Written by Captain Mary on Friday, May 25, 2012

It was a normal Friday, went to work in Coral Gables to clean. Chatted with the landscapers who needed some questions from the homeowner, so I texted and gave her the information, anyway that was that. She said that she was in a meeting and had no time. I went back inside and went on with my routine, laundry, cleaning, you know the stuff that no one wants to do. I left around 3ish.

The next Monday I was scheduled to clean again at the same location, upon my arrival I read a note that was left for me, which stated that they had been burglarized over the weekend. As I looked around I didn't notice anything disturbed, so I went on the gather the laundry and clean the bathroom. Shortly after I began the homeowner arrived with a whole bunch of detectives and lab people. In order not to be under foot I went to another part of the house and started the laundry. I have learned to stay out of the way when people are in the house. Laundry started I now head to the kitchen to clean, a detective asked if he could ask me some questions to establish a timeline. He signaled for me to come and sit down, I told him that if he doesn't mind I need to continue my work, he leaned over the counter and asked some questions. When did you arrive? When did you leave? Some miscellaneous questions, in the background, I hear other detectives talking about gathering DNA samples from everyone. I ignored them and continued my work. I hear a lab tech tell the homeowner, "see that was nothing", as she took a DNA sample from her. I have no idea how long they were there at the house or how many detectives were there. It seemed like a police station with them coming and going. Before all the detectives had departed the one who questioned me earlier made an effort to have me go to the police department for more questions. I made the appointment just to get him to go away. I had no intention on attending. I know how those things go!

I made some phone calls and spent some time thinking about the whole situation. I wanted to see if it was my imagination that I was considered a suspect, but after a couple of calls, it seemed to me that I was not the only one who had those thoughts. Why would I possibly clean toilets for months so I could rob someone who is friends with another of my customers that I have had for 12 years? My final advice was not to attend this meeting, so I put it out of my head.

The day of my scheduled meeting came and went, now Friday is here and I am working at an unrelated location. The detective called and asked why I did not attend our scheduled meeting. I told him that my attorney, now let me get it right  I said: "Hell No Don't Go". Of course, the detective began his conditioned response with words like, "spirit of cooperation", "you are not a suspect", "just want to establish the time". My reply to all that was, "My attorney told me you would say that too". He was relentless with his comments, "You can have your attorney with you at the station", yeah, I got the money to have an attorney at my beckon call. My reply was that I would be happy to meet him somewhere for a cup of coffee or I would be happy to talk with him on the phone. He went on to tell me, "I will be calling you!". I told him that it would be fine, call me anytime, I then proceeded to block his number.

I am not even a witness, I can't think of any reason that he would possibly need my attendance at the Coral Gables police department. The only reasons I can think of is that I am a suspect or the detective are just lazy and want me to solve the crime. I see that this is a form of harassment, what do they expect me to tell them? I was miles away and didn't even think about that house after I drove away.

I do recall when my house was burglarized, I hardly got anyone to come out and take finger prints. I was lucky that the crooks were so stupid they got caught. I really don't think that it was about finger printing and DNA samples. I guess I don't live in the right neighborhood for a real investigation.

Tell me if you have ever heard of such a thing, without being a suspect? Don't be intimidated by anything that the police may say, they are trained to lie and are professional manipulators. Remember if their lips are moving they are lying.

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