Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, August 31, 2008

What does this look like to you? Looks like Florida is the meat of a sandwich, a storm on each side. Today is one of those days where you just sit back and watch movies, because satellite T.V. is on the fritz. Rain and wind, but nothing dangerous at this point.

Its no wonder we get hit by storms so often, as I look at the map, I notice that Florida is just hanging there like a pecker. The amazing part is how we avoid any of the storms, we do seem to get the tip tickled quite often lately. But, I wouldn't live anywhere else, if a person wants to live on a tropical island and the dreams of clear sky's and constantly beautiful landscape, this is the place to live. I have traveled to almost every state in the U.S. in search of a better place, and I always end up back here. There are some picturesque and amazing sights to see in our land, yet living in any other state seems far too difficult. It snows most everywhere, and each state has its own natural disasters, so hurricanes seem like a mere inconvenience. At least we can predict them somewhat, but mud slides, tornadoes, avalanches, wildfires, just to mention a few, are hard to predict. I think in spite of being a hanging land mass over the hurricane belt, we are lucky to have the most beautiful of tropical environments without the confinement of being an island.
I can hear the rain drops pounding away right now and I will take this opportunity to plug in a good movie, do the laundry and clean the house in my leisure. Take care of the zoo and dry off the wet animals in the group. Have a happy holiday, a day off is always a good day.


Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sunday the Kittens will be a month old, one more month to go! They are running around the house climbing and cuddling. Mama kitty brought everyone of them to me last night and put them on the couch next to me. They played and slept and played and slept. They are too cute, they follow around anybody who walks by and sometimes they get stepped on. They are eating regular cat food and drinking water. Their skills drinking water is pretty funny, they stick their whole face in the water and sneeze, still haven't figured it out yet. Well, here are some wonderful pictures of the Kittens I hope you can't resist these beautiful faces, I am having a really hard time too.


Written by Captain Mary on Friday, August 29, 2008

I know that those who know me, get to see me limp constantly. Lately they haven't had the pleasure to see that in the past week. I mentioned that I had started spinning , the first couple of times I was in sheer agony the day after, but always while spinning my knees somehow felt better. Who would have thought that moving even more would relieve the pain in my knees. Currently and this is only a week of spinning, one of my knees is completely without pain. I know that my TaeKwonDo classes have been the heart of my pain, but I won't give that up, so I have found the perfect routine to help with my work-outs. First I spin for an hour and directly afterward I head to my TaeKwonDo class, just think of the calories I am burning. The best part of the routine is I now can do both with very little pain. I figure the more I work my knees the better they will feel. This is a great relief for me, I may actually be able to reach my goals in TaeKwonDo and of course my general fitness as a old lady. Maybe my body can revert back to my mental age. All I know is that I feel good, when a person is not in pain all the time it certainly opens up opportunities to smile more.


Written by Captain Mary on Friday, August 29, 2008

I don't get involved much in politics, all it does is make me angry. I read Barack Obama's speech this morning and I was almost in tears. My heart was touched by his love for this country and his beliefs in our people were sincere. Aren't these the words we wanted to hear? Can he accomplish these things? He has to work through all the other bureaucrat's to get these things done, but in the end is up to us to push our local leaders to work for us and perhaps it will have a trickle up effect. We must stand up with our small voices and take what belongs to us, get rid of the lobbiest for they don't work for us they work for themselves. I am not a political activist but I think you should take a look at Barack Obama's speech and see if you don't have a glimmer of hope.


Written by Captain Mary on Friday, August 29, 2008

My fellow Americans I would like to address the tax payers and voters of this country. I am currently developing my platform. These are just some of the changes I will be making if elected President.

  • The War will be discontinued and all military will be recalled to their home, where we really need them. I will be doing some severe trimming here. $100 toilet seats and such a thing of the past.
  • Taxes: You will just love this, imagine you get to keep your paycheck, all of it. Think about the stimulus to the economy. You will only pay taxes on purchases, the amount will be 30%, if you consider this amount high, think about how much comes out of your paycheck and then the home taxes you pay on your already taxes paycheck, then purchases, seems like more than 30% to me. This is the best part, there will be no discrimination, the more you buy the more you pay. Seems fair to me. This means the rich don't have the loop-holes to slip through while the regular guy pays the taxes, no more IRS needed. Sorry about the workers of the IRS, we hate them anyway, now they can get job so people can like them again.
  • There are far too many laws on the books. Its time to start over with the first documents that are forefathers signed. You know the ones freedom, etc., etc., the right to protect yourself and property. The simple things will stay.
  • Social Security, how about this, its optional! It will be paid out in one lump sum, what you actually put in, plus reasonable interest, that's the least the government could do for borrowing your money. By the way if you piss it away too bad, lets get less dependant on something that really won't help that much in the first place.
  • Medical Care, come on, who would need insurance if the medical services didn't charge completely ridiculous fees. Lets face it an aspirin doesn't cost $10, even with installation.
  • Insurances, it wasn't that long ago that people did the right thing when they ran into your car, somebody is making way too much money. My suggestion is, if we do not file a claim during our policy period, we should receive a refund check or credit toward our next policy in the amount of 50%. Another suggestion is that each policy holder should be treated as an individual and not have increases due to national averages and the state. Good drivers pay little, let the bad drivers pay the premiums, why should the others suffer. That goes for homeowners, flood and windstorm, all other types of policy's. Again somebody is making way too much money off the public. Isn't that extortion.
  • Schools, this is a simple one, why should the people that don't have children pay the price. Each child should pay a tuition, citizens pay less than none citizens, it should be encouragement to become one. Teachers will be revered as keepers of the future, they don't do this for money, they do this for love, so they should be paid graciously. Another option is to home school, those kids are smarter anyway.
  • Welfare, this is one of my favorites, nobody gets anything, too many people come to this country to burden the rest of us, can't determine who really deserves it. Now we don't need those jobs, sorry guys, move on. Its time to clean up the high paid government positions. Where is the community and the Church's when people need help, the community, friends, family, that's who should take care of the needy. Lets have a little more participation in helping our fellow man.
  • This is just the beginning of my platform, but as you can see I have done some trimming. All your suggestions will be taken into consideration.

Well Thank you so much and I would appreciate your votes. I have nothing bad to say about people running against me, what kind of person would I be if I did that. What would we be teaching our future voters.


Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, August 28, 2008

I am not talking about racial or sexual equality, I am going back to where women wanted the right to vote, and what happened to men and women's roles in the family unit. Today there is still no equality, but that is another subject.

What happened when women began to compete in the work force? Well, the first thing that happened is they left the home and the children behind. A respected and revered position in the family was now gone. What was it like before women left the home? Children had respect for their parents, because they were the driving force of the family, the sculptors of the children. Children were taught the important facts long before then arrived in schools, discipline, respect, focus and so much more that is now missing. Children can get away with just about anything now, its not that the parents don't care but they are exhausted from working all day and thus the children become the manipulators of the family. Something wrong there?
What about husbands and wives? Woman were once treated like a gem, doors were opened, they had a very important role and men knew that this was an important position in the family. There was no competition to make the most money or who should do the chores or who was going to discipline the kids, or who's fault was it when they turned out to be rotten citizens, or how much medication they needed to make them behave. Husbands and men, are no longer treated with the respect they deserved, for they are no longer the head of the household, now it is shared and competed for. The competition in the work place caused another failure. Yes, one parent was once able to financially support the family, even in hard times, because of the addition of women in the work force, wages dropped for everybody. This began a chain reaction, the institution of marriage had broken down, the management of our future leaders compromised. The community that was once there for each other is corrupt. It just doesn't stop there.
What happened? The job and the competition now is more important than the family unit. More failure, crime, divorce, corruption, disrespect and so on and so forth. How did our families become second to our occupations? And for being treated like an equal, which in this writers opinion will never happen, because we are all too different to be the same. What are we teaching our children? Power and manipulation is the way to get what you want. Is what we want corrupt too?


Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The summer is over and the time to get busy has begun. My day consists of tending to the zoo, going to work, then trying to get something to eat, getting the first kid to Karate, running home after that to get the next kid to karate, working my spinning class in and then the next kid and me get to karate. After all that I can get home and take care of the zoo again. I hardly have enough time to breathe, I did it before, I just have to adjust again.
I woke this morning in agony, not so much my legs, but my upper body, spinning class yesterday was ruthless, new instructor, Annie. She didn't let us sit down for more than 5 minutes in the whole hour. I will remember that work-out for a long time. No spinning class today, but I still have karate class, I will be putting down lots of aspirin today. Well, I am running a bit late so I must sign off for now. Still more adjusting to come.


Written by Captain Mary on Monday, August 25, 2008


Illustrations by Cappy


There was a very small island close to the Bahamas, and there was a magical world. Near this small island was a Mermaid named Shelah who had magical powers. Shelah was a beautiful mermaid with many sea creature friends. Her very best friend was a crab called "Cappy", they had a lot of fun and adventures together.

Shelah and Cappy loved to tease the fishermen that came to their island to fish. Sometimes, they would tug on the fishing line and swim away quickly. They did it over and over again, until the fishermen went away. Shelah worried that the fishermen would catch one of their friends, so she had to protect them and have fun at the same time.

One day Shelah was turning starfish into seahorses and didn't notice a fishing boat had arrived. She swam over quickly, but it was too late, they had caught Jeffrey the grouper. Jeffrey was being pulled up by the fisherman, oh no! Shelah was too far away to help, what was she going to do? Shelah closed her eyes tight and wished that Jeffrey was bigger and stronger. When Shelah opened her eyes Jeffrey had changed into a giant shark with sharp teeth, he wiggled and the fishing line broke. Jeffrey swam to Shelah with a very big smile and said, "Thank you Shelah, can I be a shark for awhile?", she said, "Yes, but you must promise not to eat any of our friends", Jeffrey agreed and swam away to show the others.

Cappy was watching the whole thing and told Shelah, "You have amazing powers, wouldn't you like to use them in a special way?". "What do you mean Cappy?", Shelah answered with a puzzled look on her face. "We must do something to let the humans know how wonderful it is in the sea so that they don't continue to destroy it", Cappy exclaimed. Shelah said, "How are we going to do that Cappy?" and Cappy's answer was "One human at a time.

Cappy's plan was to use Shelah's magical powers to show the humans how important and beautiful the sea is. But first Shelah had to find a way to get the humans in the water, because her magical powers only worked inside the water. Shelah thought and thought, and she knew that all humans like dolphins, so she called her dolphin friends, Austin, Kaley and Rainy. Shelah told the dolphins her plan and they were happy to help.

Austin, Kaley and Rainy swam right up to the next boat that arrived near the island, the people were so pleased to see the dolphins that they jumped in the water to swim with them. Cappy yelled to Shelah, "They are in the water, put your magic to work". Shelah closed her eyes tight and wished that the people would turn into mermaids like her". When Shelah opened her eyes the family was now just like her, she swam over to greet them. Shelah told them to come with her and meet some new friends. The family was very surprised when they found their legs had now become tails, at the same time they were full of joy that they could swim under the sea.

Shelah introduced the family to Cappy the crab, Jesse the jellyfish, Monica the moray eel, Jason the sea turtle and of course they already met the dolphins, Austin, Kaley and Rainy. Shelah and the family swam for hours and met all the sea creatures around the island. Shelah explained to the family how important it is that people protect the creatures and the ocean. The family agreed to tell their friends and they will never forget their day in the sea. Shelah said, "Please tell your friends about our magical island and I will let them swim in the sea with me and my friends".

Shelah swam the family back to their boat and to the surface, closed her eyes and turned them back into humans. "We will be back to visit you and the magical world underwater", the family told Shelah. They waved goodbye to each other, the dolphins swam with the family for awhile and they disappeared into the distance.

From time to time other families would come to the island and Shelah would turn them into mermaids and mermen. Each time Shelah and Cappy knew that there would be more and more people to help them protect the ocean and all the sea creatures in it.


Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another weekend washed away, but I must admit it was productive. Got some exercise in, still haven't dropped any weight, but it will come. Had a great sushi dinner with the ladies and best bud Shelah. We had a great evening and Shelah always has my back when I tell outrageous stories, its great fun. Shelah says its how I work the room, is that a compliment? I have a great time and she was having just as much fun shocking the unsuspecting women.
I was suppose to spend Sunday at the Castle, but I got carried away working on the zoo, and creating pictures for my children's stories, which I am having a great time writing. I have not painted anything really since my husband passed away, but I have been inspired.
According to my friends I have been in a funk, but I think that I am coming out of it. I started singing (out of key) and doing my normal, crazy things. Can you put those two words together, I guess my normal is crazy.
I spent the day alone, boy it was productive, the gang went to the beach. I am ready to start writing story #5, I already have an idea. Maybe I will get inspired to write something for older kids next.
Good news, I have a prospective parent for one of the Kitties, the best part is I will get to see it again. I don't know how I will get it to her, since its over 300 miles away, but I guess I have time to think about it. I am due for a road trip to visit the family anyway.
Good-bye to the weekend and hello to the work week, hi ho, hi ho.


Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, August 24, 2008

Illustrations by Cappy

Sitting in shallow water all alone was a little girl name Shyanne, she was just four years old. Her grandma was sitting just a few feet away reading her book. Shyanne was very busy with her beach toys, filling her bucket and dumping it back out. The water was a beautiful blue and the sun was shining brightly. It was a wonderful day on the beach, so quiet except the sounds of the waves hitting Shyanne's beach bucket. Shyanne's grandma was always peeking up to see what Shyanne was doing.

Shyanne was a special little girl, she was very smart and knew a lot about the creatures in the sea. As she was playing with her beach toys something came close to her in the shallow water and put it's head on Shyanne's lap. Shyanne put her hand on its head, petting this creature. The creature was not one that Shyanne could remember from her picture books, but it was nice like a puppy.

Grandma looked up from her book with amazement, when she saw something next to Shyanne. Grandma ran over to see what it was that Shyanne was petting. To every ones surprise the animal was a Manatee. A strange looking animal that lives in the sea but breathes air like you and me. Manatees don't usually come up to people and lay there heads on little girls laps, but there must have been something magical about Shyanne.

People came walking over to see this magical event, but it scared the manatee away and it turned slowly and returned to the sea. Grandma stood there without saying a word, because she knew that no one would believe her story.

Years went past and Shyanne stills remembers that magical day at the beach where she played with the manatee. This story of "Manatee and Me" is true, and it is hard to believe. The sea is so full of wonderful things that you may visit and see something that you too will remember for the rest of your life.


Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, August 24, 2008

After my first day of spinning and then my first TaeKwonDo Black belt class I was exhausted. The next morning I woke and could not move, I almost called for help for somebody to sling my legs over the side of the bed so that I could stand to go pee. Moving slowly and painfully I managed my way to the bathroom. I went to work and that seemed to get most of the stiffness out, but I was still sore.

This morning I decided that I would go spin again, I went and picked up Shelah to go with me. We arrived early to get that good seat, my instructor was eager to meet a potential new customer and he is always concerned about any health problems that we might have. A few more people arrived and the session began, the lights went low and the music went load. Great music with a beat and the spinning began, today even though I was sore I gave it my best. I would love to have a speedometer on that thing to see how fast and far we actually went. Shelah had a smile on her face most of the time, after 45 minutes and a gallon of sweat it was time for the cool down part of the session. The pace slowed and now it was time to descend to the floor, I was paralysed, I could hardly move my legs to get off the bike. I was really going to be in pain, Shelah and I got in the truck to go home, we only live 5 minutes away but that was enough time to freeze in place. Neither of us could get out of the truck, each step we took was sheer agony, no pain no gain, holy sh.....t does it have to be that way? It was so much fun, I am looking for ways to put more hours in my day to fit in more spinning, its just the thing to get me back to being the happy, crazy person that I want to be.


Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, August 23, 2008

Here they are again, growing and growing. The family is playing with them to get them enjoying the company of humans. The kittens will now follow us and their vision is much improved, they can see us across the room. This is the cute part of their growing, when they walk, the little tails are straight up in the air for balance, but they still stumble and fall. Now 23 days old, our time together is nearly half way over. I will miss them, they are just starting to turn into real cats. Mama cat is not spending the time she should with them, she seems more concerned with getting outside, and spending time with her first set of kittens that are almost 6 months old.


Written by Captain Mary on Friday, August 22, 2008

This is the second of my series of Children's Books, I am dedicated to the sea as you will see.


There was a young man, his name is Samuel, but all his friends call him Sammy. Sammy loved to go out after school and go surfing. He would run with his surf board into the sea and jump on his board paddling as hard as he could to catch a wave. When he found the perfect wave he would turn toward the shore line and climb up on the board and ride it all the way in.

Sometimes the wave was too big and strong and Sammy would fall off, the wave washing right over his head. Sammy would shake his head and try again until he was back at the beach.

One day the waves were really big, but Sammy was not afraid, he paddled his way out and jumped on his surf board. A giant wave came from behind Sammy and swept him off his board. The surf board flew into the air and Sammy came down with a big splash. As Sammy was looking around for his surf board he noticed a fin coming closer to him. Sammy wasn't afraid because he knew that there were many sea creatures in the ocean with him.

The fin came closer and closer and suddenly a head popped up, it was a shark! The shark was young just like Sammy, he said "Hello, don't be afraid, I won't hurt you"

Sammy smiled and told him "my friends call me Sammy, would you like to be my friend?" The shark said, "my name is Samaki, I would like to be your friend". Sammy was still looking around because he could not see his surf board. Samaki asked "what are you looking for Sammy?". "I am looking for my surf board", replied Sammy. "I will look under and you can look on the top" Samaki told Sammy.

The two began swimming among the waves looking for the missing surf board then Sammy spotted it far away. When Samaki returned, Sammy pointed where he had seen his surf board. Samaki swam quickly to the surf board and brought it back to Sammy.

Sammy hopped on the board and began paddling back to the beach, Samaki swam right by his side.

The people on the beach were watching and when they saw Samaki swimming next to Sammy they began to yell, "Shark, Shark, swim, swim". Sammy was too busy talking with his new friend, and he did not notice the people on the beach. Sammy got closer to shore and the water became shallow, so he jumped off his board to thank Samaki for getting his board. Sammy put out his hand and Samaki turned and gave him a hand shake with his fin. Samaki told Sammy, "you must always be careful, because not all the creatures in the sea are your friends". Sammy smiled and told Samaki that he would be careful.

