Written by Captain Mary on Monday, December 31, 2012

I thought it would be nice to recap my past year, 2012. I know one thing that I thought couldn't happen was that I became closer to my children. Our conversations much more frequent and shared so many laughs together. I made them my priority, and made an effort to spend more time, even if only on the phone, with my siblings. I found that the more we spoke with each other, the more I loved them. Imagine that, just when I thought I couldn't love them anymore than I do.

We shared some amazing time with each other, Thanksgiving, Italian Club nights, Cruise to Mexico, well it doesn't get better than that. I really enjoy those "look who is coming to town" trips. Dad, Cheryl, and June, were great this year for pop In's. This new year, I am going to make an effort to pop-in on them.

I worked hard and often last year, my busiest of years. It seems that from time to time I actually put in 8 hours in a day. I also have had the joy of working with Monica, when she is on the clock with me, work seems to fly by. We talk and talk, sometimes I can't even remember working. Once a week I head to my sons house and spend some time with him. I also made certain that my grandchildren know who I am and love me crazy. It seems that the most fun I have with my family is working together, no matter what the project. Last year we certainly had a lot of projects around the homes of all of us.

The past year also brought in a new, old president. I am not certain about the country, all I can hope for is that I don't have to pay more to live in America. No matter what the politics are, my priority is survival and love for my friends and family. I don't need anything fancy in my life, just freedom to live my life in a happy state. Letting things that don't matter go from my thoughts, keeping the stress away. I learned many times that things always work out, to stress over it serves no purpose. I have been much happier in the face of turmoil and tragedy, because things just happen out of my control. I spent last year learning more and more about life and how to live in it. It is easier then you think to just be happy!


Written by Captain Mary on Monday, December 24, 2012

It was a regular pet sitting gig, so I thought. After working for over 10 years at this particular home I was asked if I could pet sit three kitties. One of the kitties is a yellow tabby, very old, perhaps over 18. I thought in my head "How hard could this be?" The old kitty, Wigloff, has diabetes and needs an insulin injection daily. The owner showed me how to do this procedure, and it seemed so simple.

The first day of the gig has arrived, with numerous instructions and duties I began my rounds. First watering the plants and checking for mail, packages and such. Next is cleaning the liter box and feeding the kitties. Placing water glasses and bowls all over the house while looking for the illusive Wigloff, whose is always hiding. He was standing in the door way of the office I simply picked him up, brought him to where I had prepared his injection and the job was done. Spending some time with the other cats petting and talking to them.

The next day was not as simple, but did the job. The third day, Wigloff had turned into a Wildcat. Searching for him was always the first task, found him in the closet and when I reached for him, he began to hiss and growl. I thought it was more bark than bite, because he was an old boy. Never one of the friendliest cats, but should be manageable. Much to my surprise, the cat lunged at me and bit the heck out of me. I couldn't give up on him, he needed his injection.

As the days went by, Wigloff became more and more vicious. I had to secure some thick leather gloves to protect my hands. I soon found out that the gloves would not be enough. My hands were safe for awhile, but my arms were shredded and bleeding. I couldn't help thinking that I was dealing with a bobcat or cougar. By now grabbing the cat had to be timed perfectly, because I only had so much blood to spare. Now, the cat had decided he was a crocodile and did the death roll. Finding a way to give Wigloff his much needed injection had become a life and death procedure, and it was my life I was worried about. It had become almost impossible to give Wig his injection. After wrestling with the cat, with leather gloves and long sleeves on, I took a deep breath. I took off my gloves over the kitchen counter and blooded poured out, I could only burst into tears and began shaking.

Shaking and tears running down my cheeks I could only think that no amount of money is worth the pain I am in to give an injection to a cat, who clearly doesn't want it. After trying virtually everything I could think of, I left the house completely defeated and horrified that something would happen to Wigloff due to the pure stress of the whole ordeal.

I went home thinking that the only thing I could do is to take Wigloff to the vet and let them deal with the cat. But, then I had not done the job that I was hired to do. The next morning I woke with a an idea in my head that could save the cat and myself from injury and stress. How about a net! I can't wait to try it out.

I was expecting the death roll once the cat hit the net and a tangled mess, but I thought it would definitely save my now swollen and infected hands. I brought with me my grandsons to aid in this now very scary, difficult task. I sent the boys to search for Wigloff while I performed my other numerous duties. Now, net in hand and heading to where the wildcat was hiding, I simply slipped the net over Wigloff and he remained motionless, which allowed me to give him his injection without event. A sigh of relief overcame me, for now the feeling of defeat has lifted and I felt like my job can now be done without risking injuries to myself and Wigloff. Wig, didn't know how close he came to spending the rest of the time locked in a kennel at the vets office. The ordeal over, the still growling kitty simply walked away after I lifted the net.

