Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, October 20, 2007

This story takes place in the 80's, after my first failed marriage I didn't know what to do. I had to get a job to raise my two young children. I found a job and made another bet, this time for the owners son. This was even easier than the first time. I asked him to go out to lunch with me near some clear cool water, I got naked and that's all she wrote. We were married after dating for a year. A much younger man this time. I guess I was hoping it would cure my heart from the last man. We had so much fun and had so many toys. We got a Harley and set out for a drive in the country.

This is where I lost time and became enraged, by the time I could track time again months had passed. I only remember bits and pieces of the near fatal accident. First thing I remember is the faces of two small children as I flew face first into a cars windshield, then remembering laying on the ground, with paramedics cutting my cloths off. The next memory was screaming at a doctor who wanted to put a bolt through my leg. A memory of me waking and pulling tubes from my nose and throat and taking all the I.V.'s out of my arms, an ambulance ride, sitting in a chair with horrible pain. There were more bits and chunks, but nothing that amounted to the time I lost. Finally release from the hospital and nothing made sense. Where were my children, where was I and my husband. No one would tell me how much time had passed and I couldn't put it together, to this day I don't know how long I was gone. I do know that I was so angry that someone had taken what was mine and I can never get it back.
I did learn, even though it took me a very long time, that life is prescious, don't ever take it for granted. P.S. That accident also resulted in another failed relationship. Two down.


Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, October 17, 2007

There are times when I look back in the past and say to myself, why didn't you get the message? My second wedding had to be the biggest collection of events that was trying to tell me something. Lets start with the dress, my mother-in-law to be stated I would love to buy you the dress, also mentioning that there is no way I am going to wear white to wed her only son. Problem there? During the wedding which was at Coral Castle in Homestead, one of those man made wonders. I almost broke my ankle walking in high-heels, my poor son had it harder he was wearing a cast. The wedding didn't have any problems, until we went to the car and found out that the windows were broken and my purse with all my identifican I needed to go to Aruba was gone. We were surpose to leave the next day on the honeymoon. The traffic to the airport was horrible, because there were riots in Overtown.
I got a notary letter so that I could enter the country of Aruba, no problem getting in. While enjoying our honeymoon I became so ill, I could not move. Still not getting it, Karma, Karma. Return flight leaves me in customs and the U.S., the country of my birth says you can't come in. Karma, Karma. It just didn't stop.

My lesson for this was you must listen to the world around you. The signs that are not accidents but signs that tell you, this is not for you. Change things, walk away, listen. Everything happens for a reason. While we may never know the reason till later, there indeed is one. Everyone you meet, everything that happens to you, is for your learning. I was a pretty slow learner back then.


Written by Captain Mary on Monday, October 15, 2007

This is the story of Husband #1. When I was 16 years old and still in High School, my girlfriends and I began checking out this guy, he rode a motorcycle, he had hair down to his butt. Now this is the 70's, keep that in mind. We would see this guy around school and he seemed quiet yet really cute. So, the girls and I decided to make a bet, who would be the first to get a date from this guy and win him over. Well, some time went by and back in the 70's with free love and all that peace and love, it was pretty easy to convince a man to go out with you. Well, to shorten the story a bit. I won the bet. Birth-control, was controled and not accesable to us. So free love meant we didn't use any protection, we didn't have much to worry about, pregnancy and some minor STD's. Take a pill or a shot and you were good to go.

Wouldn't you know it, I caught one of those, after almost a year of dating my new found mate, I became pregnant. I was so excited all I could think about was a baby. Didn't even dawn on me that we were going to have to tell our parents about this, they would know what to do. They were very cool about the whole thing. We did get married and had a beautiful baby girl, before my High School Graduation. Things went well and time passed. Kids with kids, then I got pregnant again, 2 kids before my 21st birthday. I was overwhelmed with joy, go figure. A product of the 70's.
More time passes and the world around us really changed. The gays were coming out of the closet and thus the man I loved for years did too. Wow, how do I tell the kids, will they even understand. I was devastated, how did I cause this to happen or did I, there were no simple answers back then. I joke and tell people my first husband left me for another man.

I was so in love with this man, but who would it be fair to? We were both young, we fought with every possible alternative for nearly three years, enivitably we had to depart each others company. Today, lets see how many years ago that was, the 70's, do the math. He is the greatest father I could have had for my children. We remain friends, we do things together with the kids as a family to this day. The kids are in their 30's and 5 grandchildren to there credit. Never Bet on A Mate, but don't ever Rule Anyone Out. I am grateful to have him and my children in my life. Talk about mixed marriages.