Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, April 23, 2009

Do you ever wonder how drugs get on the market, well they do lots of research and then begin human trials. I have been fighting with getting older but it doesn't matter how hard I try because it comes, like it or not. I am at the age where menopause is hitting me hard, with all the horrible side effects of hormonal changes. I went from a happy, kind of normal person, to a sad, recluse, with more emotional and physical symptoms that I could imagine.
I got my mail like any other day and there was a letter asking for volunteers for a Menopause Drug Study. I read about it and I determined that if anything I could get some much needed tests for free. And, perhaps some relief from the way I feel, that had come on so suddenly. So far I have had bone density scans, mammograms and tons of blood tests, pap smears and biopsy's. Through all the testing I wait to see if I qualify for the trials. Some of my test results have come back and so far I am healthy. The best part is I got a check for my participation. There is one draw back that stunned me, but didn't shock me. I have been diagnosed with hypertension, this means I have to take a pill a day for the rest of my life. I always hoped that this would never happen to me. Yet according to the doctor I have just increased my life span, and this is good, I guess. Would you believe it, I feel better and I am sleeping longer at night, perhaps that was one of my problems. Duh! I now know that what I have been feeling is not my fault, as I continue through the drug trail I will be able to continue feeling better and getting back to Crazy Mary.
I spent a fun weekend doing a yard sale and enjoyed the company of my daughter who without fail, cheered me up. As my days go by I look forward to having life as I once knew it restored, even with a bad economy.

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