Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, October 17, 2009

I have been painting for a few weeks now. I have produced 5 paintings in less than 3 weeks. I have been stuck in front of my easel. I can't seem to pry myself away. I just finished "Window to the Sea" for my niece, Gina. I get the initial idea from the person and then try to create something that works just for them. Gina, has no window in her home, it's like a cave, thus, the idea of a window. According to Gina, its a window you can look out, but no one can look in. That is a beautiful thought.

The painting of the Mac Caw is for my step daughter, Stephanie, who recently got back in touch with me. Stephanie has been checking my face book, and was watching my art work being posted. She requested something in the rain forest, with lots of color. Stephanie is another one who has no window, now she has a window to the forest. I am so happy to have ideas, and of course much better to sell my work.

I am sitting here right now and going through all my art supplies, my paints are slowly depleting. My sketch pads are all used up, and I don't even have any old posters to paint over. I am going crazy looking for something to paint on. I wonder if there is something wrong with my brain.

I did come across something interesting that I had stashed away for years. I found and finally framed my very first painting. I was in middle school, it is painted on a paper bag. The painting of a horse is now displayed, even though it isn't that good, but it was done in the 1960's.

Tomorrow, I have so much yard work to do, but I am going to need to do something at night, I will have to go to the craft store and pick up some canvas. I have several ideas and need to get them on canvas.

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