This is one smart kitty cat, I still can't help thinking he is going to wise up the net theory and find a way to tear me to shreds again. Still 8 days left to my grueling punishment I arrive thinking what way will the cat find to defeat me. This has become much more than a pet sitting gig at this point, it has become a challenge to complete a task with a wild animal. It is so much like entering the jungle with only me and the lion, and my survival depends on how I out smart the vicious feline.

More time passed and the smart kitty, became harder and harder to capture in the net, he hid in places that didn't allow me to make an easy netting. Once I got the net over Wig he became wild as they get, his little arms sticking out of the holes in the net, wanting to get a piece of me. Still avoiding damage to myself, I had to add a towel over his head to keep him calm until I was able to touch him without a vicious attack. I must admit I leave the house now with a feeling of satisfaction. Wig is eating well and definitely in good health. As I write now, there is only 1 more day left to my mission. Normally I think of pet sitting as easy money, but this time I have met my match.


Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, September 23, 2012

A surprise party for my sister Cheryl, started over 10 months ago. I was contacted by my sisters husband, Joe, who wanted to make her day very special. The planning and keeping this a surprise was a big event. I must admit that I almost slipped up a couple of times, but it remained a surprise to the very last minute.
We took off on the Carnival ship Paradise for a trip to Cozumel, Mexico, but most of the adventure was aboard the ship. The sunrise marked the first full day at sea and the real beginning of fun. With Dad as my room-mate and some of Cheryl's friends we had a group of 8. The first day at sea we spent most of the time lost, but met up at events. We played Bingo, we went to comedy shows, we danced on the deck with the stars above. We even put on a Hip-Hop show, where Dad and Joe spent most of their time laughing at us. I must admit that I couldn't remember the moves at all, which made it all the more fun.
Woke up to a rainbow and everyday I wished my sister a Happy Birthday. I wish I could do this more often, that is, spending time with family, where the only objective was to enjoy each other and have fun. No worries about getting anywhere or having to cook or clean. Everything was taken care of by the staff. All we had to do was enjoy ourselves from September 13th through the 17th.

Our shore excursion was to see a beach and the ruins of Tulum, where the Mayan people once lived. A step into a long lost history. Of course, we had to stop off at a Tequila factory for some samples first. My first step into history had to be the fall off the tour bus, I think it had something to do with Tequila. I landed hard on my knees and heard a clunk of my camera hitting the pavement. The only thing I thought about was my camera, not the fact that I was laying on the ground still. I got myself up only after checking my camera. I am still sporting the bruises from the miss-step.

The guide at the ruins was very verbose, so I began wandering off to see the ruins on my own. As I began exploring I noticed that my sister had the same idea. Cheryl tried to wave the others over but they stayed and listened to the guide go on and on. We began our adventure and completed the entire tour alone. The Mayan people do have a lot of alters for their sacrifices. We continued our walk through the jungle that seemed like miles and finally caught up with the others at the gift shops.
After the tour we headed to a beach marked with sticks, they were protruding out of the ground all along the shore. The sticks were marking turtle nests, according to our guide there were 7 different kinds of sea turtles that made this area their nesting grounds. All along the shore I could see tiny tracts leading to the sea, where some of the turtles had made their way to the ocean. The water was beautiful and blue almost matching the sky. I only wish that we had more time to enjoy and explore, because the water is where I find myself the happiest.
Back to the ship for our journey home. We enjoyed our last day and night at sea. What a celebration for my sister. Fun was had by all in spite of the crazy tourist now and then. The weather was just perfect and our time at sea was smooth. As I drove home from Tampa after the cruise, I couldn't help thinking about my family and how perfect they really are. So many different personalities that make dysfunction fun. All I know is that there really isn't anything in life more important!
Now is time to plan the next cruise, more than 10 months from now, but as we all know time flies when your having fun.


Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, September 09, 2012

A couple of days ago, I went to check on the fish in my pond and noticed that more than half of my fish had been killed. Some with heads torn off, others gasping for air from poisoned water. I immediately flushed out the water and saved what I could. I could only think that a predator had been looking for something to eat.

I suspected that it might be a raccoon, but with no evidence it would be hard to prove. Last night I caught this rascal climbing through the dogie door on to my patio, where he made himself at home eating the cats food. My cats sat on the table next to him just looking with confusion. I scared him off and he returned, again and again, in spite of one of my cats swatting him in the face. I finally sent in the dogs and that seemed to scare him off for the night.

I can only assume that my dense landscaping made a great home for him. Plenty of places to hide and climb. All the key ingredients for the perfect home, water, cover and plenty of food. I see advertising that says a home owner should make an environment for wildlife, birds and small animals, a perfect place for butterflies and a peaceful environment in the middle of the brick homes and manicured lawns. Of course, they didn't mention that I would also attract the larger animals, that damage the once peaceful environment. I think the advertisers should also mention the side effects of all the hard work to make this landscape environment into an Eco-system. All I can say is that I made a successful environment for animals, but how do I get rid of the raccoon?


Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, September 02, 2012

Less then two years ago, I ate a delicious avocado. I think one of the best, the qualities of texture, nutty flavor and it was big and beautiful. I decided to grow a tree from the seed. Sticking tooth-picks along the side and put it into a glass of water. As the days went by I would watch it on the window sill and anticipated the growth.

I had an avocado tree once that bore two kinds of avocados on one tree, it was an amazing and a great producer of fruit. Hurricane Katrina knocked it over, but with much effort and help with hydraulic jacks, we somehow got her back on her feet. Then along came Hurricane Wilma  and down she came again. It was too much of a shock for the tree and she was cut up and discarded. I missed having avocados and now it was an opportunity to try again.

As the weeks past the seed sprouted in the little glass on the window sill, leaves appeared and it was finally time to pick a location in the yard to plant the seedling. It was too big for the window, yet not big enough to stand alone in the yard. Planted my new seedling in a pot with my composed soil and waited.

You may ask why I get so excited about planting seedlings, well my yard is a jungle with a canopy that rises above the power line, perhaps 40 feet in the sky. When I moved in my house there was only a few plants, very few. Almost everything I planted as young plants or cuttings and now it is a jungle with vines, orchids, bromeliads and staghorn ferns among the now large foliage. If you look up my house on google earth you will see a jungle in the mist of an ordinary neighborhood. I began this jungle in 1998. It seems like a long time, but the joy is watching things growing into a vision I had in my head. Now my vision, even though, seemingly complete is a never ending challenge to make more dense.

Now that the little avocado seedling has reached a size that is ready to stand in its place in the jungle. It began to grow, in less than a year and a half it had reached a size of 15 feet. The blooms began and I was thrilled, but didn't think for a minute that this very young tree could produce fruit. Much to my surprise as the blooms fell to the ground, I noticed a single avocado. Very tiny and my thoughts were that it could not survive the wind and rain of the summer. I was wrong, the little avocado grew and grew, and only when the threat of thunder storm Isaac's did I pluck it from the tree. Not long after,I got to taste the most wonderful flavor of my new edible plant. My avocado stands among the other edible plants in my jungle. I have a Sicilian white fig, bananas, ginger, chives, monstero deliciousa, coconuts, and palm fruits.


Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, July 21, 2012

A regular Friday and the end of my work week quickly approaching. Busy finishing the last bit of work and I receive an unexpected phone call from my sister Cheryl, who lives about 6 hours away. The funny part of the story is that I had been thinking about her, knowing she was in the area of the Aurora, Colorado shooting at the movie theater. I had left a message of concern, and asked when she was coming home on her FB page. I sometimes think that we share a bit of telepathy between siblings. We often call each other when we are thinking about each other. If I think long and hard enough they will call and the opposite applies to them.

Cher was at the Tampa airport when getting a call from a friend who needed to see her, and by the time she realized where her friend was staying she was only a hour from my house. A great opportunity for us to get together and an opportunity for her to have a bit of a pit stop before traveling again toward home.

After some small delays we headed out to dinner, after 9 pm, and had some of the best service ever. We enjoyed each others conversation. We talked about travels and experiences and some of the places we would love to go. A conversation right up my alley, I don't know if I could ever travel enough. Cher is quite the traveler also and we agreed that a trip to Alaska would be great. I was planning a trip to Alaska with my best friend Margo for 2013 and I see no reason not to add one more person to the fun. Margo and Cheryl are great travelers, both very close to my heart.

I can only hope that business continues and I can save enough for this quite expensive land and sea journey to Alaska. I have a great travel agent and she has never let me down.

Today, I did nothing much except think about a great Friday night with one of my sisters. I know one thing for certain, I never have enough time with my siblings, and I cherish every moment with them. The sound of their voice and an embrace makes my day. I wish for everyone to have a family like mine, love is a special thing between family.


Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I belong to the wonderful social club, "The Sons & Daughters of Italy". We have monthly meetings and we always bring something to eat, an Italian pot luck of sorts. I have an hour drive just to get to Key Largo, so after work, my time is limited to prepare something to share. This time I decided to prepare a dessert. While I was working I told my friend, Carolyn, she pulled her book out and suggested an amazing no muss no fuss recipe. She made a copy of the recipe for me and after work I headed to the grocery store. I wanted to be a bit creative and still follow the basic design. Kind of add and Italian touch to it.

A couple of angel food cakes, with filling, then covered with some cool whip, pineapples and cherries. I wanted to look for something special for the filling and while looking for mascarpone cheese I came across cheese cake filling, ready to use. Sounded great to me, I mixed the cheese cake filling with crushed pineapple and I created a very special dessert that the Italians went crazy over, this was the test. The club members don't hesitate to say if something is good or bad. Everyone who ate one piece came back for seconds, this wonderful no baking cake was just a matter of minutes to put together and was a fantastic hit.
Give it a try.


Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, July 08, 2012

Birthdays are something I would like to forget, but I do realize that we all have one day a year that is just for us. I have always thought that taking off on a trip somewhere is the way to celebrate my day. Well, I am right, but this time it was with my wonderful children.

I told my crew that I would love to go out on the boat, and I was accommodated well beyond my dreams. My day started early getting the supplies together to do all the things I wanted to do. I was uncertain about the weather, but it to was very accommodating. A few things went wrong, but that is what makes life challenging. Loaded up and on the road at about 6:30 AM, the first thing was my fishing license and wouldn't you know it, the website and phone lines for the State Licensing was down. Monica and Jason tried everything to get through to no avail.

I felt like the day would be perfect in spite of the little bump in the road, the boat now launched and the dock lines thrown away I got a feeling of peaceful indulgence. I can give credit for my gang for putting together this exhausting day, but I can't forget Jeff, Monica's long time beloved, who was feeling very ill. Jeff didn't even let on how sick he was until he could hardly manage to walk around. I have to give him a big thank you for his effort to make my day possible. I can't imagine anything that the gang wasn't prepared for.

We started out with a little trolling, a little bottom fishing, then the time to jump in and cool off was upon us. Jason had his little ones along and without complaint (much) they enjoyed the day with their Nana. We found beautiful little reefs, Monica and Jason did a little spearfishing. So much crammed into one day just for me. Anything I wanted to do was accommodated. We started to set up the diving equipment and all went well, Jason and I were the first ones in the water and even though we got the dive lines wrapped around the anchor line and I didn't have enough weight in my belt, it was a great dive. I was surprised how someone could get across "I told you so!", under water. After 20 or 30 minutes we went back to the boat and we heard a bang from the compressor, the production of air was now over. Even though we were done diving I just couldn't let it bother me, I only felt bad that the gang couldn't enjoy a dive too.

Time was passing and the day was coming to a close, along with the abundant food, drink and fun.We still had one more location to go to for a nice snorkel around a shallow wreck. The wreck was full of marine life, abundant in all species, the lobster sticking their heads out of reef, knowing the were not yet in season. I think they were mocking us. So close to shore and yet so abundant with life. The sense of being on the water is what I live for and my children know how to make my day special. This last location was perfect for ending the days adventure on the water.

My birthday was just perfect, I guess you never get too old to enjoy life. By the time we got home we were exhausted, but in a good way. Unloaded the boat and finally got home at about 10 PM. I slept like I hadn't slept in a long time. My phone messages were full of the rest of my family giving birthday wishes, I am so lucky to have a family like mine. I will remember my 57th birthday for years to come.


Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, June 27, 2012



 Today, a usual day. Except that I was getting some much needed home repairs done. I enlisted my daughter and her beloved to do the job. They unlocked the gate to get supplies in and neglected to shut the gate behind them. Really no big deal.

Upon checking up on my dogs my daughter noticed that she could not locate my precious little Bogey. She began calling for Bogey and nothing, then Monica began to panic. She got the neighbor involved in the search and Jeff, her boyfriend got in his truck, off they went to locate the missing mutt. Bogey was no where to be found, by then I had pulled up to my house and found sitting, hystericly crying was my beautiful daughter. That is when I found out that she thought she had lost my little man.

I knew that Bogey has never run off, he just doesn't find the need to travel, but he does love to hide. Monica said that she had looked all through the house and he never came when called. Bogey has a bad habit of staying very quiet when he doesn't want to be found. Poor Monica and Jeff had searched the neighborhood, shouting, which alerted some neighbors that proceeded to call the police. Now with the police driving around the neighboorhood, there isn't a chance that Bogey would be lost.

After trying to calm Monica down, I realised that she was so upset because she thought it would break my heart if Bogey was lost. It would, but what broke my heart is to see my beautiful daughter so distroyed. Did she think that she wasn't more important than Bogey. Not a chance!

My Monica did all this for me, 45 minutes of complete hysterics and guess where Bogey was! He certainly didn't stay outdoors, he was tucked under my desk, completely silent, so that no one would make him go outside. The look of relief on Monica's face when I brought the little hideaway out, was one of ultimate relief, and a bit of anger toward little Bogey. All is well and I bet the next time there is work done around the house the dogs will be in lock down.

I must admit I was glad to see him safe as well. The best part was to see Monica smile again and Jeff was happy that Monica was happy. Because if Mama isn't happy no one is happy. 

Bad Bogey

Is it still funny, if nobody saw you?

Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, June 09, 2012

It all started as a regular work day, my customer asked if I could pick up the leaves on the second story balcony. As the day progressed it was time for me to pick up the leaves and clean off the balcony, I walked through the door and began bagging up the leaves, upon completion I went to go back inside the house. I put my hand on the door knob and turned it, but what I found out is that I was now locked out! I didn't panic, I just figured I was pulling when I should be pushing. Well, I was wrong, standing there whispering a few choice words I leaned over the balcony and looked down, more choice words uttered after that. It was a long way down. Looking around the balcony I noticed an emergency ladder covered by a canvas.

