Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I thought that I would like to issue an update to a previous post DOG PACKS AND THE HORROR, as I mention previously that I had called 311, Animal services. My report to animal services had left me with some confusion, usually they ask if I would like to leave my name. I asked several times if they would like my information, but the lady was very instant that she did not want it. It seemed curious to me.

I drove by the house on Sunday to see if anything had been done, right away I noticed that the dog that was previously in the front yard was missing. As I continued to look, I also noticed that the gate to the back yard was open, I could see partially into the back yard where I noticed large kennels empty. I drove by the house once more, thinking that maybe they were just moved temporarily, again all I can see is empty kennels.

I can only surmise that they took my complaint serious, or perhaps that had already had complaints. Maybe animal services inspection revealed more than I could see from the front yard. It seemed to me that the dog out front was unusually vicious for a pet. Perhaps the dogs were being raised for fighting. We never know what could be lurking right beyond our view. What ever it was I am so glad that it is over. I do know one thing for certain the dogs roaming the street that night could not have been an accidental release. Since the dog were in private pens, separated by separate fences. What is the odds of them all escaping at the same time?

My curiosity about what was done leads me to investigate further what happened at the house of the dog pack. I made the call to Animal services for the follow up and they didn't find an animals around. Perhaps when the man saw me outside that night, with my cat he realized that he was in trouble and removed the animals knowing how much trouble they would bring him.

What ever happened to the dogs is a mystery, all I know is that they are gone and I don't have to worry about the rest of my colony being torn apart by a pack of dogs. I haven't been able to sleep since it happened, perhaps now I can have some peace of mind

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