Written by Captain Mary on Friday, August 22, 2008

This is the second of my series of Children's Books, I am dedicated to the sea as you will see.


There was a young man, his name is Samuel, but all his friends call him Sammy. Sammy loved to go out after school and go surfing. He would run with his surf board into the sea and jump on his board paddling as hard as he could to catch a wave. When he found the perfect wave he would turn toward the shore line and climb up on the board and ride it all the way in.

Sometimes the wave was too big and strong and Sammy would fall off, the wave washing right over his head. Sammy would shake his head and try again until he was back at the beach.

One day the waves were really big, but Sammy was not afraid, he paddled his way out and jumped on his surf board. A giant wave came from behind Sammy and swept him off his board. The surf board flew into the air and Sammy came down with a big splash. As Sammy was looking around for his surf board he noticed a fin coming closer to him. Sammy wasn't afraid because he knew that there were many sea creatures in the ocean with him.

The fin came closer and closer and suddenly a head popped up, it was a shark! The shark was young just like Sammy, he said "Hello, don't be afraid, I won't hurt you"

Sammy smiled and told him "my friends call me Sammy, would you like to be my friend?" The shark said, "my name is Samaki, I would like to be your friend". Sammy was still looking around because he could not see his surf board. Samaki asked "what are you looking for Sammy?". "I am looking for my surf board", replied Sammy. "I will look under and you can look on the top" Samaki told Sammy.

The two began swimming among the waves looking for the missing surf board then Sammy spotted it far away. When Samaki returned, Sammy pointed where he had seen his surf board. Samaki swam quickly to the surf board and brought it back to Sammy.

Sammy hopped on the board and began paddling back to the beach, Samaki swam right by his side.

The people on the beach were watching and when they saw Samaki swimming next to Sammy they began to yell, "Shark, Shark, swim, swim". Sammy was too busy talking with his new friend, and he did not notice the people on the beach. Sammy got closer to shore and the water became shallow, so he jumped off his board to thank Samaki for getting his board. Sammy put out his hand and Samaki turned and gave him a hand shake with his fin. Samaki told Sammy, "you must always be careful, because not all the creatures in the sea are your friends". Sammy smiled and told Samaki that he would be careful.

The water was now too shallow for Samaki and he turned to go back to the deeper water. Sammy picked up his surf board under his arm and walked to the beach. Many people came over to him and asked if he was safe. Sammy looked up at the people who had gathered around him and said, " There are many creatures in the sea, we must respect them large and small, we are in their home, we are only visitors in the sea".


(Samaki is Swahili for Fish)

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  2. By Queenie on August 23, 2008 at 8:40 AM

    Awwww too cute. I liked this one too. I thought a better name for the fish would have been Sushi but that is just my two cents. :P

    Oh oh...write one about me...only I want to be a mermaid. A beautiful mermaid...with magical powers...yeaaahhhh. Will ya huh? Huh?