Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A magic moment in history, the day after Martin Luther King holiday, we inaugurate the first African American president. I now realize where women stand in the scheme of things!
Our new president has a huge job to accomplish, like fixing a sinking ship with a band aide. That scenario is impossible, to show his intentions he could have saved the American public millions just in the costs of the inaugural ball and parties. I understand that the American public probably needed all the hoopla, but I would have seen it as his first intentions to make the reality of his words come true.
Perhaps, I am much more practical, I do have more faith in our new president, than our last, he has a job that no one would want. Today is a new day and I hope that the budget can be put back where our fellow citizens can stop drowning. So many citizens have lost their jobs, homes and life as they once knew it. The American dream right now is a nightmare.
Obama has lifted our spirits and hopes, but those are only words, we do have to step up as Americans and stand our ground to make the changes that count. The war is costing billions, there are people getting rich, but it is not me or you. This is what started our down fall and it has to be the first thing to change in order for our recovery to begin.
History has changed this day and I hope this is the opportunity to give America a chance to be great again.

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