Written by Captain Mary on Monday, October 15, 2007

This is the story of Husband #1. When I was 16 years old and still in High School, my girlfriends and I began checking out this guy, he rode a motorcycle, he had hair down to his butt. Now this is the 70's, keep that in mind. We would see this guy around school and he seemed quiet yet really cute. So, the girls and I decided to make a bet, who would be the first to get a date from this guy and win him over. Well, some time went by and back in the 70's with free love and all that peace and love, it was pretty easy to convince a man to go out with you. Well, to shorten the story a bit. I won the bet. Birth-control, was controled and not accesable to us. So free love meant we didn't use any protection, we didn't have much to worry about, pregnancy and some minor STD's. Take a pill or a shot and you were good to go.

Wouldn't you know it, I caught one of those, after almost a year of dating my new found mate, I became pregnant. I was so excited all I could think about was a baby. Didn't even dawn on me that we were going to have to tell our parents about this, they would know what to do. They were very cool about the whole thing. We did get married and had a beautiful baby girl, before my High School Graduation. Things went well and time passed. Kids with kids, then I got pregnant again, 2 kids before my 21st birthday. I was overwhelmed with joy, go figure. A product of the 70's.
More time passes and the world around us really changed. The gays were coming out of the closet and thus the man I loved for years did too. Wow, how do I tell the kids, will they even understand. I was devastated, how did I cause this to happen or did I, there were no simple answers back then. I joke and tell people my first husband left me for another man.

I was so in love with this man, but who would it be fair to? We were both young, we fought with every possible alternative for nearly three years, enivitably we had to depart each others company. Today, lets see how many years ago that was, the 70's, do the math. He is the greatest father I could have had for my children. We remain friends, we do things together with the kids as a family to this day. The kids are in their 30's and 5 grandchildren to there credit. Never Bet on A Mate, but don't ever Rule Anyone Out. I am grateful to have him and my children in my life. Talk about mixed marriages.

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