Written by Captain Mary on Friday, November 13, 2009

While at work yesterday, the landscape crew was also working. I noticed a beautiful plant, somehow it looked very familiar. I asked the boss of the crew, Richard, if the plant originated in Africa?. Richards reply was, "Yes, and there is a special place in his heart with this particular plant". My curiosity peeked, I had to know the story behind this plant.
Richard began to tell his story. First, he has a import license to harvest plants from Africa, due to the fact that he is African. Anyway, back to the story. While in Tanzania he was searching the bush in his vehicle, he came across a river coming down from the mountains. Seeing what looked like an interesting plant across the river he was determined to collect it. To get across the river he had to walk across a tree that had fallen into the river. Precariously crossing the log, which was wedged upon some rocks, he began carefully crossing. Looking down to check his footing he noticed, something that horrified him, it was the body of a young girl. Richard said that he noticed her long black hair and that she was a white girl. Richard returned to his vehicle and went to the police to report his finding. He gave them the exact location, in this remote area. Yet, the police insisted that he come along. After, Richard disapproved of returning, he was made to go with the police.
The story now very interesting, his phone rings. Richard excused himself and walked off, now my curiosity is getting the best of me. I returned back to my tasks, waiting for Richard to finish his phone call, and giving more instructions to his crew. Almost an hour later I was going crazy to find out what happens next.
Back to our conversation, Richard continues his story. Richard and the police begin to travel back to the river on dirt roads, winding and deep into the bush, they arrive at the sight, where the body of the young girl is under water, caught in the current of the river. The police begin to retrieve her remains, collecting her in garbage bags, for the river had taken its toll on her young body. The police then turn to Richard and arrest him for murder. Imagine his shock, he was just trying to do the right thing, to help a family find their missing child.
Richard was then tossed into a cell, he asked why he would show the police where the body was if he was the murderer? They didn't care, and he really couldn't argue the point, he was at the mercy of the police. No phone calls, just throw in a cell. That wasn't the worse of it, his cell mate was a man accused of murdering his entire family with a machete. Are you horrified yet?, well this man also had Leprosy, most of his face eaten away by the disease.
Richard, now afraid for his life, could not sleep, nor would he eat or even drink water. A few days passed when he noticed an Indian woman walking by his cell, through the very small window, Richard began screaming for help, the woman turned and acknowledged Richard. The woman's husband was a Barrister, she told Richard she would help. After 4 or 5 days he was finally released from his horrible cell. The police then changed their story of why he was in jail, and said he was there as a material witness. Richard went to court and testified at the trail. The results of the trail left a family with closure, but also left them with the horrible story of their daughters demise. This young 12 year old girl, a daughter of farmers, was abducted, taken to the mountain tops, tortured, and molested repeatedly, murdered and tossed into the river, where her final resting spot was where a man was collecting plants. Richard found out later that just a few feet down the river was another 30 bodies.
This experience was not the end of this trip, he then ran into a young man who was missing his ears. Richards curiosity led him to ask the man what had happened to his ears? The young mans reply was another shocking story.
The young man said that when he was six years old his village was attacked, his family and community was being slaughtered. What they did after the slaughter was remove the ears of the victims and throw them in piles. This young man, feared that if he ran he would be shot in the back, so he remained on the ground pretending to be dead. His ears were then removed and his young body throw on to the pile with the rest of the people in his village. Although he survived this horrible ordeal, I can't pretend to imagine the strength it took this six year old not to scream or move while all of this was happening to him.
The story now completed, Richard again looks at the plant that was a reminder of his adventure. He said, "this plant is the offspring of the original plant collected in the African bush, and a reminder of the time he spent in jail with a Leper.
I imagine that I will look at landscaping a bit different, perhaps each plant that is imported to grace our gardens has a story similar to this one. Embrace the beauty around us, for it too has a story to tell.

November 23, 2009 9:09 AM


Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, October 17, 2009

I have been painting for a few weeks now. I have produced 5 paintings in less than 3 weeks. I have been stuck in front of my easel. I can't seem to pry myself away. I just finished "Window to the Sea" for my niece, Gina. I get the initial idea from the person and then try to create something that works just for them. Gina, has no window in her home, it's like a cave, thus, the idea of a window. According to Gina, its a window you can look out, but no one can look in. That is a beautiful thought.

