Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I belong to the wonderful social club, "The Sons & Daughters of Italy". We have monthly meetings and we always bring something to eat, an Italian pot luck of sorts. I have an hour drive just to get to Key Largo, so after work, my time is limited to prepare something to share. This time I decided to prepare a dessert. While I was working I told my friend, Carolyn, she pulled her book out and suggested an amazing no muss no fuss recipe. She made a copy of the recipe for me and after work I headed to the grocery store. I wanted to be a bit creative and still follow the basic design. Kind of add and Italian touch to it.

A couple of angel food cakes, with filling, then covered with some cool whip, pineapples and cherries. I wanted to look for something special for the filling and while looking for mascarpone cheese I came across cheese cake filling, ready to use. Sounded great to me, I mixed the cheese cake filling with crushed pineapple and I created a very special dessert that the Italians went crazy over, this was the test. The club members don't hesitate to say if something is good or bad. Everyone who ate one piece came back for seconds, this wonderful no baking cake was just a matter of minutes to put together and was a fantastic hit.
Give it a try.

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