Written by Captain Mary on Monday, April 25, 2011

Have you ever tried to work so fast, that your progress got slower? I have been working part-time renovating a small condo and a couple hours a day plus weekends finally shows some progress. I would have never been able to complete the job without help. My daughter and her gang pitched in, in a big way! My deadline for the job is May 1st, but today was suppose to be my final day of work, as well laid plans go, it didn't go. I ran into Murphy along the way, he was there every step of the way, this past weekend I had so many drops of screws, paint brushes, broken things, that I could only laugh at myself.

My final day was a day of cleaning and final paint touch ups. I started the morning installing a mirror, scrubbing and polishing the kitchen sink and counters, restoring them to almost original. Taping the areas that I still need to caulk, because I want it to be perfect. Fixing the towel rack that I broke the day before (set back), cleaning and installing the light fixtures and carpet cleaning.

Then I head to the bathroom for the ceiling repair, from water damage, more prep for caulking and installing the now reno-ed medicine cabinet. Time for me to repair the caulking around the bath tub, when I begin removing this creepy strip someone put down, instead of caulk. As I begin removing the strip around the tub, a whole bunch of tiles fall off (set back), now I have to clean and re-install them. I get my razor blade out and start scraping off all the gunk that accumulates around those things. Hours pass and it is approaching 6 pm.. and I am reminded that I am suppose to watch the kids, oops.

I got a lot of things done, but I still have to scrub the bathroom floor, caulk, and touch up some paint that I nicked (set back), finally finish up with the hardwood floor entry and hall. So, my final day, draws into another. Tomorrow I have to clean two houses and then head over to the condo and finish. If I have to work until midnight I will finish.

The condo looks great and I am so proud of the work myself and the crew has done. Tons of wall paper gone, pop-corn ceiling gone, cabinets re-done, closets even done, a head to toe make-over.


Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, April 09, 2011

After the passing of my husband, my dear friend Frank stepped in to help. He knew both of us for a long time. Frank had been my friend for close to 30 years. I always considered myself part of the family. A friend that you could always depend on. We grew even closer for awhile and he was around almost everyday. During hurricane season he stopped by with gas for the generator, dropped off bottled water. But I wasn't the only house, he made his rounds to all of his friends lending a hand. If I ever had a problem, he would be the one who could fix it. A remarkable man, who is lost from this life now.

This year seems to be abundant with loss of friends and family, but Frank's passing, well, I didn't see it coming! Sitting at my desk, doing my usual morning routine, my phone rings and it is a friend I haven't heard from in awhile. She makes idol chit chat before telling me the horrible news, Frank has passed away, she had no details for he was just discovered a matter of hours ago. As the day went by the details started to fall in place. I emailed his sister and she returned a message which I didn't understand. It was clear that I had to speak with her.

Later in the evening I got a call from Betty, she gave me the story of what she thinks happened. The scene was set first when his job called to see where Frank was. He never misses work and his boss and girl friend had become concerned. His girl friend said that she had the key to his house and would stop by to see if he was alright. She approached the house with his car parked out front, opened the door and I imagine found all his important documents laid out, with a note saying "Stop, call the police, don't' go upstairs it is messy, Sorry, Love Frank" or something to that effect. His girl friend walked upstairs anyway, as anyone would have. She stood and witnesses a scene that I dare to imagine. For Frank had shot himself, and no one saw it coming. The image that his girl friend now stores in her brain will never fade.

Still talking with Betty, she told me of his depression after the passing of his sister then his mother. After his mother he just didn't seem to snap back. They were very close and spent time together each and every day, the were an integral part of each others lives. His health was becoming complicated, yet nothing that couldn't be managed. I know that getting older we all have things that get us down. Our bodies become worn out in places, its just the way it is. Than he found that he was having trouble sleeping, and sought the help of a doctor to suggest a remedy. That remedy was Ambien, a drug know to have substantial side effects, such as depression, hallucinations, thoughts of suicide. I have seen the add on television. Well, apparently that is exactly what happened. Recently he even had his dosage increased, because it really wasn't working either. But something was working in his brain, enough to have him put a gun to his head and pull the trigger. I understand that this is graphic, but what is worse is to have your loved one suffer this same fate and you find their tortured soul abandoned.