The painting of the Mac Caw is for my step daughter, Stephanie, who recently got back in touch with me. Stephanie has been checking my face book, and was watching my art work being posted. She requested something in the rain forest, with lots of color. Stephanie is another one who has no window, now she has a window to the forest. I am so happy to have ideas, and of course much better to sell my work.

I am sitting here right now and going through all my art supplies, my paints are slowly depleting. My sketch pads are all used up, and I don't even have any old posters to paint over. I am going crazy looking for something to paint on. I wonder if there is something wrong with my brain.

I did come across something interesting that I had stashed away for years. I found and finally framed my very first painting. I was in middle school, it is painted on a paper bag. The painting of a horse is now displayed, even though it isn't that good, but it was done in the 1960's.

Tomorrow, I have so much yard work to do, but I am going to need to do something at night, I will have to go to the craft store and pick up some canvas. I have several ideas and need to get them on canvas.


Written by Captain Mary on Friday, October 09, 2009

I have had so much spare time that I have been painting up a storm. This painting was commissioned by a friend from childhood. I hope that I keep getting orders for paintings. As long as I get requests and ideas, I will be inspired to continue.

I got a request after I completed the current painting from my Step-daughter from my last marriage. Stephanie lives in a dorm and she tells me that there is no windows. I am going to give her a window to the rain forest. I have already begun the painting and hope that I continue to be inspired. I may have taken on too much.

My niece, Gina, would also love a beach scene, at least I won't have to ship this one. Gina is next in line after Stephanie's Rain forest. I will keep you updated.


Written by Captain Mary on Monday, October 05, 2009

I have been painting for some time, a matter of fact, as long as I can remember. I am currently inspired. I found myself with a long dry spell, I just simply ran out of ideas for paintings. My sister-in-law, Margo, requested an Everglades scene. Margo gave me the specs of what she wanted in her painting, so I began.

After completing Margo's painting, my son, Jason, requested a painting of Africa, so that it would go with his living room design. I have now completed that painting and it too has been delivered.

I am currently working on another painting of a beach scene, which I modeled after a beach in Costa Rica, for a old time childhood friend.

I would love to post some of my painting for sale, but for now I would love to show you the ones I have completed in the last couple of weeks. I am taking orders, and am happy to ship anywhere you may live.


Written by Captain Mary on Monday, October 05, 2009

This is not a story about a cookie, but it is a story about a beloved friend. This friend "Oreo", was my mischievous ferret. Living a short life with us, yet a long life in ferret years, his last day was Oct. 2, 2009. Passing away, after a wonderful life, not only that he gave us, but I hope that he enjoyed.
He ran around chasing after the kittens when they were young, trying to stuff them in his hiding places, only to find out that they didn't quite fit. He loved to steal things, but I knew his hiding places, most of them anyway. I am certain, that I will find all his little stashes of goodies, in time. He was a loving little guy, who would give kisses one minute and nip you on the ankle the next.
Oreo came to us years ago as an unwanted pet, we welcomed him with open arms, he joined in the big clan of critters that live here. He played with the kids and the other critters, so small, yet not one animal could stand up to him, not even my 65 pound dog. Oreo was the master of the critter clan.
He was so loved and will be missed for a long time to come.


Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, September 23, 2009

After years and years have gone by, I find myself in need of a High School Diploma. I have decided that I need an occupation that is recession proof. I am selecting the medical field-nursing to be exact. I looked at careers, and found that nursing offers me many more opportunitys to travel than any of the other career choices.
To get back to the subject of my High School Diploma. I dropped out of high school in 1973, with one half credit remaining. I faked my way through jobs and careers-not needing a diploma. The time to get a diploma was here and now I had to study to pass the G.E.D.. I studied with my tutors, for a good month, day after day. The test was in July, yet I would not receive the results for months. This week, I got my diploma, the results were in and I accomplished the impossible. Learning years of high school in a mere month.
Now, it is time for me to take my entrance exam and the nursing exam. Back to studying and cramming to get to my new goal. Things have been very rough during the recession and I have to get a second job to make ends meet. For now, I will be doing everything I can to move on to the next stage of middle life. I should be planning for retirement-but that isn't the case. Wish me luck on the next series of tests.


Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, August 16, 2009

I don't know why or when it all happened, yet I find myself in a world of peace when I am on or near water. I have had an opportunity to get out twice last week, on the boat.

The first time was the beginning of crayfish season, my son and daughter are always with me, the grandchildren and friends. What a beautiful day it was, even though we didn't get our limit, we had a fantastic day. The season is months long, I have faith that we will get more as season progresses.

Last Wednesday we got another opportunity to go out. It was for fishing, just myself, daughter and son, along with my TaeKwonDo instructor, Master Isaacs. The weather was beautiful, perhaps too calm for dolphin fishing, yet we managed to get three beautiful fish. I was very quiet during the day, I don't know if it was because I was in my favorite place or from lack of sleep. I do know that there just isn't anything I enjoy more than being on the ocean, under the comfort of mother nature.


Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Have you ever put off doing something, because it just didn't seem important? Well, twenty five years ago or so, I put off changing my name on my social security card. I did get my name legally changed and thought that was enough. My maiden name was still on the card, I just didn't use the last name that I had deleted.
I was able to pay taxes, get a voters registration, get my captain's license, and homeland security background check. Never thought that, by not changing it with the social security administration it would come back to bite me in the ass. I could do just about anything I wanted, except go to school.
I was scheduled to take a test to obtain my G.E.D. today. Yesterday, I went to the school to check the lay of the land. I wanted to find where the class room was located and confirm my testing date. Much to my surprise, I walked into the office and was told that I can not take the test, because there was a problem with my social security card. The problem was that the name didn't match and the card had an error on it. Back in the day, when I got my card, computers were well in the future and my card was hand typed. Looking closely at the card, which I never did, you could see that a number had been corrected and typed over.
Now, I had to go to the Social Security Administration to get a special print-out, so that I could go to school. Went to the S.S.A. twice and finally returned to the school with the paper-work. I had a sigh of relief, until the school rejected the paper-work. I went home again, looking for something that would make them happy. I found a document, a W-2 from the State of Florida Retirement, this seemed to satisfy the school.
That's not all, in the meantime I was removed from the testing list. I have been studying very hard and was excited about continuing my education. Finally, after an hour, we manged to make an adjustment to the schedule, and today is the day that I test. I will be taking the first section of the test at 1:45 today. I also found out that my test results won't come back for 8 to 12 weeks. I am in store for a day of testing that will last approximately 5 hours. I have confidence that I will do well, since I am only required to get a little more that half of the questions correct. In the meantime, while waiting for my test results I can begin my chosen studies. All I can say is Wish me Luck, I will need it.


Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I guess the best thing to say is, "It ended well".
I always plan on getting out of the country for my birthday. A ritual that I have done for years, with the belief that, if I am not here, I will not get older. It doesn't really work, but it is a lot of fun thinking it does. My favorite thing to do is go out on the boat. I can always go out far enough, so that I am no longer in the U.S. and can be in International waters.
Fishing was on the agenda for my big day, any excuse will do. I took the day off work, along with my team, Monica, Jason, Jeff, Kevin, and Buck. Had an early day on Monday, so I thought I would begin getting the boat ready, with an early start in mind. What do they say about finely laid plans, and Murphy's Law? Well, Murphy and his friends were in attendance. I had the boat loaded and checked all the systems, good to go! So, you would think, yet as I was pulling the boat out of the yard, I heard a loud bang! I stopped the truck and looked under the boat to see what the noise was all about. I bent down and noticed that the springs that hold the axle on, were broken. Here it is 7PM, not going to find a store open. I notified the crew and Jason came over to help me locate the parts. Murphy reared his ugly face and made it impossible for us to find the right size in stock anywhere. I was giving up hope, called my boat mechanic, Bob, and he had some ideas, but they would take another day. That would mean that the trip was going to be delayed. My son, Jason, wasn't about to let that happen, nor was the rest of the gang. Monica and Jeff did some brainstorming.
The next morning, Jeff and Monica made the calls to find the parts, again Murphy, you bastard! I called Bob and he said we could get the parts, yet we would have to pick them up and that would be in North Miami. Jason jumped in his car and headed to pick up parts, in the meanwhile Jeff and Monica were on duty taking the old parts off. By the time Jason got back with the parts, it looked like we had a pit crew on site. The team took a short time and we were on the road toward the dock.
One o'clock and we are out the channel, heading toward the beautiful blue ocean. We tried trolling and the winds and moon were not indigenous to dolphin fishing. We, resorted to bottom-fishing. The weather was getting rougher, storm clouds moving in, although we landed quite a few small fish and three nice sharks before the lightning made us move. The tiny ship was tossed, if not for the courage of the fearless crew, the boat would be lost! Just kidding, we headed in, the sun had already set and it wasn't raining too bad, yet the waves were making smooth running, rough. Surrounded by lighting and thunder heads, we proceeded toward home. Then, a surprise, we saw sailfish jumping, that got us going again and the lines were back in the water. We seemed to just ignore the impeding weather conditions. We get a hit on the line, the sailfish, but it shook the hook loose. We continued and brought up a couple of nice mackerel, just when we thought Murphy had gotten the best of us. We arrived home after 10PM, cleaned the boat and fish, what a wonderful day. I can't believe how the crew perceived to make my birthday happen for me. I must be the luckiest person on earth. It makes getting older a pleasure.


