Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, March 02, 2008

Have you ever known someone for years, but didn't really know them? Well, I think that you don't truly know anyone until you travel with them. My sister-in-law, Margo and myself had been planning a trip to Africa for about a two years, the time was nearing for us to depart on our adventure I told one of my old high school buddies about it, she was so excited she invited herself. I thought the more the merrier, I hooked her up with my travel agent and she booked the tour with us. It's going to be great, 20 days on Safari in two countries. This is just one event that shows you get what you give. Unfortunately the trip was now near it's end.

It has so far been a painful relationship with my friend, lets give her a name so it makes my writing easier I will call her Prissy, if it wasn't for Margo I think that I would have thrown Prissy to the lions. Let's see, so you understand some of the things that she did to irritate us. Prissy constantly made me feel as if I was stupid. She wanted to be treated like a queen and wanted people to wait on her hand and foot, she argued with bartenders about the prices, hotel staff about extra towels, who got the bathroom first, it was always her, I can go on and on. This trip was dedicated to Margo who is my favorite person and long time friend, through thick and thin. Now Prissy on the other hand was making her way to the people you most want to sacrifice to a Volcano.

Let me get back to the story, that should be enough background for you, Prissy was just a bitch. Our last safari location was three days in the Serengeti and I tell you what they save the best for last, I didn't think the tour operators could beat the first location.

The morning beautiful, our cameras packed and ready for the morning Safari, traveling down the bumpy roads in search of animals to photograph our guide slows down and stops under a tree. Me and Margo pop our heads through the top of the van, since we were on the far side of the van at the time. Prissy, who I didn't mention is nearly blind was sticking her head out the window to look at the Baboons and banded mongoose that were just outside. Margo and I shooting photo after photo, when we noticed a Baboon in the tree above us, actually right above Prissy. I was irritated with her and to my self I said "Wouldn't it be great if that Baboon peed on her" Karma kicked in and payday was here, as soon as my thoughts passed to my buddy in the branches, he peed on her face. Prissy never did see the Baboon, me and Margo tried to contain our laughter along with our guide, who also was irritated with her. Prissy, did I mention she also has germaphobia. Prissy said "What was that?" and wiped it all over her face, I guess she thought it was dew from the branches. We never told her the truth. Karma, karma. It was the beginning of the day and we knew that she would spend the whole day with Baboon pee pee on her. Couldn't happen to a nicer person.

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