Written by Captain Mary on Monday, June 22, 2009

When I woke last Friday, I had no plans for the weekend. My son, Jason gave me a call and asked "How about a snorkel trip?". So the plans for Saturday were on, Monica supplied the food, Jason did the organization, my Dad and girlfriend, Marlene were ready to go by 9:30.

The weather was just perfect, there were quite a few boats out taking advantage of the perfect day. The water was crystal clear and really warm. We jumped and played, we floated carefree in the turquoise water. At the last location we were snorkeling around and heard in the distance Monica scream out, "Shark". My Dad got out of the water as fast as he could, on the other hand, I swam right over to see what Monica was looking at. Jason, was not far behind. To our utter amazement, there was a school of sharks. Don't panic, they were very small Bonnet head sharks, if you don't know what that is it, they are sharks in the Hammer head family, they were just babies in the hunt for an afternoon snack. We counted more than twenty sharks. They were healthy, beautiful little sharks. What a treat! There is always something to see if you just look.
The next morning "Fathers Day", and wishing all fathers a great day. I got up early to clean up the boat and put the equipment away. I looked around my back yard and found myself deep in the overgrown lawn. It is summer time for certain and my yard has to be mowed every three days. Instead, I let it go for two weeks. I got the lawn equipment out and begin trimming and cleaning out the over-grown foliage in my own personal jungle. I filled up the back of my pick-up truck with a load of palm frons and hibiscus branches, headed out to the dump. While I was waiting in line at the dump, I got a phone call from Monica and Jason. In what would have taken me three days, we got the yard in picture perfect grooming in a mere 6 hours. Four loads to the dump should complete the process.