Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, January 12, 2008

I took a Self-defense class recently and I listened to the advice of the Instructor, who said never look like a victim. That made me think, what does that really look like? I myself am only 5 foot tall and not real big and not to mention old as dirt. The instructor said to walk with attitude, stand tall, never park in dark lots, when out at night. If someone approaches you, look them in the eyes and tell them you don't like them getting that close. After class I asked the Instructor, who knows me if I look like a victim, he just laughed and smiled as he walked away.

It made me remember how I was almost mugged. Years ago in a park near my house I went jogging, they don't call it jogging anymore do they? Anyway, the park is wooded with towering pines, scrub palms and lots of rocks. The problem with this, is the fact that a person on the path can't be seen by the roadway. Well that particular morning I was off to do my exercise, just listening to the sounds of nature, I heard another sound, it sounded like footsteps and they sounded as if they were approaching quickly. I didn't want to look conspicuous, so I turned slightly to check out what was going on behind me through my prefial vision. I noticed that there was a very large man, not in exercise clothes approaching quickly. I knew that I had to do something, but what! As I continued along the path I looked for something to use as a weapon, the only thing I could find was a giant rock. My adrenaline must have been pumping, I picked up a rock, turned quickly to see the man that was stalking me only a few feet away. I held the rock above my head to throw at him, his face was one of shock, he didn't hesitate long, turn quickly and ran through the under brush toward his escape. I was still standing there with the rock above my head, when one of the regular jogger approached...he was on his way to help me. He said "I saw what was going on and thought I would rescue you, seems like you took care of it yourself". My adrenaline rush now subsiding I realized that the rock was far to heavy for me and it began pulling backwards on to my ass. I think that I had enough exercise for today. What did this guy want from me? It's not like joggers carry cash, you think he was after some sex, well all he had to do is ask! Got to see the humor in it now. The moral of this story is that if you catch your assailant off guard they don't know what to do. Confrontation is not in the plan for them, surprise is how they get you. So, be certain to surprise them right back, it may save your life or your wallet.


Written by Captain Mary on Monday, January 07, 2008

A chance to show my grandchildren what raw nature is. They complained a lot, they asked "if this is a park, where are the swings and places to play?". I was getting a little aggravated and thought I might toss them to the gators. As it turns out, they have memories of our adventure into the last remaining untouched river of grass, that extends so deep into South Florida. So much to explore so much life to see. Enjoy the pictures and don't hesitate to tell me which ones are your favorites.

It's not just swamps and gators in the Everglades there is rich life beyond our imagination.