Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, March 24, 2012

I have a soft spot for cats, belonging to the cat network I make certain that the cats that make their way to my home, get fixed and fed. My neighbor is a big help, he too has adopted some of them and we keep them fed and healthy together. I am greeted each day with their warm caress and their happy purr. I know that I have given them a safe place to live out their lives. So I thought, I have been loosing cats that have spent years with me, some have moved on to other neighbors, again, so I thought.

In the evenings I have been noticing the dogs next door going crazy, barking up a storm, along with my own. I peak outside and see stray dogs. I chase them off just so I can get some peace and quiet. Last night they all went crazy, it was almost 3 am and I woke up in a daze, opened the door only to see a pack of dogs attacking one of my cats, in horror I chased them off, but it was far too late. As the kitty gasped his last breaths of air, I held him close and he died in my arms, ravaged by the pack of dogs.

This cat showed up about 3 years ago as a feral, I caught him in one of my traps and got him fixed. He was very thin and full of fleas. As the years went by he was always there, he became friendly and fat, he was the first to greet me each morning and each afternoon when I came home from work. A fixture on my front porch, where last night he was taken and killed right in front of my eyes.

Distraught, I went in the house to see if they would return so that I might follow them to find where they live. The dogs began to bark again and I ran outside where I could observe the direction of their flight, when I noticed a man herding them up. I am constantly disturbed with barking in the evenings and now I know where these dogs are coming from. In the morning I walked down the block to find the address of the house that the dogs ran to. I observed one in the front yard and heard many barking in the back yard. I got on the phone to animal services and made my report. I can only hope that my remaining cats will stay clear of stray dogs. I never want to see an animal of mine mangled by this pack of dogs again. I will be on high alert for now on when the dogs bark, if only to save a life of the remainder of my colony, which have become loving pets.

When dogs gather in packs they become very dangerous, it might be cats they kill, maybe other dogs and who knows if they move on to humans. Once they get the taste of blood they are dangerous. I plan on stopping this horror in my little part of the world. Every animal has the right to live out their life without fear at their own home. I can't help thinking that I am responsible, I do know that this person lets these dogs out on a regular basis and I am going to be the one to stop him.

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