The ladder was rickety to say the least, but what choice did I have. I could call for help, but how long would that take? I didn't know exactly how the thing worked so I began to stretch out the ladder and carefully tossed it over the side of the balcony. There was no way to secure it and when I looked down I also noticed that it wasn't very long. In fact it only reached the top of the kitchen window below. This meant that I would have to jump at least one story to get to the ground. But, would I be able to jump away from the house so I didn't land in the landscape. I kept thinking about how this ladder was going to stay secure, because it wasn't attached to anything.

In my dilemma I threw my leg over the side of the railing and placed my foot on the first rung of the ladder, still holding on to the railing in case it gave out. Another rung down the ladder I went, still holding on, this time to the gutter. Looking over my shoulder and down toward the ground I imagined myself on the ground with a broken leg or something else. Finally reaching the last rung of the ladder and I am still no where near the ground. If I jumped now I could fall on my ass and crack my head on the deck. My only alternative was to use my arms and move down each rung of the ladder with my legs hanging below me. The ladder is made from thin metal pipes, that are covered in rust, not even a foot wide. It didn't even dawn on me that I needed the strength to hang on supporting my huge ass.

So here I am hanging by my arms, below me the ground still seemed far away. Thinking what if someone came home and looked out the kitchen window to see me hanging precariously with boobs pressed against the window, what would they think? What seemed like a long time passed and I was thinking how I would swing away from the landscape and land on the gravel path below. Holding on to the quarter inch rusty rung imagining that it would all calapse on me and I would fall anyway, I proceeded to let go. I think I closed my eyes.

Somehow I landed on my feet, I looked up at the ladder, my lifeline, and to my great amazement I jumped almost a full story. All I could think was, "I am so glad no one was home to witness this, for they would be rolling on the ground with laughter", I began to laugh myself at that point and continued the rest of my day without event. Only a day later did I even tell anyone what happened, because I was still in disbelief.

My Memorial Day

Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I know that it is a celebrated holiday and a time to remember. I now have an extra reason to remember Memorial Day. A very faithful friend of mine has passed away, early on this holiday of remembrance. This friend was my long loved dog, "Baby".

I recall the early days, I was burglarized in 2000 and talked with the police about protection. There was many robberies in my neighborhood, with some victims having burglar alarms. The police said that the only reliable protection is a dog. Of course, that doesn't mean you wont get robbed, but it helps. Anyway, I talked with my brother, who had a friend who had to get rid of their dog, because they were moving to a house that they could not take the dog. He was a big black Bull Mastiff, the only problem was that I had to take on another dog with him. Her name was "Baby", she was a stray that they could not leave behind. Baby, was a wonderful dog, young and a bit wild. For years she was an escape artist, Baby would take every opportunity to dash out the door or gate, literally knocking anyone down who was in the way.

At first me and my family would chase after her, after awhile we got sick of chasing her and just gave up. We found that after no more than 10 minutes she would return, panting and wanting to come in. I would let her in and she would proceed to the fish pond to cool off her feet from her run. This went on for years. Baby, as near as we could figure was a mix of Portuguese water dog and Labrador. So much energy, she loved everyone who came in contact with her, not really a good watch dog but a great companion.

About 6 years ago her faithful friend the Bull Mastiff, Scooby passed away at 10 years old, all the attention went to Baby for awhile until I got her a new friend Bogey. Baby was much more attached to the cats by then, and they would sleep with her like they were her babies. Never really certain how old she was, I can only estimate, between 13 and 15 years old. She had a wonderful life full of play time and surrounded by lots of children. Baby was a great hunter too, I saw her once catch a rat in mid air, she had the rat cornered and it jumped to get away. But, Baby was ready and she leaped into the air and caught it, that was the end of rats in my yard. Baby had many things that would drive me crazy too, back a few years ago I loved to garden, I had my vegetables mixed among my landscape, until I found that Baby loved vegetables, she ate tomatoes, broccoli, string beans and avocados. Her appetite for my garden was so huge she reduced my crop so much that I had to fence the garden, somehow she managed to get her paws in enough to grab a few tomatoes and green beans in spite of the fence.

After many years she stopped running away, just ran out of energy to do so, but it hasn't been that many years. The last year her vision and hearing became impaired, just as any other senior, but still wagging her tail anytime she had an opportunity to get some loving.

This weekend I made her a nice meal with chicken soup as I did sometimes, a bit a treat for the old girl. She was having problems getting up, I helped her up and let her out to go potty, she laid down in her favorite place to go to sleep and in the morning she had passed on to the other side. I know that she is now running and playing with all the other pets that I have had, where she awaits me. I can see her sitting there with tail wagging, and giving me her paw for a treat. I will always remember her as each Memorial Day comes.


