Written by Captain Mary on Friday, August 29, 2008

I know that those who know me, get to see me limp constantly. Lately they haven't had the pleasure to see that in the past week. I mentioned that I had started spinning , the first couple of times I was in sheer agony the day after, but always while spinning my knees somehow felt better. Who would have thought that moving even more would relieve the pain in my knees. Currently and this is only a week of spinning, one of my knees is completely without pain. I know that my TaeKwonDo classes have been the heart of my pain, but I won't give that up, so I have found the perfect routine to help with my work-outs. First I spin for an hour and directly afterward I head to my TaeKwonDo class, just think of the calories I am burning. The best part of the routine is I now can do both with very little pain. I figure the more I work my knees the better they will feel. This is a great relief for me, I may actually be able to reach my goals in TaeKwonDo and of course my general fitness as a old lady. Maybe my body can revert back to my mental age. All I know is that I feel good, when a person is not in pain all the time it certainly opens up opportunities to smile more.

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