Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The summer is over and the time to get busy has begun. My day consists of tending to the zoo, going to work, then trying to get something to eat, getting the first kid to Karate, running home after that to get the next kid to karate, working my spinning class in and then the next kid and me get to karate. After all that I can get home and take care of the zoo again. I hardly have enough time to breathe, I did it before, I just have to adjust again.
I woke this morning in agony, not so much my legs, but my upper body, spinning class yesterday was ruthless, new instructor, Annie. She didn't let us sit down for more than 5 minutes in the whole hour. I will remember that work-out for a long time. No spinning class today, but I still have karate class, I will be putting down lots of aspirin today. Well, I am running a bit late so I must sign off for now. Still more adjusting to come.

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