Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I am going back to work today, I need to get out. I have been confined for two days and enough is enough, along with the ability to wander the streets I have to get back on my diet. I did nothing but lay around and sleep and eat and sleep and do nothing.
I think the storm was more hype than anything, if we had to file a claim we would have to pay our hurricane deductible because the government deemed our area under a hurricane watch, even though it wasn't a Hurricane, if it was just a regular tropical storm like we have daily we would only pay the regular deductible, which is a fraction of the amount. Is this just another way to generate money? Are we just puppets? Do they really care about our welfare? It's another instance of the government and the insurance industry working together, but then aren't they one in the same? I bet this will increase our rates again, how do we change this? The merchants did well, the grocers, the hardware stores, but our very important industry of Tourism has another black mark, for no reason at all.

The only difference between our daily tropical storms and Fay was that there was circulation. I have this special wind indicator, its a big float in my pool, if it doesn't fly out then its not worth the stress and preparation and frustration, guess what the float is still in the pool. It just amazes me that with all our technology and the things we do and places we can go, that we can't predict or even change the course of these storms. Hum, something to think about.

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