Written by Captain Mary on Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. The traditional meaning holds no importance to me. I have found that the meaning of Thanksgiving is so much more than re-playing a historical event.
I anticipate the day each year whether it is my turn to cook or not. A chance, no, an opportunity, no, an honor to be able to look into the eyes of my sisters, brother, children, grandchildren, Dad and other members of the family and friends. To touch them and talk with them, we replay our happiest times in our lives. It is a time for me to remember the love this holiday brings to me.
For my family and friends that can't make the event, they are still thought of, we talk about the past Thanksgivings and the year in review. It is a time to sit around the dinner table and be a family. I remember that the dinner table when I was growing up, was the place where we would catch up on the events of the day and, of course, get the advice from the parents about life and the right thing to do. Thanksgiving was always the time I remember as a gathering of family and friends. We talk so much, it's a wonder we ever slow our mouths enough to eat anything. I love the walks between entrees to work off some of the stuffing, not the turkey stuffing but the people stuffing.
The days before Thanksgiving are full of kitchen gathering and helping each other. Enjoying the phone calls with each other making the arrangements for our ultimate meeting on Thanksgiving Day.
This year I missed my children and grandchildren, rotating between me and their father, I miss the young kids running around and the filling of their plates. The kids eyes so big and their plates so full, because they want to taste everything.
Anytime I am with my family and friends is a holiday, I love to watch their smiles and hear the stories, a time to catch up and feel love.
I wish everyday was Thanksgiving Day.