The water was now too shallow for Samaki and he turned to go back to the deeper water. Sammy picked up his surf board under his arm and walked to the beach. Many people came over to him and asked if he was safe. Sammy looked up at the people who had gathered around him and said, " There are many creatures in the sea, we must respect them large and small, we are in their home, we are only visitors in the sea".


(Samaki is Swahili for Fish)


Written by Captain Mary on Friday, August 22, 2008

I have been thinking of ways to increase my stamina without causing anymore impact on my joints, I happen to have some friends that just opened up a place to "SPIN". For those who do not know what "Spinning" is, well its a work-out on a stationary bike. You don't just sit and spin, you do upper body exercise as well, you stand and spin, do push-ups while moving those legs to great music. This place keeps the lights down low and the music up load.

My first class was tonight and I enjoyed it immensely. I have terrible knees and it didn't really bother me. I know it got me warmed up pretty good prior to my TaeKwonDo class, which was only fifteen minutes after spinning. I was full of energy after spinning and I know it is a good cardio work-out. I am going to go again tomorrow, I know I should take a break, but I will have the whole weekend off if I want. I feel so good after my evenings work-outs I will probably sleep like a baby. I sure hope so, it will be like a fantasy, just imagine sleeping through the whole night. I am certain that I will wake up in pain, I know I felt the burn today.


Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, August 21, 2008

Today it poured, finally getting to the very end of Tropical Storm Fay. The days we were confined with storm watches and warning weren't nearly as bad as the last couple of days. I know that the plants in my yard are growing rapidly. In between all the rain has been plenty of sunshine, and it looks like today is the very tail end of the storm. This weekend is going to be back to normal, that is normal for the rainy season. This is what we in South Florida are accustomed to, you know that cooling afternoon showers. Everything in the summer time is a bright green and we have to mow our lawn every three days if we want that nice groomed look.

This is only mid-way through the season and there is probably more storms brewing off the coast of Africa, but for now everything is looking clear.


Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My days of confinement over, back to work and I can't believe how much I enjoyed scrubbing toilets today. I was willing to do anything to get out of this funk. Worked a full day and then it was time to get ready for my TaeKwonDo Rank Graduation.

A small graduating class due to the summer session, kids do need time off, but I prefer no time off because I will fall apart quickly. First the lower ranks go to the floor to accept their certificates and it progresses to the higher ranks. It was my turn, all the others were given their certificates and yet I remained standing with empty hands, I turned to my Master and asked where it was, his reply "just wait I have it". The others were dismissed and I remained standing there alone, Master Isaacs presented me with my Black Belt Recommended certificate, which is a pretty big deal. I am certainly on my way. Then he asked me to give a demonstration of my signature Kihap, which according to the Master is the best in the ATA. I think I split some ear drums, but wasn't that the whole point.
My daughter Monica received her Red Belt decided rank. Shelah and Rainy moved up in rank with big smiles on their faces.
I was dismissed from the floor, sat down and before my ass could touch the seat I was called up again. This time was for My State Champion accommodations.
I felt so good, it just seemed like my night, but wait that wasn't it, as I was gathering my belongings to go home, the Master hands me an envelope and tells me I have been invited to be part of the C.I.T. program, which is the Certified Instructor Training. I stood there with tears welling up in my eyes for this is an extreme privilege. I guess they want to keep me around for awhile. I had a wonderful day, tomorrow I will still be walking on air.


Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I am going back to work today, I need to get out. I have been confined for two days and enough is enough, along with the ability to wander the streets I have to get back on my diet. I did nothing but lay around and sleep and eat and sleep and do nothing.
I think the storm was more hype than anything, if we had to file a claim we would have to pay our hurricane deductible because the government deemed our area under a hurricane watch, even though it wasn't a Hurricane, if it was just a regular tropical storm like we have daily we would only pay the regular deductible, which is a fraction of the amount. Is this just another way to generate money? Are we just puppets? Do they really care about our welfare? It's another instance of the government and the insurance industry working together, but then aren't they one in the same? I bet this will increase our rates again, how do we change this? The merchants did well, the grocers, the hardware stores, but our very important industry of Tourism has another black mark, for no reason at all.

The only difference between our daily tropical storms and Fay was that there was circulation. I have this special wind indicator, its a big float in my pool, if it doesn't fly out then its not worth the stress and preparation and frustration, guess what the float is still in the pool. It just amazes me that with all our technology and the things we do and places we can go, that we can't predict or even change the course of these storms. Hum, something to think about.


Written by Captain Mary on Monday, August 18, 2008

Today I had planned on going out on the boat, do a little fishing, diving and enjoy the sea. Well, today the sea will swallow me up and not to mention toss me around a bit. As I look outside this strange feeling of dread overcomes me, the sounds and sights of birds are gone. The dark skies looming over my house, not really rainy or windy yet, just dreary. Although my plans have changed I will be busy cleaning up the little things, the lawn chairs, the floats and pool toys, the kids swings, making sure that the boat is tied down good, cut the bananas and coconuts, they would make some great projectiles, all of that should take about an hour out of my day.

The track of the storm may not be directly over us but the dirty side of the system is going to be impacting us. My shutters are always over my windows, those can be completely dropped within minutes if the need requires me to do so. It really isn't unusual for us to have tropical storms during the summer, we learn to manage around these things on a daily basis, so really the only different thing we prepare for is the lack of fuel and electricity.

The most important thing to do during our time of confinement is to make certain that the children are not subjected to hours of the news about the storm, they don't need to be involved in the stress of the situation, instead this could be a time for games and projects. Children need to feel safe and as parents and grandparents it is our job to do that. Having plenty of snacks and things to do will keep all of us sane.


Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, August 17, 2008

A slow season so far, but looming below Cuba is a Tropical Storm, named Fay. I walked outside my home this morning and I felt that strange calm air that often signifies the onset of a storm. You have heard the expression "the calm before the storm", its something that is very true. I have been living here all my life and haven't miss many of the storms that have passed my way. Between 1851-2006 Southeast Florida has had 41 Hurricanes, 15 were Category 3 or higher. That doesn't seem really bad in the grand scheme of things, of course we are number one in North America, second is Texas.
I don't get panicky, but I have a full tank of gas in my truck and enough filtered water for a few weeks. I am lucky to have a gas stove and hot water heater, so at least I am able to cook and get clean. Well if the power goes out, which it does constantly in my area I pretend I am camping.
I would say the worst part of the Hurricane is being stuck indoors and listening to the sounds outside, really not able to see what is blowing around, but you can feel the pressure and hear the house creek and moans under the wind conditions. The power always going out, which makes things worst, now you feel alone in the dark. My house is the craziest place, because I have to bring all the animals indoors, it sure gets crowded, they all remain pretty calm, like they know what is happening and the fact that there is nothing they can do but sit it out. The good thing is that Hurricanes don't last very long, the horror begins when you walk outside and see your precious landscape that you nurtured all year in shreds. Trees knocked down or leaning, but its the time the neighborhood comes together and starts helping clear the roads and helping each other get back to normal life.
Nothing can compare to Hurricane Andrew, which can never be put completely out of my mind, there was so much damage, that tears were rolling down my cheeks as I drove around, the city had turned to piles of rubble, my family displaced and devastated. Animals that were left out and survived were traumatized and homeless. The image of that Hurricane remains as a reminder of what could happen. I am lucky that I can make my home secure in just a matter of minutes, always being prepared for "Tis the season". A happy note to this is there is always a Hurricane Party somewhere.


Written by Captain Mary on Friday, August 15, 2008

I got inspired the other day, as an artist I get inspired by the strangest of things. My inspiration for this story was the day of the Killer Turtle , I know this sounds like it would scare kids, but inspiration is a strange thing and it is not easily explained. Please read the story and enjoy, I would sincerely appreciate your input on the story, this may confirm if I should continue on the path toward Children's Stories.



One sunny day in South Florida, along the sea shore, a boy named Max was playing at the beach. He loved the beach and he would come here often to play.

Sometimes, Max would search for sea shells and other times he would build sand castles.

This day was like most days in South Florida, sunny and warm until something surprised Max!

He looked up and saw something coming out of the edge of the waves toward him. First a head popped out and then some fins, "Hello, my name is Milo". Max smiled and said "My name is Max, are you a sea turtle?" Milo's reply was, "Yes, I am, what are you doing there Max?"

Max said, "I am building a sand castle would you like to play with me Milo?"

Milo was so excited he came out of the water to play with Max. Milo was really good at digging, so he made a nice pool near the sand castle. Max and Milo played together and made a great sand castle city.

Max turned to Milo and said, "Thank you Milo, we have made a really beautiful castle, and now we have finished".

Milo was starting to get a little sun burn, since sea turtles spend most of their life in the ocean it was time for him to return to the cool water. Milo turned and asked Max, "would you like to swim in the sea with me?" Max said, "I would love to swim with you, I have my mask, fins and snorkel right here". Max put all his gear on and slipped into the sea with Milo.

Milo told Max he could hold onto his shell and Milo would give him a ride. Not far away was a beautiful reef, Max and Milo put their heads down to see and watch the fish swimming among the corals and sponges, they also saw crabs and seahorses and lots of other sea creatures.

Milo told Max, "these are my friends and now you are my friend too".

It was time for Max to go home and Milo was happy to give him a ride back to the beach.

Both Max and Milo smiled at each other and waved good-bye. Milo turned and swam back out to the sea. Max picked up all his toys and headed toward his home along the shore.

Later that evening when Max went to bed he dreamed of Milo the sea turtle and how much fun they had together.

Each day Max would go back to the beach, just like he always did, sometimes Milo was there to play with him and other times Milo and Max would just wave to each other.

Max and Milo stayed good friends and would never let a day go by without saying hello to each other.

Illustrations by Cappy


Written by Captain Mary on Friday, August 15, 2008

#5, #6, #4

One of the twins

Today my kitties are 15 days old. They are beginning to play and bite each other. I take them out and play with them. When I put them down they always crawl over to me and cuddle up. (I am trying to acclimate them to human contact) Oh boy! the kitty curse is getting me, there is two of them that I just love, #5 and #6, they have the most personality. They are growing and starting to walk, their shaky walk is so funny to watch kind of like an old black and white movie with shutter problems, their little tails stand straight up toward the sky. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy and tell me if these little guys don't pull on your heart strings.



Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, August 14, 2008

I was talking to one of my customers yesterday and again I came across a term that I was unfamiliar with, "Helicopter parenting". It seems self explanatory, as a helicopter hovers, so do theses parents. My customers were very concerned for their grandson, who apparently has been hovered over all his life and now he is off to college. He recently got his drivers license and can't really find his own home, but he is going to drive all the way to North Carolina where his college is located, "not to worry" my friends told me, "his parents are going to follow him all the way there". The concern of the grandparents is what this kid is going to do now. He has grown up to be a man and his parents can't possibly stay with him in college, yet he hasn't learned the basics yet. I guess this young man is going to have to learn quickly without Mom and Dad at his side, or should I say hovering above. I wonder if his parents realize that not letting a kid make his own mistakes, he also doesn't learn his own lessons in being in the real world. His parents have been running interference for him and now he is moving head-on into traffic. Good luck young man.
I found a quiz online to help determine if you could be a helicopter parent, Helicopter Parent Quiz, interesting to see where the line is drawn by the college admission board. Sometimes I feel like I have been living in a sea shell somewhere, I just don't know all the terms or should I say tags that are placed on people and how they appear to the rest of the world. I wonder what my tag would be? Lunatic, dirty old lady, potty mouth, I guess there are so many descriptors we could all fall under.


Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Today, Thursday I will be working like a fool, getting my work caught up and then I will be testing for my black belt recommended rank. It will be a strange testing unlike the usual, where we have to learn a form and test on our skills in sparring. I asked the instructor what we would be tested on and his reply was "it's going to be a surprise", well what the hell does that mean? I have been taking it really easy trying to get my knees to heal, they feel a lot better, but then I do want to start training soon for my black belt, the ceremony will be in October, which is only two months away. I am taking this year off in competition, the last two years I did very well and achieved state champion in my rank and age group. It is really killing me to take off a year, but my goal will be to compete in 5 divisions as a black belt. The divisions are rare for my age group so my chances are better than the younger groups. I want to compete for World Champ, wish me luck, I plan on trying out for Extreme Martial Arts, which is flips and cartwheels. I will probably break something, if I don't that will be a great accomplishment. I have to do it soon before I am too old to do it. I will probably be happy if I qualify for the top ten in the world in ATA TaeKwonDo. My nerves are already getting the better of me, not knowing what to expect in testing. The instructor told us to "do a lot less thinking", the older students tend to over-think all the moves. Learning to just re-act is hard for the oldies. I will let you know next Tuesday if I pass my testing.


Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, August 13, 2008

1. What is your favorite song to have sex to? It's been so long I can't remember, does it count when your by yourself?
2. What is your vision of hell? Well It has to be a place I believe in, all I can say is you have to live through hell before you get to heaven and I don't think that's original.
3. In the film made of your life, who will play you? It would have to be Jamie Lee Curtis, she is funny and older and still sexy.
4. What is the one thing you most urgently need to tell your mom? Mom you were right about everything.
5. What will be carved onto your tombstone? Hear lies Mary and she is going to kick your ass for putting her in the ground, didn't I leave specific instructions?
And the bonus: What is your drag name (which would be, first name: the name of your first pet; last name: the name of the street you grew up on)? Suzie Cottage, that sounds like something that has to do with celulite.


Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I had to get up early this morning to get the last of the last batch of kittens to the vet to be fixed. That was a mouth full. Squishy is off to the vet and all the other kitty's are out playing in the backyard. They don't go far, but I know its less litter box cleaning for me. The new kittens had to be found again this morning, Mama put them under the bed again. I tell you what, my mornings are exhausting and so is the rest of the day just keeping up with the maintenance of all these animals. I spent an hour yesterday filing my dogs nails down, they don't like the dremmel tool, but it is the easiest way. Today I have to clip the cats and ferrets nails. I bought all the kitty's tags and collars yesterday so that I won't loose any this time. They don't really like the collars, but I have hopes that they will get accustomed to them, another hundred bucks to animal care. I have a very busy week ahead and I need to work a lot to take care of the bills, which come every month like it or not. If I was to change anything in this world I would go back to the barter system, and completely get rid of money.


Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This morning I spent time trying to find the kittens that Mama cat decided to relocate, she did this on her last litter, the problem is she relocates them under the couch, which is a recliner and when someone sits on it the kitty's can get squished. So Sam and Max get out the flashlight and hunted them down, safely back in their basket they are pitching a fit. The kitty's are starting to stand up and look around, they are changing a bit more and I have a feeling that they are going to be tugging on my heart strings. Oh, please hold me back, I really can't do this again, I am already the cat lady of the neighborhood. I am holding to my plan for October 1st, they are going out and never coming back.


Written by Captain Mary on Monday, August 11, 2008

Lobster season is open and we are going to get our money's worth in tails. The weather was a little rough going out, we ran through some rain and then more rain. We arrived at our destination and put the top up because it was pouring cats and dogs. Did that deter our purpose, not a chance. We put the gear together and hit the water, the kids tucked under the canopy where they were warm and cozy after getting soaked on the way out. While underwater we could see the rain pounding the surface of the water, but we continued, we had a purpose and it was collecting lobster. This time we had enough people on the boat to get 30 lobster, and we were going to do our damnedest.

After a couple of hours Monica and myself were heading back to the boat with our bags of bugs, when we were accompanied by a Loggerhead turtle, it was a wonderful sight to see, except this guy was hungry. The turtle was hungry for our lobster, he headed right for us, like we were no threat to him at all. The turtle came closer and closer, actually too close, he had began to invade the space that sea creatures don't invade, Monica had to give him a little tap to get him away long enough so we could get the lobsters on the boat. The turtle didn't leave, he stayed near the boat, we enjoyed watching him chase down a lobster, this behavior was adorable, he would put his mouth down and at the same time tried to capture the lobster with his fins. The next group of divers was ready to hit the water, the kids floating toward the back of the boat, while still watching the turtle from the surface. (Photo by Monica)

Monica was keeping an eye out for the turtle, while Jason and Jeff started collecting more lobster the turtles behavior had become very aggressive toward them. He wanted the lobsters and that's all there was to it. Monica was in charge of trying to keep the turtle off the divers, Jason was to become his next meal, Monica yelled to warn Jason just in time for Jason to turn and give the turtle a quick tap before getting nipped on the leg, Monica was a great lookout but having a difficult time, for this turtle was determined to say the least. The turtle was chased off for a short time, but wouldn't you know it he came back to the boat, where Max, my 5 year old grandson was floating behind the boat. Luckily I noticed the turtle coming toward Max, I yelled to Max to swim fast and get out of the water now, I quickly pulled the rope that Max was holding on to and in the nick of time, just when the turtle was opening his mouth to take a bite of Max I pulled him out of the water. This is just crazy, we swim with sharks and all kinds of dangerous sea creatures and what you think is a cute critter, attacks us!! (photo by Monica)

The turtle still not fulfilled, even though he had eaten a lobster continued to track us. I guess there are killer turtles, all I know is that they have a huge sharp beak that I don't want to encounter. We couldn't get rid of this guy no mater what we tried, so we decided to move out of his area completely. The day got brighter and the rain stopped, we continued our hunt for dinner and by the end of the day we had reached our limit. Before heading home we went to a beautiful reef so that the kids could enjoy some sight seeing of corals and tropical fish, along with a shark or two, nothing we had to worry about. I am so glad that we can go out to enjoy the bounty of the sea and the beauty of the ocean environment. We never take more than we need, the problem with that is I eat seafood everyday, its nice to have the opportunity to have it fresh. I wish that summer would never end, the water was like a bath and we played in it for nearly 8 hours. What a great day.


Written by Captain Mary on Monday, August 11, 2008

Just a quick update, no pictures, because they haven't changed in appearance but now their little eyes are open and they can look at us, I don't think they can see very well, because they have that dumb look with those tiny gazed eyes, so new to the world. They have doubled in size and Mama kitty is doing a very good job taking care of them, while still caring for her older kittens that are 5 months old. Still they have no names and we are going to keep it that way, less than 7 weeks to go and adoption time is here. I will get pictures soon, they will be getting cute and my resistance will be put to the test.


Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, August 10, 2008

I don't know if anyone can understand this, it will be hard to imagine if you don't have children that are grown. I have always had a great relationship with my kids, I love them unconditionally, but lately I really can't stand them.