Written by Captain Mary on Friday, May 25, 2012

It was a normal Friday, went to work in Coral Gables to clean. Chatted with the landscapers who needed some questions from the homeowner, so I texted and gave her the information, anyway that was that. She said that she was in a meeting and had no time. I went back inside and went on with my routine, laundry, cleaning, you know the stuff that no one wants to do. I left around 3ish.

The next Monday I was scheduled to clean again at the same location, upon my arrival I read a note that was left for me, which stated that they had been burglarized over the weekend. As I looked around I didn't notice anything disturbed, so I went on the gather the laundry and clean the bathroom. Shortly after I began the homeowner arrived with a whole bunch of detectives and lab people. In order not to be under foot I went to another part of the house and started the laundry. I have learned to stay out of the way when people are in the house. Laundry started I now head to the kitchen to clean, a detective asked if he could ask me some questions to establish a timeline. He signaled for me to come and sit down, I told him that if he doesn't mind I need to continue my work, he leaned over the counter and asked some questions. When did you arrive? When did you leave? Some miscellaneous questions, in the background, I hear other detectives talking about gathering DNA samples from everyone. I ignored them and continued my work. I hear a lab tech tell the homeowner, "see that was nothing", as she took a DNA sample from her. I have no idea how long they were there at the house or how many detectives were there. It seemed like a police station with them coming and going. Before all the detectives had departed the one who questioned me earlier made an effort to have me go to the police department for more questions. I made the appointment just to get him to go away. I had no intention on attending. I know how those things go!

I made some phone calls and spent some time thinking about the whole situation. I wanted to see if it was my imagination that I was considered a suspect, but after a couple of calls, it seemed to me that I was not the only one who had those thoughts. Why would I possibly clean toilets for months so I could rob someone who is friends with another of my customers that I have had for 12 years? My final advice was not to attend this meeting, so I put it out of my head.

The day of my scheduled meeting came and went, now Friday is here and I am working at an unrelated location. The detective called and asked why I did not attend our scheduled meeting. I told him that my attorney, now let me get it right  I said: "Hell No Don't Go". Of course, the detective began his conditioned response with words like, "spirit of cooperation", "you are not a suspect", "just want to establish the time". My reply to all that was, "My attorney told me you would say that too". He was relentless with his comments, "You can have your attorney with you at the station", yeah, I got the money to have an attorney at my beckon call. My reply was that I would be happy to meet him somewhere for a cup of coffee or I would be happy to talk with him on the phone. He went on to tell me, "I will be calling you!". I told him that it would be fine, call me anytime, I then proceeded to block his number.

I am not even a witness, I can't think of any reason that he would possibly need my attendance at the Coral Gables police department. The only reasons I can think of is that I am a suspect or the detective are just lazy and want me to solve the crime. I see that this is a form of harassment, what do they expect me to tell them? I was miles away and didn't even think about that house after I drove away.

I do recall when my house was burglarized, I hardly got anyone to come out and take finger prints. I was lucky that the crooks were so stupid they got caught. I really don't think that it was about finger printing and DNA samples. I guess I don't live in the right neighborhood for a real investigation.

Tell me if you have ever heard of such a thing, without being a suspect? Don't be intimidated by anything that the police may say, they are trained to lie and are professional manipulators. Remember if their lips are moving they are lying.


Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I thought that I would like to issue an update to a previous post DOG PACKS AND THE HORROR, as I mention previously that I had called 311, Animal services. My report to animal services had left me with some confusion, usually they ask if I would like to leave my name. I asked several times if they would like my information, but the lady was very instant that she did not want it. It seemed curious to me.

I drove by the house on Sunday to see if anything had been done, right away I noticed that the dog that was previously in the front yard was missing. As I continued to look, I also noticed that the gate to the back yard was open, I could see partially into the back yard where I noticed large kennels empty. I drove by the house once more, thinking that maybe they were just moved temporarily, again all I can see is empty kennels.

I can only surmise that they took my complaint serious, or perhaps that had already had complaints. Maybe animal services inspection revealed more than I could see from the front yard. It seemed to me that the dog out front was unusually vicious for a pet. Perhaps the dogs were being raised for fighting. We never know what could be lurking right beyond our view. What ever it was I am so glad that it is over. I do know one thing for certain the dogs roaming the street that night could not have been an accidental release. Since the dog were in private pens, separated by separate fences. What is the odds of them all escaping at the same time?

My curiosity about what was done leads me to investigate further what happened at the house of the dog pack. I made the call to Animal services for the follow up and they didn't find an animals around. Perhaps when the man saw me outside that night, with my cat he realized that he was in trouble and removed the animals knowing how much trouble they would bring him.

