Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lobstermania is here. I call it Rookie Season, that is what they call "Mini Season", a time for people to go out and dive for Spiny Lobster. The mini season is a chance for all the Rookies to go out and crash their boats and drown their dive buddies.
This is the time of the year we stay close to port. The crazies are out, the people who go out with experience are few and they are probably clenching their fists every time a rookie zooms by in their boat.
People think that this is the only time to catch lobster, in fact the season is open for months from August to April. I can't manage to see the need for a mini season, there is plenty of time during the year to catch these elusive critters. My advice is to be careful and stay safe anytime you go out on the water.
I love being out on the water and catching fish, yet my enthusiasm is limited when it comes to the bug looking creature, to me they taste the same no matter how they are prepared. Not to mention it is a chance for the Marine Patrol, and every other official to pull you over and board your boat, check your catch. The worst part is they won't leave until they find something wrong, so be certain, you have you whistle and safety equipment up to date. I know from experience, it doesn't matter what you are doing anymore you get pulled over for any or no reason. Homeland security detained us for a long time while they checked our identification. Like we look like a flotilla.