Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another weekend washed away, but I must admit it was productive. Got some exercise in, still haven't dropped any weight, but it will come. Had a great sushi dinner with the ladies and best bud Shelah. We had a great evening and Shelah always has my back when I tell outrageous stories, its great fun. Shelah says its how I work the room, is that a compliment? I have a great time and she was having just as much fun shocking the unsuspecting women.
I was suppose to spend Sunday at the Castle, but I got carried away working on the zoo, and creating pictures for my children's stories, which I am having a great time writing. I have not painted anything really since my husband passed away, but I have been inspired.
According to my friends I have been in a funk, but I think that I am coming out of it. I started singing (out of key) and doing my normal, crazy things. Can you put those two words together, I guess my normal is crazy.
I spent the day alone, boy it was productive, the gang went to the beach. I am ready to start writing story #5, I already have an idea. Maybe I will get inspired to write something for older kids next.
Good news, I have a prospective parent for one of the Kitties, the best part is I will get to see it again. I don't know how I will get it to her, since its over 300 miles away, but I guess I have time to think about it. I am due for a road trip to visit the family anyway.
Good-bye to the weekend and hello to the work week, hi ho, hi ho.

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  1. 1 comments: Responses to “ WEEKEND WINDING DOWN ”

  2. By Anonymous on August 25, 2008 at 1:16 PM

    maybe now that you have realized you were in the funk, you will apoligize to your children for the nasty blog you wrote!!!!