I would love to tell everyone that if you take this drug, find another way to get some sleep. Don't be so concerned as you get older that you don't sleep as many hours. I for one has just accepted the fact that if I sleep four hours in a row I am doing great. Don't let your children take this drug, no matter how much you want them to be relieved. This drug is very dangerous. I went on the Internet and looked for stories such as this one and I found an endless supply of horror stories related to Ambien suicides.

I can recall the advertisement on television, with the lady sleeping peacefully on her bed, with little Ambien wings fluttering behind her and peaceful illusions of a wonderful restful sleep. The one thing they don't put on the advertisement is that this peaceful sleep can become permanent.


Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, April 06, 2011

It certainly doesn't take long to find out about a person, does it? I now know why I don't date anymore, it is just too much work. I have really been trying to educate myself on people and personalities. Knowing when people make you feel good and when they don't is really important. It is a difficult task to continue any relationship that constantly drains you. So, I have come to the conclusion that I must stop and think a little before going out with anyone. I thought that I would weed out any losers with my simple rules. It didn't work out like I had planned. I thought that I had pretty much covered all the big red flags, but it is so much more complicated than that. I have come up with an application process, it seems reasonable to me, a person has to fill out applications before they can even get a job interview. Before I give out my phone number any potential date must fill out and have reviewed an application.

Application to date Mary

1.  Intentions
     A. sex
     B. friendship with potential
     C. serious relationship
     D. marriage
2.  Living arrangements
     A. keep own place
     B. eventually living together
     C. weekend sleep-overs
     D. other
3. Do you own your own home?
     A. Yes
     B. No
4. Do you own your own car?
     A. Yes
     B. No
5. Do you own your own boat (over 25')?
     A. Yes
     B. No
6. Do you have a sustainable Income?
     A. Yes
     B. No
7. Do you have a valid drivers license, without restrictions?
     A. Yes
     B. No
8. What is your age?
     A. under 50
     B. over 60
     C. between 50 & 60
9. Do you have any substance abuse problems?
     A. Yes
     B. No
10.Do you have jealousy issues?
     A. Yes
     B. No
11.Do you have any OCD issues, this includes gambling, hoarding, cleaning, texting, calling, etc...?
     A. Yes
     B. No

Well, I think that this is a good beginning before the initial interview. I would like my readers to give me some advice on additional questions that should be added to the questionnaire. I am so out of touch and when I have no feeling toward the guys I have dated this year, I think there is something wrong with me. Or maybe it's them. Why do guys want to get in the sack with you even if they are over 70? What the hell!


Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, April 03, 2011

I had a date the other night. I went with my date to Miccosukee Gaming, we first had a bite to eat and then he went to the tables to play some poker. I was left alone to do my thing, and so I did. Went to the slot machines and in a matter of minutes I blew 25 bucks. This was definitely not going to give me a night of fun, without becoming bankrupt. I purposely brought just a few dollars.
I headed to the Bingo parlor to have some hours of fun for just a few dollars. I was late getting in and they had already started. But I only missed a game or two. It is pretty high tech now a days, a person doesn't need to know how to play at all. I just sat in front of my little computer screen and it kept me informed of what was going on. Nothing on the first game, then the second game looked promising. The little computer told me I only need one number on two of my cards. So, I continued to sit and watch the screen, when suddenly the word BINGO began flashing on the screen. I yelled out BINGO and raised my hand. An attendant came over and took my information, confirmed my numbers and walked away. She came back a couple of minutes later with $500 bucks. Well, I can't tell you how surprised I was. I looked around this giant room of bingoers and couldn't believe my luck. There had to be about 600 people in the room. What is the odds?
Well, at that point I was so happy I couldn't erase the smile on my face. I was watching the screen and wishing the numbers I needed would be called. A few games later it looked like I was having good luck again. I only needed one number, I shrugged, and said to myself that I couldn't possibly win again. I looked up at the monitor to see which number was next to be called. It was number 18, the one I was looking for, I was so excited I yelled out BINGO. The people sitting around me were stunned to see a new person get two wins in one night. My attendant came by and checked the card to confirm the numbers, then off she went to go get some money. She arrived back at the table with a $1,000, I was besides myself. What are the odds.
I continued to play the last games of the night, I was so excited I couldn't wait to call everybody and tell them.

The next morning my sister called and told me she had won at BINGO also, now talk about lining up the moon in just the right place. What are the odds? I always believe that things work themselves out, I was concerned about getting enough money for my trip in a month. I did have a plan, but now I have no worries at all.