Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Have you ever put off doing something, because it just didn't seem important? Well, twenty five years ago or so, I put off changing my name on my social security card. I did get my name legally changed and thought that was enough. My maiden name was still on the card, I just didn't use the last name that I had deleted.
I was able to pay taxes, get a voters registration, get my captain's license, and homeland security background check. Never thought that, by not changing it with the social security administration it would come back to bite me in the ass. I could do just about anything I wanted, except go to school.
I was scheduled to take a test to obtain my G.E.D. today. Yesterday, I went to the school to check the lay of the land. I wanted to find where the class room was located and confirm my testing date. Much to my surprise, I walked into the office and was told that I can not take the test, because there was a problem with my social security card. The problem was that the name didn't match and the card had an error on it. Back in the day, when I got my card, computers were well in the future and my card was hand typed. Looking closely at the card, which I never did, you could see that a number had been corrected and typed over.
Now, I had to go to the Social Security Administration to get a special print-out, so that I could go to school. Went to the S.S.A. twice and finally returned to the school with the paper-work. I had a sigh of relief, until the school rejected the paper-work. I went home again, looking for something that would make them happy. I found a document, a W-2 from the State of Florida Retirement, this seemed to satisfy the school.
That's not all, in the meantime I was removed from the testing list. I have been studying very hard and was excited about continuing my education. Finally, after an hour, we manged to make an adjustment to the schedule, and today is the day that I test. I will be taking the first section of the test at 1:45 today. I also found out that my test results won't come back for 8 to 12 weeks. I am in store for a day of testing that will last approximately 5 hours. I have confidence that I will do well, since I am only required to get a little more that half of the questions correct. In the meantime, while waiting for my test results I can begin my chosen studies. All I can say is Wish me Luck, I will need it.

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