Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, August 06, 2008

After hours of waiting at the court house in Down Town Miami, my daughter called to tell me it was over. Explain to me first what an appointment is? Is it like a train or airline schedule, when its an 8 o'clock departure, its exactly that? Anyway, that's one of those irritating subjects that just get my goat. My daughter told me that no body went to jail today, which I guess is good, but what kind of punishment does it take to get these guys to pay. Most are pretty sneaky, working under the table, but that doesn't work any more, they still have to pay, yet their wages can't be garnished. Well, my daughter's x got off, he had to promise that he will pay $300 by the close of business that day. Can you believe that! There was one good thing that came from this, if he wants to get back his drivers license he has to pay $6,000, that should help with motivation. The amazing part of that is, if it's for the Dead Beat Dad's benefit it will get paid. They will pay anything if it's for them, such as their drivers license.

The unfortunate part of this situation is that the children are always the ones who suffer. The Dead Beat Dad's don't pay because they just don't care. They should be erased out of the children's life, why should they pretend to be parents, when they can't supply basic needs of parenting. Again, the children suffer emotionally. What to do? Castration?

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  2. By Anonymous on August 6, 2008 at 5:39 PM

    Ok so I don't write often, but I will now. Yes, there is a great deal of work that needs to be done with our judicial system, agreed. However, the child should not be suffering emotionally, as they should not be made privy to the financial difficulties of their parents. These are adult matters which need to be handled by the adults. Is stopping visitation to get money a good idea, never, because you just told your children they are being held for ransom. If he is a good parent to his children, then let him visit. If he's not paying, make him pay, and both parents keep quiet about this situation to your children. I listened to my g-son talk about his mother's financial troubles, and that ticked me off. Life should be enjoyed by our children, and they should be made to worry zero about their adult parents. Do I think he should be made to pay support, hell yea. Just keep it in the adult arena.