What ever happened to the dogs is a mystery, all I know is that they are gone and I don't have to worry about the rest of my colony being torn apart by a pack of dogs. I haven't been able to sleep since it happened, perhaps now I can have some peace of mind


Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, March 25, 2012

A middle of the week break is always welcome, since my days consist of work and passing out when I get home, the weekends consist of relaxation, laundry, dog baths, re coop for the next work week. This week was different, I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days with my sister, June, out of town.

Our journey started out with a ride down old 41, where there is just no traffic and beautiful landscape without any distractions. Getting on in years is a guarantee that I will have to pee somewhere along the road. My sister and I couldn't stop laughing when we continued to miss any possible turn-off. Not because we didn't pay attention to the signs, but, the signs didn't give us a chance to turn off without locking up on the brakes. After several attempts, we were on full alert and made a stop which offered us a short stretch and a bathroom break. We continued down 41 and watched the most fantastic sunset, the first day of spring and the sun was enormous. It was so difficult not to look directly into its path, for its beauty wouldn't allow our eyes to divert from it.

Our destination is Port Charlotte, a place just North of Ft. Myers, on the West coast of Florida. A mere couple hundred miles up the state. We continued down the road and headed onto highway 75, many lanes, by now the traffic was minimal. After the scenic road we drove strictly to get to our destination. We talked and talked, something we hardly get an opportunity to do. Approaching our exit and finding our final destination was pretty easy, the hard part was finding a hotel for the night. It had to be after 9 pm by the time we located a place to stay. It was clean and quaint, and more opportunity for us to be sisters, I only wish that my other sister, Cheryl, could have been with us. I know when I spend time with my sisters I can't help smiling and always get into deep conversation of every subject. I find both my sisters highly intelligent and there is nothing more rewarding than intelligent conversation. My job often exposes me to my vacuum and empty houses.

We were up late and really didn't sleep well, still got up early and went for our complimentary breakfast. A cup of coffee was essential to get the day moving. We didn't really do anything in the morning but lay around watching TV and talking until it was time for my sissy to go to her meeting. I was expecting her to be gone just a few hours.

I was on my own for the afternoon and the first thing on my agenda was to get a battery for her car alarm. I guess I didn't realize how much I depend on modern conveniences until I had to actually put the key in the door each time I needed to open it. I asked a few of the locals where a good place to enjoy the water might be, just about 5 miles south led me to Punta Gorda, to the bay that the Peace River fed into before eventually leading to the Gulf of Mexico.

The weather was warm and clear and I was on the hunt for some photo opportunities. There is something special about the water for me, but the west coast of Florida is not exactly my choice of bodies of water. Still I can't help the feeling I get when I am near the water, like therapy, a calming comes over me. A great way to replenish the soul. This view only made me miss the great ocean that I have grown so accustomed to, the Atlantic's open water.

The afternoon flew by and I returned to our hotel room. I was thinking that June would be calling soon to get a ride back. The hours continued and I had not yet heard from her. I got in the truck and went to see if everything was alright at her meeting place. The parking lot was still full, I could only assume that everything was well. Got myself something to eat and again returned to the meeting location, still in session I figured I would catch a nap. I fell asleep and was disturbed with the sound of pouring rain, the hours still passing since I dropped off my sister. Finally the rain let up enough and I was determined not to come back to the hotel without her. It was almost 10 hours since I dropped off sissy, she must be exhausted by now. I played Sudoku on my phone when June called, I answered with relief and we returned to the hotel.

I was glad that I had a nap, because she wanted to begin our journey back home. The adventure would not be over. We headed down the road when she decided she was hungry. I pulled off the last possible exit looking for a place that was open, we drove and drove. Finally finding a 24 hour McDonald's, but off the beaten track a bit. Back on the highway and the rest of our trip home was without event. More good conversation before we arrived back in Miami before 1:30 am. A great diversion and an adventure for the middle of the week.


Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, March 24, 2012

I have a soft spot for cats, belonging to the cat network I make certain that the cats that make their way to my home, get fixed and fed. My neighbor is a big help, he too has adopted some of them and we keep them fed and healthy together. I am greeted each day with their warm caress and their happy purr. I know that I have given them a safe place to live out their lives. So I thought, I have been loosing cats that have spent years with me, some have moved on to other neighbors, again, so I thought.

In the evenings I have been noticing the dogs next door going crazy, barking up a storm, along with my own. I peak outside and see stray dogs. I chase them off just so I can get some peace and quiet. Last night they all went crazy, it was almost 3 am and I woke up in a daze, opened the door only to see a pack of dogs attacking one of my cats, in horror I chased them off, but it was far too late. As the kitty gasped his last breaths of air, I held him close and he died in my arms, ravaged by the pack of dogs.

This cat showed up about 3 years ago as a feral, I caught him in one of my traps and got him fixed. He was very thin and full of fleas. As the years went by he was always there, he became friendly and fat, he was the first to greet me each morning and each afternoon when I came home from work. A fixture on my front porch, where last night he was taken and killed right in front of my eyes.