Written by Captain Mary on Monday, June 22, 2009

When I woke last Friday, I had no plans for the weekend. My son, Jason gave me a call and asked "How about a snorkel trip?". So the plans for Saturday were on, Monica supplied the food, Jason did the organization, my Dad and girlfriend, Marlene were ready to go by 9:30.

The weather was just perfect, there were quite a few boats out taking advantage of the perfect day. The water was crystal clear and really warm. We jumped and played, we floated carefree in the turquoise water. At the last location we were snorkeling around and heard in the distance Monica scream out, "Shark". My Dad got out of the water as fast as he could, on the other hand, I swam right over to see what Monica was looking at. Jason, was not far behind. To our utter amazement, there was a school of sharks. Don't panic, they were very small Bonnet head sharks, if you don't know what that is it, they are sharks in the Hammer head family, they were just babies in the hunt for an afternoon snack. We counted more than twenty sharks. They were healthy, beautiful little sharks. What a treat! There is always something to see if you just look.
The next morning "Fathers Day", and wishing all fathers a great day. I got up early to clean up the boat and put the equipment away. I looked around my back yard and found myself deep in the overgrown lawn. It is summer time for certain and my yard has to be mowed every three days. Instead, I let it go for two weeks. I got the lawn equipment out and begin trimming and cleaning out the over-grown foliage in my own personal jungle. I filled up the back of my pick-up truck with a load of palm frons and hibiscus branches, headed out to the dump. While I was waiting in line at the dump, I got a phone call from Monica and Jason. In what would have taken me three days, we got the yard in picture perfect grooming in a mere 6 hours. Four loads to the dump should complete the process.


Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This is a painting I did for my sister, I think it came out great. I spent two days precariously perched upon a ladder, while painting this mural on my sisters house. It was hot and windy, but I did get to go out on their boat as a treat. It makes me miss living in the Keys. I wish that I could actually make money from my artistic skills. Who knows what the future has in store for me.


Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I have been called! Well, I have a problem with our legal system. I have only been called three times in my life and the last two I was excused. I again took the form that was mailed and wrote in my excuse.
Today I received a phone call telling me that my excuse is not acceptable. I explained to the caller that instead of wasting both our time, it would be best to let it go. I explained that I don't believe in our legal system, it is corrupt and worthless. I would not be selected to serve and what a waste of time and money. My excuse was that I don't have the funds to get to Downtown and waste my time sitting in a chair. I made it very clear to the caller that I will not be there.
The caller then told me it would be up to the judge to decide my fate. I told her she can have me arrested, at least I will get three meals a day.
I have heard that it is a privilege to serve, but I don't see it that way. I don't think I would even be living here if I wasn't born here, I reject my American citizenship, if I was an alien I would get so much more out of our government. I have no duty to anyone. Just to let my readers know, I am scheduled to report on June 8Th, so give me call and you can visit me in Jail. Don't forget to let the news know how they put a little old lady on food stamps and limited income in jail.


Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, April 26, 2009

This has always been an accurate statement from my shopping experience. I use two Publix groceries in my area on a regular basis. It seems like a usual day, it was a Wednesday and I was in need of just a couple of items. Some toilet paper, macaroni salad and coffee. I made my purchase and even donated money to the March of Dimes.
I headed toward the exit and out into the parking lot, it was about 3pm on a normal sunny afternoon.
There wasn't a lot of people in the lot, so it was easy to notice someone seemed to be following me. A tall man, dressed in a normal way, as I got closer to my truck, I noticed that he was looking directly at me and had picked up his pace. I was only a few feet from my truck, I jumped in and tossed my groceries across the seat. Suddenly the man was there, right outside my truck, I yelled "Back Off", he did not. I grabbed my truck door and tried to close it, my heart was racing when he grabbed the door and was forcefully opening it. We played a tug of war with the door, I then began yelling and beeping my horn. The man still did not say anything and I feared for my life. He finally said to me "I need to see your receipt", I replied with "what the hell for", "if you are accusing me of stealing you better call the police". At least I would have felt safe, still pulling on my door and demanding my receipt, I focused more on him and noticed he had a manager name tag, this still didn't make me feel better. I thought that a Publix employee would never do this, he had to be an amateur. I grabbed the receipt and passed it to him, he still would not let go of my door. He simply said at this point "very good", while looking at the sales receipt and then walked away.
I was completely shocked and could not even function. I watched the man, grab a shopping cart and enter the store. I dialed the police and made my report, they wanted me to stay there and wait, but I wanted out of there as fast as I could, to a place where I felt safe.
As soon as I got home, I emailed Publix corporate and told my story. I didn't hear anything on Thursday, and still nothing Friday morning. I thought that I should stop by my house pick up my camera and take some photos of this guy in the store, tell my story to the news. It always seems to get a rise when the news team is involved. I checked my answering machine before going out the door on my way to Publix. The messages were from the corporate office of Publix, which seems very urgent and concerned, I returned the message to the private cell phone of one of the big guys.
Our conversation was very concerning and he apologized several times, offering me a gift card of $100 to get me to come back. I was also told the the Assistant manager who forced my car door open has since been removed from his position. I asked if he thought I was some kind of thief or threat and that is why the man chased me through the parking lot. The man on the phone replied with "I don't care what his excuse was", he was pleased that both the manager and my stories matched.
I was told to go to the Publix the following Monday to pick up my gift card and he asked if I would sign a "Hold harmless" release. I agreed, to hold Publix not responsible, but I think that they cannot guarantee that this man won't try to retaliate against me. Besides that, wouldn't it be great if everyday until the Statue of limitation was up that he thought about the little lady he forcefully detained in the Publix Parking Lot!

Tell me what you think, should I sign the release for a couple of bags of groceries?


Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, April 23, 2009

Do you ever wonder how drugs get on the market, well they do lots of research and then begin human trials. I have been fighting with getting older but it doesn't matter how hard I try because it comes, like it or not. I am at the age where menopause is hitting me hard, with all the horrible side effects of hormonal changes. I went from a happy, kind of normal person, to a sad, recluse, with more emotional and physical symptoms that I could imagine.
I got my mail like any other day and there was a letter asking for volunteers for a Menopause Drug Study. I read about it and I determined that if anything I could get some much needed tests for free. And, perhaps some relief from the way I feel, that had come on so suddenly. So far I have had bone density scans, mammograms and tons of blood tests, pap smears and biopsy's. Through all the testing I wait to see if I qualify for the trials. Some of my test results have come back and so far I am healthy. The best part is I got a check for my participation. There is one draw back that stunned me, but didn't shock me. I have been diagnosed with hypertension, this means I have to take a pill a day for the rest of my life. I always hoped that this would never happen to me. Yet according to the doctor I have just increased my life span, and this is good, I guess. Would you believe it, I feel better and I am sleeping longer at night, perhaps that was one of my problems. Duh! I now know that what I have been feeling is not my fault, as I continue through the drug trail I will be able to continue feeling better and getting back to Crazy Mary.
I spent a fun weekend doing a yard sale and enjoyed the company of my daughter who without fail, cheered me up. As my days go by I look forward to having life as I once knew it restored, even with a bad economy.


