Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, July 21, 2012

A regular Friday and the end of my work week quickly approaching. Busy finishing the last bit of work and I receive an unexpected phone call from my sister Cheryl, who lives about 6 hours away. The funny part of the story is that I had been thinking about her, knowing she was in the area of the Aurora, Colorado shooting at the movie theater. I had left a message of concern, and asked when she was coming home on her FB page. I sometimes think that we share a bit of telepathy between siblings. We often call each other when we are thinking about each other. If I think long and hard enough they will call and the opposite applies to them.

Cher was at the Tampa airport when getting a call from a friend who needed to see her, and by the time she realized where her friend was staying she was only a hour from my house. A great opportunity for us to get together and an opportunity for her to have a bit of a pit stop before traveling again toward home.

After some small delays we headed out to dinner, after 9 pm, and had some of the best service ever. We enjoyed each others conversation. We talked about travels and experiences and some of the places we would love to go. A conversation right up my alley, I don't know if I could ever travel enough. Cher is quite the traveler also and we agreed that a trip to Alaska would be great. I was planning a trip to Alaska with my best friend Margo for 2013 and I see no reason not to add one more person to the fun. Margo and Cheryl are great travelers, both very close to my heart.

I can only hope that business continues and I can save enough for this quite expensive land and sea journey to Alaska. I have a great travel agent and she has never let me down.

Today, I did nothing much except think about a great Friday night with one of my sisters. I know one thing for certain, I never have enough time with my siblings, and I cherish every moment with them. The sound of their voice and an embrace makes my day. I wish for everyone to have a family like mine, love is a special thing between family.

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  2. By Anonymous on July 22, 2012 at 11:41 AM

    Great post Mom! So Cher was in Colorado while that shooting happened? SHIT! That is crazy!