Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, March 31, 2018

We have tried and tried to gather the family together for an adventure. We have come up with ideas and each one had failed because of one reason or another. Thanks to Monica who put together an idea that everyone could manage to come together. A canoe trip along the Peace River in central Florida, camping in that primitive way. Tents and pee pee in the woods, washing in the river, living out of coolers and limited supplies. A central location for everyone and a weekend in nature.  The weather was just perfect, except maybe the first night that dropped down into the 40's, it took awhile for me to crawl out of my very cozy sleep bag and my tiny tent the next morning.

We canoed up river to find a spot to support all 20 of us. Canoes were stacked with supplies and people, because our primitive still included steaks and sausage and or course a generous supply of alcoholic beverages. The daytime was jumping into canoes, paddling up river to go fishing or hunting down the fossilized shark teeth that are all over the river. The kids found ropes hanging out of trees to swing into the cold water for a splash. Definitely fun to watch, as some of the landings didn't go as perfect as they had anticipated.  

In the evenings we shared laughter and stories, and some warmth. The kids seem to embrace the adventure, from climbing trees, gathering firewood, knocking each other out of the canoes, and just paddling around. It was so nice to see everyone away from electronic devices, even though we still had service they stayed away from their social media and embraced the wilderness. There was three of the group who had never tent camped and they were great, I think they would do it again.
Still close to civilization, yet far enough away to enjoy the hawks fishing along the river, bats hanging in the Spanish moss waiting night time and, of course, those cute little alligators peaking out of the waters surface. A weekend of personalities and peace along the ancient river.
I think we are all in for next year.