Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, December 04, 2007

As I read others blogs it brings back memories of #4 mate. We had it with the life we were leading. How the industry and employers abuse there workers and take advantage of the hard working ones. We always compensate for the losers. So, I packed up everything in Bonita Beach, put it in storage, left the scary apartment.
Put my possessions in a backpack and put it on my back, heading toward the mountains. The Appalachian Mountains of North America. What do I know of these things, I am a flat lander, what does a mountain look like. This is a diary of my adventure on the trail. Starting at the Southern most terminus, 600 miles later I was a changed person. No longer could I work for the establishment. Oh by the way I lost love #4, yet to this day I do remain friends with all of them.

After months of hiking and living off the land, I wasn't really ready to return to Florida. Instead we ended up in Long Island, NY and picked veggies. When the snow began, I packed up and went back home. Where do I live now. I think back to South Florida. I went and lived with my brother for awhile, we had a great time. Two single people enjoying the life.