I have noticed that the older I become my children become my parents, does this happen to you? I know that I have not become unable to function, I am certainly not ready for a Senior Home, so what is this need my children have to treat me like a child. I am still in reasonably good physical health, hell I can still do a back flip off the boat. My mind must be intact, I just completed my Captains renewal course, with 100 % on all three tests. I got the highest marks in the class. So what is it that possesses children to assume this role?

All I know is that I have loved my children their whole life, now I really can't stand to be anywhere near them. It's becoming more and more apparent that I should leave the country and hide from them. How do I get them to understand that I don't need them to guide me, unless solicited that is, I feel as if I am no longer capable of taking care of myself. I think this is what children do to their ageing parents, our children beat us down emotionally until we fall apart and actually believe that we need them to care for us. Well, this senior is going to fade away from my children, so they can no longer treat me as if I was ready for the grave. They have nothing to gain by this behavior, for I am spending their inheritance.


Written by Captain Mary on Friday, August 08, 2008

Thursday was another beautiful day at sea. The conditions were amazing and everything from Mother Nature was picture perfect like a postcard. Our plans for today included getting our limit of spiny lobster, which would make a perfect meal. The first reef we stopped on was beautiful, it was actually the one that we had gone to just a week ago. Jason and Luke got into the water to do some spearfishing and pick up a lobster or two. They came back after an hour with 4 fish and 2 lobster, not looking good so far. I was waiting my turn to dive, I make certain that there is always someone on the surface when divers are in the water, this could be so helpful in the event of an emergency or just a matter of convenience.

It was my time to dive and Jason would be my willing buddy. Although we stay close to each other there are times when we might be on the edge of visibility and not see everything happening to our buddy. Well, Jason was having a time of his life, he was checking the reef for lobsters hiding in holes, of course, his head was down, when he picked his head up all he could see was a shark coming directly at his face, not much he could have done. Jason said "the shark was just as surprised as I was" face to face, mistaken identity. We continued and then a moray eel decided to go after Jason, looks like the sea creatures didn't approve of our presence. That wasn't it either, out of the distance I notice a very large object moving slowly toward us, as it got closer we could see that it was a very large loggerhead turtle, I mean very large. The turtle swam between us like we weren't even there, suddenly it changes course and with its mouth open makes an abrupt turn toward Jason's legs. Jason does the backward swim and puts the end of the spear gun out to push off the turtle. After that Jason wanted to go back to the boat, he said "this is a very hostile reef", so we headed back to the boat.

Pulled up the anchor and headed to different locations to scout some spiny lobster, we finally stopped and put the parking hook out at a location that was 17 feet deep. Luke and Jason again start hunting lobster, as I snorkeled above them, scouting for the elusive spiny lobster myself, I found an area packed with lobster. I swam to where the guys were, and got their attention, they needed to follow me. I stayed on the surface watching as lobster walked all around the guys, Luke and Jason hand picking the larger ones and putting them in the bag. When the guys had reached their limit we ended our trip on the sea.

Dinner was wonderful, it doesn't get any fresher than that. Jason's son JT was eating lobster faster than I could crack the shells, and Shy-Anne was eating her weight in lobster tails and fish. We all had a great meal, what took hours to hunt was devoured by our family in a matter of minutes.


Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, August 06, 2008

1. What is your definition of romantic? I was in tears one day while waxing my boat, whose engine had died, my husband took me by the hand and said "Lets go shopping", he bought a new engine for me, now that's romantic.

2. Would you consider yourself to be romantic? I don't think that would be a term to describe me, I more spontaneous than romantic.

3. Is your significant other romantic? I have no significant other, but my last husband was the King of Romance

4. Have you ever chastised a SO for not being romantic enough or too romantic? I have yelled about the hand holding, hugging and cuddling, I feel my personal space invaded. When I am in the mood it's great, there is a time and place.

5. What do you consider a grand romantic gesture? Have you ever been the recipient or giver of one? Question one was what I call a grand gesture and it was one of many with that man.

6. If you have done something romantic to get laid, did it work? If not, why and how did that affect your romantic tendencies in the past. This is just a dumb question, when a woman wants romance she gets it.

7. What is the most romantic thing you have ever done? Had done for you? I used to take my husband to the Bahamas on the boat, he loved it more than you can imagine, his last visit before he passed away, he requested that his ashes be sprinkled there. We would always feed each other our dreams, and make each day together happy ones.


Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, August 06, 2008

After hours of waiting at the court house in Down Town Miami, my daughter called to tell me it was over. Explain to me first what an appointment is? Is it like a train or airline schedule, when its an 8 o'clock departure, its exactly that? Anyway, that's one of those irritating subjects that just get my goat. My daughter told me that no body went to jail today, which I guess is good, but what kind of punishment does it take to get these guys to pay. Most are pretty sneaky, working under the table, but that doesn't work any more, they still have to pay, yet their wages can't be garnished. Well, my daughter's x got off, he had to promise that he will pay $300 by the close of business that day. Can you believe that! There was one good thing that came from this, if he wants to get back his drivers license he has to pay $6,000, that should help with motivation. The amazing part of that is, if it's for the Dead Beat Dad's benefit it will get paid. They will pay anything if it's for them, such as their drivers license.

The unfortunate part of this situation is that the children are always the ones who suffer. The Dead Beat Dad's don't pay because they just don't care. They should be erased out of the children's life, why should they pretend to be parents, when they can't supply basic needs of parenting. Again, the children suffer emotionally. What to do? Castration?


Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, August 05, 2008

This is one of those subjects that just makes me angry. My daughter is sitting right this moment at the Dade County Court House waiting for her case against her x to begin. Of course the case was scheduled at 7:45am, what time is it now, anyway. He is in contempt again for none payment of Child Support, they have three children together and he thinks the $20 he sent in April is good enough. This is not the first time he has been in court for contempt, this is probably the third, they still didn't arrest him. It seems to me that our court system just doesn't have a clue on what to do with the thousands of Dead Beat Dad's across the Nation. I have a few suggestions, but those would leave the children without Dad's. He has already lost his drivers license, his business license, his passport, what does it take for these guys to get the message. My daughter has spent days in tears over the whole situation, thinking her kids will hate her because Daddy went to jail. Simply explained the man doesn't care about his children at all, if he did perhaps he wouldn't be out on his boat or playing in the local golf tournament, spending all kinds of money on recreational fun, surfing, skating, etc... this guy is a total looser and if you met his family you would know why. All I can hope for is that this time at Court the judge does something to help these children out, the money will help with so many things. A place to live, shoes, a box of crackers, you know the simple things, not a new surf board or new golf clubs. I just don't understand the priorities some people have. Pay up the $60,000 you owe in back support and keep up the payments, so these children don't have to worry about their next meal or if their father gives a shit. Well thanks for the good venting, I feel better. I just hope my daughter doesn't' come home in tears again.


Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, August 03, 2008

This, post, is, designed, to, drive, my, son, insane. He, constantly, tells, me,"mom, you, don't, use, enough, commas, in, your, writing". So, I, thought, that, I, might, go, ahead, and, use, them, all, up, at, once. This, might, get, him, off, my, back! I, tried, to, explain, to, him, that, blogging, is, about, talking, the, way, you, talk. I, am, less, concerned, about, the, grammar, and, more, concerned, about, the, content. So, I, hope, I, have, satisfied, his, lust, for, commas, and, I, hope, that, he, will, read, the, content, and, stop, criticising, my, terrible, grammar. Until, they, invent, a, grammar, checker, I, am, stuck, with, horrible, punctuations. Love, you, son.


Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, August 02, 2008

Just a couple of days old and they are all over the place, I could hardly get a picture of them, for they just wouldn't stay still. I tried to put them in order of birth, first the twins, then the gray and white, then gray striped, then the light gray, and last the light gray and white.

The little ones are mostly a pile of fur, they stay huddled together when mama kitty isn't near, I imagine for comfort. To me they aren't really that cute, they remind me of rats, they are actually the same size. They are doing well, still without names, except #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 in order of birth. Have you picked yours out yet?


Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, August 02, 2008

Remember this is my opinion, we all have one. I have noticed through the years the changes in Motherhood, what it actually means now trying to meet the busy lives of today's Mom's. I have noticed in the work force, in the schools, the sheer dangers of everyday life. What has really happened, has this very important job been ignored by some? In the years of my childhood my mother was an at home Mom, that meant to me, that if I screwed up in school or skipped a class my mother would be there in 5 minutes or searching the streets for me. Most moms in my day were at home Mom's, we didn't call them that, but it seems to be the politically correct term now. Everything fell apart when women went to work, the family unit, the lives of children, the family time and definitely the respect and discipline that children require. This is not intended to insult any Mom's, with today's economy Moms just have to work, and most employers won't let you leave if your kid is even sick, it makes me sick, that's why I am self-employed and to this day my children and me do almost everything together, they are in their 30's

Now to put things on the other end of the spectrum, I have a friend who is the complete opposite, she is an Obsessive Mother. What do I mean, well she is with her children 24/7. They are home schooled and do everything together, when they are at Karate class, she won't leave to go to the store because she might miss a punch or a kick. I told her it might be fun for the kids to be able to tell her something they did that day that she hadn't witness personally. I only said this because she was so stressed trying to get ready for a trip, and her kids were going to be in Karate class for 4 hours, I told her to go and get her work done and leave them there. She just freaked. I laughed so hard but she was dead serious. I love her so much and her children are the absolute best behaved I have ever seen, its almost creepy. Then again its just not something you see in today's world, perhaps it's really the way it should be. Kids grow up and away so fast, that if you don't get to watch them grow they are gone and then all you have left is regret.


Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, August 02, 2008

I have so many I don't exactly know where to start. I will tell you about my Nick Name of "Cappy". I am a boat captain, so naturally someone would call me this eventually. The first person that called me "Cappy" was one of my sons college buddy's a guy named Sneaky Pete, I don't think I want to know how he got his name. Anyway, Pete, Doc and son Jason all went on a trip to Bimini with me and to get on my good side Pete thought he would call me "Cappy", instead all he did was irritate me, "Cappy can I help you", " Cappy can I do this and Cappy can I do that", by the end of the day I wanted to ring Pete's neck, and so did his buddies or perhaps just throw him overboard. The name is now stuck to me and more than a few people call me "Cappy". One thing about Nick Names you can't get rid of them no matter how hard you try.


Written by Captain Mary on Friday, August 01, 2008

I have been promising my grandchildren that I would get them out on the boat for a nice trip to the reef. I got Friday off from work and invited a friend, Rolando, to help with the lines and such, he brought his two kids and I also brought a neighborhood kid. So me and Roli had six kids on the boat and they were just great. I wish I would have taken photos because it was just beautiful out, there wasn't a ripple on the ocean and the sky was clear. We could see the shore line and it looked to us that they were getting soaked and we were soaking up the sunshine.

The kids couldn't wait to get in the water, we hardly dropped the anchor and they were in the water. We found a fantastic reef full of life, while I was playing with a lobster, my granddaughter was diving above me and saw a shark approaching me. I never saw the shark, but it was a nurse shark anyway and it just wanted the lobster. The longer we stayed at the reef the more sharks showed up, we were also fishing, I brought a fishing pole in the water with me and stuffed some bait in my bathing suit so I could fish while in the water. It was really fun, I could select the fish I wanted to catch this way. I had a great time and we did catch two of the sharks, we pulled them up so that the kids could touch them and see that they were pretty much harmless creatures. We continued to swim and snorkel the afternoon away, about 5pm we decided it was time for a little adult fishing, so we began to troll homeward, I noticed some bottle nose dolphin jumping in the distance and it became kid time again. Pulling up our trolling lines and headed toward the dolphins we encouraged them to come up to the boat, they jumped along the sides and the kids were just thrilled. I stopped the boat after awhile and threw in some squid bits and the bottle nose dolphin disappeared and no sooner did that happen when the fish type dolphin showed up and all the fishing lines hit the water, the only one who scored a dolphin was Max the lucky one, he of course always catches the most fish, he has some kind of magic touch.

The daylight disappearing from the sky, time to return to the dock and head home, you just can't imagine the feeling of pure peace, this is the place that my soul is the happiest.


Written by Captain Mary on Friday, August 01, 2008

This month's Question is about Nick Names. What is your Nick Name and how did you get it? The contest will be a drawing of all responses, the more Nick Names you have the more chances you have to win. Winners will get a t-shirt with a choice of any picture on Cappy's Corner website.