Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, June 10, 2018

Currently working on the kitchen, still waiting on some more cabinets to arrive, the house is in such disarray that I can't even show the living room, even though it is completed. Thought you might enjoy a couple of pics of almost completed jobs.
I call this my seaside room, colors of the ocean and that feeling of peace.
Next is the pantry construction, I love this room even though I really only do laundry here.
Pantry beginnings

Pantry/Laundry Room almost done.

Just adding a few more cabinets certainly makes a world of difference in storage space. Now I have more storage than I know what to do with.
Master before
Master After

I feel like I am in a seaside cottage, so peaceful and fits my taste. My house definitely needed an upgrade and it helped with my happiness factor.
 Can't really show my completed kitchen but watching the process has been fun. Since there is lots of progress by far.

 Dinner time in the old kitchen

Kitchen after partial demo

The new floors are already in, most of the cabinets are here. Spent the day waterproofing them with this thick rubberized paint. Perhaps it will save it from casual water damage for a long time. This is fun for me, except the part that leaves me without a kitchen. My refrigerator is in my living room, I must admit it's a good location for convenience sake. I can't wait to be finished, and perhaps I can begin on my backyard and doing some art work. Will keep you updated to the progress. Saying a big thank you to my family a.k.a The crew.  


Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, June 10, 2018

Grandchild #2, has made it through High School. Samuel is ready for the next steps in his life. I don't envy him, I recall that excitement and yet I don't think that I would go back if I could. All the things that go through a young mind, where do I start first has to be the question. Then again, a young person that has just come to the end of the first quarter of their life, has so much more to experience. I don't think that when I was that age I thought about the future.
Now, the kids are expected to have it all figured out before they graduate. What road they will take, or what path is next is already in their minds. Career, a place to live, a job, all expected to be figured out. Seems like a lot to expect from an 18 year old. I am still trying to figure it out!
The crazy thing is Samuel has managed to arrange a place to live, the college he will attend, and a possible job in another city, far from home. That takes bravery and guts, which Grandchild #1 has already done. I guess its not much of a stretch to know that Grandchild #2 can accomplish the same thing. With the help of family the sky is the limit.
All my Grandchildren are amazing people, Shyanne, Samuel, Maxwell, Jasmine and Jonathan. The most exciting part of everything they will do is just a plus, they have accomplished already in their lives the most important of all successes. They are wonderful people, they are good, loving, and caring people. Their families are most important to them, so as anyone could see, they have accomplished in their youth what most people only dream of becoming. I have never had dreams of monetary success for my children, because to me that was never the most important thing. When everything that is valued in todays society disappears what do most people have left? I know that if that happened in my family, we would still have each other and who we are.  I am so proud of my little tribe, I worship the ground they walk on, and I don't think that anyone could feel loved more than I do.
More graduations in the future. I hope that I can see them all, come hell or high water I will be the proudest one in the room.