Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I am so sick of hearing about who's feelings are going to get hurt, by banning or even talking about a certain group of individuals. Lets start with your civil rights, if you are not an American then these rights don't apply to you, you simply have no rights in this country. End of story!

 When I was a young girl growing up in South Florida, I was discriminated against. The fact that I had an amazing chocolate tan from spending all my time outdoors, led me to the back of the bus each time my grandmother wanted to take us shopping. As a child in the 60's it didn't dawn on me that I was being grouped as a black person, because it just didn't matter to me. I didn't care nor did my grandmother, because the seats at the back of the bus weren't any different than the ones at the front, nor were the people. Plus, I just didn't know of prejudice, I wasn't taught such things.

Why is it every time a person speaks they have to consider the feelings of the masses, are you kidding, seriously no comment can make every person happy. That would be absurd to think what any one person says has so much impact on me. I am an American and my family background is that of Italian. As soon as I mention to anyone that I have Italian heritage, you should see their faces, as if they were standing in front of the "God Father" himself. Like any group of people there is a stigma, do I take this seriously, no, because it has nothing to do with me. I think of it as a group of people who's most important attributes are familia, (family).  I happily quote, " I maka you an offer you can nota refuse".

 All of our backgrounds came from somewhere else, when my great grandparents came to this country, legally, they were so happy, because their goal was to become American. I remember them very clearly, studying English, and smiling each time they would communicate with someone successfully. They traveled all those miles because being here and being an American and having all the rights this country afforded was worth all their sacrifices. They were no longer part of Italy, they were Americans, their heritage strong in culture and pride only made them better Americans.

When a person chooses to come to this country there are rules and processes that everyone should go through. It should be thorough and these people should be future contributors for this country. I have traveled all over the world and sometimes it was not easy to simply visit. I have had to prove financial responsibilities for my stay and return tickets to leave. Why don't we follow some of these simple rules. I can go on for hours and it all comes down to common sense.


Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, December 09, 2015

My favorite holiday of the year. Even though I only get to cook once every 5 years, the food is always amazing. We rotate who hosts this wonderful event, giving us opportunity to travel to destinations for the holiday.

The weather was amazing, most of the time family and friends spent their time outdoors. The time was full of laughter and stories from the past, hopes for the future and the snickers of children looking forward to the time that the treats come out. Hours past as we enjoyed the food, fun, and friendship.

I look back now and it seems so far away as Christmas approaches. I wish that their was more time spent on this most amazing, free from commercialism, holiday. I have only a small wish for everyone out there, I wish that you enjoy your family and friends all year round as much as I do today and every Thanksgiving Day.