Distraught, I went in the house to see if they would return so that I might follow them to find where they live. The dogs began to bark again and I ran outside where I could observe the direction of their flight, when I noticed a man herding them up. I am constantly disturbed with barking in the evenings and now I know where these dogs are coming from. In the morning I walked down the block to find the address of the house that the dogs ran to. I observed one in the front yard and heard many barking in the back yard. I got on the phone to animal services and made my report. I can only hope that my remaining cats will stay clear of stray dogs. I never want to see an animal of mine mangled by this pack of dogs again. I will be on high alert for now on when the dogs bark, if only to save a life of the remainder of my colony, which have become loving pets.

When dogs gather in packs they become very dangerous, it might be cats they kill, maybe other dogs and who knows if they move on to humans. Once they get the taste of blood they are dangerous. I plan on stopping this horror in my little part of the world. Every animal has the right to live out their life without fear at their own home. I can't help thinking that I am responsible, I do know that this person lets these dogs out on a regular basis and I am going to be the one to stop him.

MY STORY 2010 TO 2011

Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, March 11, 2012

What happened this year? I lost a bunch of friends, getting older means you will meet your maker. Children have been born, the cycle continues. I had another damn birthday, they keep coming like it or not. Leaving the country doesn't seem to work anymore. I always thought if I left the country on my birthday that it didn't count, I left the country for years, I remained 29 for so long that if someone asked my real age, I had to figure it out on my fingers. I do know how old I am now, in years that is.

I got myself in a financial mess and finally disbursed my debt. The stress with lawyers and courts was almost too much to bear, but it is over, more or less. So, I guess that this year was my new start. Work was pretty steady, which is always good, considering the economic mess the country is in. I am still earning poverty level income, but it works for me. I have almost everything I could ever want. I don't know how much longer I can continue working though, I still have problems with my knees. Living a hard life on the body takes its toll in my now middle age. Stopped feeling sorry for myself and picked myself up. Finally got a doctor to look at my knees and he simply told me that people who compete just have a different brain and they wear out their bodies without thinking about what could happen in your golden years.

Four of my family members trained and worked together to achieve their Black Belt ranks in Taekwondo. My daughter, my son, and my two oldest grandsons, what a great achievement. I am so proud, I am glad to say that I was the one who started all this in 2006. This year I began training again, after more than 2 years away from my beloved school, but then I got so busy with work I couldn't make the classes, short lived exercise program.
I went on a fun family trip down the Peace River. Which is always fun, the kids are bigger now and they really enjoy the camping and playing on the water. I hope we continue making this trip. We have gone many times and the river always has something new to see, hear and explore.
I was able to take a trip to Europe, seven countries in seventeen days. Berlin-Germany, Copenhagen-Denmark, Dublin-Ireland, Paris-France, Milan & Venice-Italy, Athens-Greece, Prague-Czech Republic. So many stories to tell: Taking almost 900 pictures, really tell the story, only I can't remember what they were, that is probably another reason I saved all the maps. My mind isn't as sharp as it was, or maybe I just don't care as much to remember the things that don't really matter.

I find myself so in love with my family, maybe I just get to spend more time thinking about them. I have always made an effort to be part of their lives. I joined a Social Club to spend more time meeting people and spending more time with my sister. I wish still that the rest of my family was closer, so I could see them more often, but when we do see each other, it is joyous. I have found myself looking at everything in a positive note, even if it seems bleak. With each day I find another wonderful person and share a smile.

I tried dating and it ended disastrous, I don't know why they turn into stalkers in such a short time. One of my dates took me forever to tell that I don't want to see him anymore. I finally wrote a note and told him to read it over and over again until he got it! I don't know if I could really love someone as a partner again, how many chances does a person really get. I have loved so many times and as I look back, the best one was the last one, he was the one who really loved me for me. I don't understand why men want to control your every move, instead of moving along a path of enjoyment and understanding. They are attracted to the person they initially meet and move forward to change it, I just don't get it. I am unmovable! Maybe next year someone special will come into my life that can appreciate the person I am, or not. I am fine the way I am, I don't regret my life in anyway.

The holidays came and went, they were different last year, maybe I didn't celebrate them the usual way. Thanksgiving is always my favorite and last year was proof positive of why. The whole family together talking and laughing together as if we had never had miles between us. This year will be different and I can't wait, Monica has decided to host this year, we will have a grand time. Christmas was never a holiday that moved me. I did enjoy watching the grand kids open their gifts, but the message of Christmas is long been lost in my family. We don't gather together, we have no meal together, all I see is months of advertisements and commercials, the holiday has been tainted. The only way to enjoy it now is to see the faces of my grandchildren, which is always the highlight of my days.

I didn't make any resolutions, but I do plan on enjoying each day as if it is the most important day of my life. I am focused on finding out what makes life so special for me and how to enjoy the people that pass through my world. Looking forward to another year, which passes so quickly, perhaps getting a glimpse of more adventure and love.