Written by Captain Mary on Friday, March 20, 2009

I don't know how much more we can take as Americans. Personally, I am running out of energy to get upset with all the government spending and corruption. I did my taxes recently and found some changes that were extreme. First let me start with that stimulus we got last year, some Americans are paying it back and I don't think they even realize it. One of the questions on the tax form is "How much was your stimulus check?", or course you can't lie about it, because the IRS is all knowing. But, just for kicks put a zero in the box and see if your final tax isn't a bit different. Like the exact amount of your stimulus. This my fellow Americana's is what I call Bush's last word.
Next, what about those guys who got the giant bonuses on our backs. The government can never get that money back legally. Now, how much more corruption has to happen to get the money back to the American citizen? These guys took their millions and left the country.
First it was the Banks that lead us into the horrible economy, but now the government has given more of our money to the people who put us here in the first place. Does it sound to you that we will live to see the recovery of this country. I don't think it will happen.
I have decided that I too, will now become part of the problem, I will take what is mine before there is nothing left of our once beautiful country. Our country has taught us that lies, corruption and slipping through loop holes is the American way. My fellow Americans it is time for us to become like our leaders. In fact it is time to say "I don't give a shit anymore".


Written by Captain Mary on Friday, February 13, 2009

I was watching the news and today is the vote to see if the city of Miami, will donate over three million dollars for a baseball stadium. Is this a no brainier or what? Yes there will be jobs generated and get some people to work, but since when is it the responsibility of the taxpayer to do this? Let me get this right, we are struggling to pay our mortgages and make ends meet, but for no profit at all, we are going to give 300 million dollars to a baseball stadium. The sports industry makes plenty of money as we pay for tickets and buy souvenirs and buy overpriced beer. If they want a place to play baseball, then they should pay for it. Seems to me that a state in such a crisis should not throw away money that belongs to the state, not even making an investment, because there is no return for the states donation. Correct me if I am wrong but does this sound like a good business decision?
There is plenty of money in this state, and something with a price tag this high should not be funded on the backs of the taxpayer. It should be funded in the private sector or by the team who is going to be profiting and playing at this site. We can't afford to give this kind of money away, the federal government has taken more money from the schools, now we want to give money to something that can sustain itself. This sounds like another corporate bail out to me.


Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I recently got my credit card bill and noticed that the interest rate had jumped from 7 percent to 18 percent. Are you kidding! Didn't they just get a bail-out? Didn't the American public pay for this?
Well, this is an outrage, I got on the phone to my Visa provider and asked to speak to a manager. First I told them that I couldn't believe that this was their contribution to helping Americans out of this financial slump. I asked if they were enjoying their bonuses, the representative that I spoke to did not get one, but I mentioned that their boss probably did. There was a moment of silence on the phone. I began the negotiations, first I mentioned that I make my payments on time, but will find it impossible to pay off this amount at the rate they are now charging me. I then told them that I will be forced to disburse my debt by filling bankruptcy and they will get nothing. I now have the attention of the representative. He asked me a few questions, one of the most important was my income, I responded by telling him that my income is half of what I made last year. Even if its not, this is an important answer. Don't feel bad if you have to lie to them, they don't care about you at all, and we should not be penalized any further for their poor management skills. I worked hard to achieve a low interest rate and they claimed that their costs had increased, and that was the reason for the jump in my interest rate.
Check out your credit card bills, don't tolerate the increase, get on the phone and demand your rights. Don't pay and pay for their incompetence, this is not the way to help the American people. The credit card companies made it so easy for us to go into debt, but now it is time for us to climb out of this hole, this is our first step. They did ask me not to use my card until my debt was reduced, I am more than happy to accommodate. I don't need anymore bills anyway.
Make the call! Don't be shy, get on the phone and help yourself out of the credit card mess. Be certain to monitor those interest rates, the banks are sneaky and may not even tell you they are going to stick it to you. Good luck. I got my interest rate reduced back to the original rate and credited the overcharged interest amount.


Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I have been hiding in my house for months, ignoring my life outside these walls for months. I am getting back to my very busy routine. June called me and forced me to go out with friends, that was my first step. Shelah called and took me to spinning class, that was another step.
My TaeKwonDo school called and they missed me, so we made a barter, so that I could return. Last night was my first night back, boy did I forget everything I learned. I was feeling great when I arrived, after an hour of spinning I was warmed up and ready to go. We were have a great time, kicking, working a little bit with weapons, its always fun to whap yourself in the head with a numb-chuck, (that's how it feels anyway). Then it was time to put on the sparring gear, I am totally out of shape, so I took it slow, with hardly any contact. Things were going well, and then a freak accident occurred. I was pulling back and my partner was lifting his knee, what is the odds of a direct shot to the Charley horse bone. I landed on the ground in pain, my instructor tried to pick me up, but ended up carrying me off the floor instead. My calf swelled up like a football that was over inflated. I had to be carried to my car, Shelah drove me home, put an ice pack on me and took care of me.
This morning, it is still swollen, but I am walking and soon to be on my way to work. My first day back at class and now I am hobbling around on one leg. Makes me feel kind of normal again.


Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I have to be one of the luckiest people in the world, to live so close to so much beauty. My sister lives in the Florida Keys and Sunday we all got together for some fun in the sun. It was suppose to be a 4 hour picnic with friends and family, but who could leave until the sun had disappeared from the sky.

The kids were almost invisible, because they stayed so busy with playing in the sand, volleyball, kayaking, fishing and anything else they could find to do. The time passed so quickly as we took in the beauty of the sea and the smells of the islands, the fresh breeze.

To see more of the fun click Fun in the Sun


Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A magic moment in history, the day after Martin Luther King holiday, we inaugurate the first African American president. I now realize where women stand in the scheme of things!
Our new president has a huge job to accomplish, like fixing a sinking ship with a band aide. That scenario is impossible, to show his intentions he could have saved the American public millions just in the costs of the inaugural ball and parties. I understand that the American public probably needed all the hoopla, but I would have seen it as his first intentions to make the reality of his words come true.
Perhaps, I am much more practical, I do have more faith in our new president, than our last, he has a job that no one would want. Today is a new day and I hope that the budget can be put back where our fellow citizens can stop drowning. So many citizens have lost their jobs, homes and life as they once knew it. The American dream right now is a nightmare.
Obama has lifted our spirits and hopes, but those are only words, we do have to step up as Americans and stand our ground to make the changes that count. The war is costing billions, there are people getting rich, but it is not me or you. This is what started our down fall and it has to be the first thing to change in order for our recovery to begin.
History has changed this day and I hope this is the opportunity to give America a chance to be great again.


Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, January 15, 2009

I have be waiting for good weather to go out on the boat and that time finally came. Last weekend the boating weather was just perfect. Jason, my son and I prepared the boat for its adventure at sea, first problem was the battery, then after getting the engine started noticed that something just wasn't right. Through examination, myself and my mechanic determined that the water pump had dry rotted. I was so determined to get out, I suggested to Jason that we take the canoe for a trip. We decided on the Everglades. A little preparation and we were off toward Flamingo.

We launched the canoe and began paddling out toward the 10 thousand islands. Crocodiles lined the shore line, fat and content. Continuing our journey we saw so many birds, the beauty of the environment can set a soul free. The peace and beauty of nature that only a few can be a part of, I find myself with a growing smile. Jason and I brought a couple of fishing rods and had hopes of catching a fish or two that we saw jumping all around us. We caught a few fish, nothing for the frying pan though, a few cat fish and one little shark. Even though we did not add anything to the dinner plate, we found ourselves filling the emptiness and loss of the sea, back into our lives.

I sometimes think that in a past life I was living on the high seas, or perhaps below them. I find myself to be most complete when I am near the water. I miss crossing the ocean toward the islands of the Bahamas and the sea between us. For now I am content paddling my way in the beauty of the Everglades and back country.

As the day passed, Jason and I paddled the canoe toward an island full of all kinds of birds, as we approached they took flight and only made the sunset more beautiful as they graced the sky with their silhouettes. The sun now set we paddled our way back toward the shore, where we donated a little bit of blood to the mosquito's. Looking up toward the colors in the sky and beauty of the day we decided that tomorrow we would do it once again.

The next day we launched the canoe once again, taking a different path through the wilderness, the paddling was easy and again we watched birds fishing and flying, along with fish jumping all around us. The day was uneventful, yet memorable, again my soul filled with the missing elements that make me who I am. The water to me is like fuel, like eating, or breathing, it is something that is essential to my existence. I hope that this fuel will help me continue through life's journey with happiness and contentment.