving the younger generation a little competition. Check out this article I found msnbc says and be proud to be called a "Cougar Woman"


Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My answer to the question of the month. It was hard to figure out what it was at first but a good question indeed. Many years ago I was home alone in the country, when 3 young men broke through my front door, quickly grabbed me and drugged me, they put me in the bedroom and began rummaging around my house. I was out of it for awhile, but still able to think. My husband had a gun in the house but it was in pieces, the barrel, the butt and the bullet were in different areas of the room. We did that because we had children in the house. I quietly put the gun together, not knowing if I was doing it correctly. The sounds of the 3 men were getting closer, perhaps they were coming for me now. They were now at the doorway with a gun pointed at me, I stood up quickly held my gun at them and told them that I would kill at least two of them before they could kill me, because I had a bigger gun and a clip with 23 bullets in it. There was real shock on their faces, because they knew I meant it, they turned around and ran.

I realized that I could have killed them, thats my Black Hole, it is a part of me that I never want to surface again. Its something inside of me that could take the life of another if provoked. I hope that no one ever has to experience that feeling. I was lucky indeed that no one lost their life that day, including me. By the way the gun was put together correctly, I went outside after they had gone and fired it, it worked perfectly. These men almost lost their lives for a $20 bill and a pearl necklace. Life has to be worth more than that. Do you know what you would do if that happened to you?


Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, July 01, 2008

My favorite women of all time are born in July. Sexy and senior, just like me.

My Mom, which passed away, was born on July 3rd, she was a wonderful lady, whose whole life was made just for her family. I am the eldest of the children, I have two sisters June and Cheryl and a brother Charles. We always had mom when we needed her, she could always find a way to cheer us up when we needed it. She always found a way to break it to Dad gently when something went wrong. She was the keeper of the family, which was no easy task in our group. My Mom had a mischievous side, I really think her favorite holiday was April Fools Day, I can remember how much work she would do to prepare for this holiday, busy in the kitchen creating amazing things to surprise Dad. Dad was always the one she played jokes on. Some of my favorites are: The old Swiss cheese and ham sandwich, except the Swiss cheese was a sponge that mom spent a lot of time on slicing it thin enough to look convincing. Dad didn't realize the joke until later, because he said he felt really thirsty all day. The chocolate covered soap was another great one. There was a couple of sandwich's made with plastic look-a-like foods, (plastic Hersey bar) mom discontinued those after Dad almost broke a tooth. Mom taught us to be creative and independent, she is so missed. I still pick up the phone from time to time thinking I would like to talk to her, then remembering she is not here on earth, but in my heart. I like to remember her on her birthday, because she was such a gift to all of us.

My Mom, Lovingly called by all, May. Maybe she adopted that name because the month of May, is so full of flowers with butterflies that sip sweet nectar.
I know that my Daddy cherished her as his wife, and I know without a doubt how she rates #1 as a mom. As I grew and didn't need her care as much, she molded beautifully into my best friend. A person who would advise without sugar coating. I grew knowing the truth no matter how much it hurts. I could always trust her because she couldn't lie to me. My mom, always made me feel wonderful about myself and no matter how far I fell from my pedestal she was certain that I would make the climb back to the top. I have been known to do a crazy thing or two, my mom would never let me feel like I was odd . When I cried, she could always dry my tears with her magical wit and her love, always telling me that I will do the right thing.

Mom constantly told me that the most important thing that she ever wanted for me was happiness. I took her words as law and in turn I try to extend that wisdom to my children. As a grandmother, and great-grandmother, she never treated my children any different than her own, except maybe spoiling them just a little more. Always being the best friend a person could ever have. Never judging always loving.

I think about my Mom everyday, with every step I take and every breath I make. She was so much a part of my life. I don't know how I will go through the rest of my life without her laugh and her smile. I feel sometime like my sunrise has been taken away and now I will only live in darkness. If she heard me talking this way she would kick my butt. So, instead I think of her never fading smile and wit and wouldn't you know it, the sun begins to shine it doesn't matter what time, day or night. I only hope that my life can touch just half as many lives as my mom did.

Another July birthday is a very good friend of mine, who's name is Carol. This woman, what does she mean to me? First she is a community leader, someone who is involved in everything, I couldn't possible give you a list I would need an entire Blog to do it. She has been given awards and accommodations that I don't think she can even count. Her husband and son all do this together and never shy away from the truth or their beliefs. Her son Trae was a gift to her, he was born a day before her birthday.

I met her when I had become her employee. Many years have gone by since then, we have spent a morning together in her kitchen almost every week for over eight years. We became friends almost immediately. We could tell each other anything, and there isn't anything she wouldn't do for me. When my mom passed away, Carol was the first to send over food and goodies to keep me going, her warm words were never empty, they are always genuine and she has become a person that I can only hope to be. She never sees a battle she can't fight, she is strong and beautiful and I love her. I know that Carol is worshiped by so many people I am so proud to be one of her friends.

Another beautiful lady that has a birthday this month is Iva. I have not known Iva very long but the time we have spent together has been a learning experience. She has told me stories of the days during the war, how the beauty of the world around her never dulls. She spends everyday on a walk and keeps going by belonging to Senior groups, her family is close by and she cherishes the small things in life, especially Happy Hour. For Iva I wish the best 90th Birthday and many more.

I am a July baby, I don't know what most people think of me, what I do hope is to impact my children's lives as my Mom did mine. I love my children and grandchildren and hope that they will experience everything in life that they want. Happy Birthday to all the July babies and may your world be wonderful. Make sure you celebrate all week long (advantage of weekday birthday). I keep my world fresh and new I leave the country for my birthday as I have done for years, this way I never get older, because I'm not here, I can't possibly get older. It works for me, currently holding at 29. I am just a kid trapped in an old ladies body.


Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, July 01, 2008

All the replies to June's question of the month , What is the best thing you found digging through the trash?, were great, the winning reply was sent in by Doc. Congratulations and thanks for your participation. Read the winning reply and tell me what you think.

Once when I was about six, I found a sweater, wrapped in plastic as if it had never been opened, in a dumpster behind our house in Okinawa, Japan. My sister's birthday was coming up, so I decided to give it to her as a present. Of course, when I gave it to her, the question came from my mother, "where did you get this sweater?" You see, I wasn't old enough to drive and we lived on an Air Force Base miles away from the Base Exchange, so there wasn't a way for me to buy anything, even if I did have money, which I didn't. Being young and "innocent" I replied with the truth..."in the dumpster out back." The whole place erupted in laughter, but I don't think my sister found it so funny. When she opened it, I realized why the previous owner had thrown it away...the sleeves were not the same length and it was quite possibly the ugliest sweater I've ever seen.


Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, July 01, 2008

This question will make you think. What is your Black Hole?

Leave your response in the comments or check to see what others wrote.