Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I had to get up early this morning to get the last of the last batch of kittens to the vet to be fixed. That was a mouth full. Squishy is off to the vet and all the other kitty's are out playing in the backyard. They don't go far, but I know its less litter box cleaning for me. The new kittens had to be found again this morning, Mama put them under the bed again. I tell you what, my mornings are exhausting and so is the rest of the day just keeping up with the maintenance of all these animals. I spent an hour yesterday filing my dogs nails down, they don't like the dremmel tool, but it is the easiest way. Today I have to clip the cats and ferrets nails. I bought all the kitty's tags and collars yesterday so that I won't loose any this time. They don't really like the collars, but I have hopes that they will get accustomed to them, another hundred bucks to animal care. I have a very busy week ahead and I need to work a lot to take care of the bills, which come every month like it or not. If I was to change anything in this world I would go back to the barter system, and completely get rid of money.

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