Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, November 20, 2011

A person would think that having 5 kids in a house that is reserved for the elderly would be a massive cloud of mayhem, but you would be wrong. It seems that grandparents have the great opportunity to see the children as perfect little people, even teenagers act like humans. I worked last night late and came home ready to take care of some kids, but I didn't have to do a thing. Pure exhaustion led them to a peaceful sleep.

The next morning I woke late, almost 10am, the kids quietly entertaining themselves, I started the day with only two boys, Sam and Max. Without saying a word I went to the kitchen and made Nana's famous Sunday morning pancakes, I always do something special to keep them surprised. Today's pancakes was a brown sugar, cinnamon batter, topped with chocolate drizzle, mini chocolate chips and powdered sugar. They started eating them before I even got the syrup out. Sitting at their TV tables I didn't hear a word. They watched a morning movie, afterward it was time to make holiday pies. I placed the ingredients in two bowls for my peanut butter pie, and handed Sam and Max the bowl to begin blending, the peanut butter, cream cheese and sugar. In the meantime I was busy making the Key Lime Pies. Time management is essential, by the time I was done with my portion and whipped cream, the boys were ready for me to add to their bowl, whipped creme and mini chocolate chips. Putting the Key Lime pies in the oven, I proceeded to whip more cream for the tops of the pie. The boys poured their ingredients into the pie shells, licking the spoons was the best part for them. I put the whip creme topping on the pies and put them away for the holiday, promising the boys one of the pies for a treat.

After playing outside and giving the menagerie of cats some needed attention, we were ready to start a holiday project for their parents. Newspaper spread out on the living room floor, paints and glue ready for us, we began our projects. In the meantime I was trying to figure out something for my soon to be arriving 2 additional grandchildren, Jazzy and J.T.. As soon as they walked in, their eyes lit up with curiosity, I then prepared their projects. Giving them a piece of pie first and they were off doing their projects. I can't say what the projects are, but it will take a couple more visits to Nana's house to complete. I always have some good homemade gifts that become heirlooms. Just before we completed our work for the day the last of the grandchildren arrived. Without a moment to waste she headed to the frig for her snack and she spotted the pie, promptly sliced off a piece. You would think that the kids would be on a sugar high, but the pie is so rich they sat quietly and I enjoyed the peace.

Grandparents have it made, and if they act up, I simply make a phone call.