Written by Captain Mary on Monday, August 23, 2010

I have been missing something in my life for awhile. At first I thought it might be a man, but I brushed that thought right out of my head. This past week I have been around my grandchildren, swimming, diving and just having them around. I noticed that instead of sitting on the couch I have been doing things.
I have accomplish more this week of things I have been putting off than ever. Instead of being occupied with the children around I find myself motivated. I finished a purse I promised a friend. I have been working on a blanket, made out of Crown Royal bags. I organised and went through stuff for the garage sale, cleaned my dresser and repaired clothing. Cleaned out my fish pond and so many other things. I hope to keep motivated because it seems I eat and smoke less.
This week work seemed to pick up a bit, and I hope to continue, the best way to do that is to have the little ones around me. They are full of energy and it gives my life a kick start. Not to mention I am around lots of love. I have such a great family and they are what keeps my life going.