Written by Captain Mary on Monday, December 31, 2012

I thought it would be nice to recap my past year, 2012. I know one thing that I thought couldn't happen was that I became closer to my children. Our conversations much more frequent and shared so many laughs together. I made them my priority, and made an effort to spend more time, even if only on the phone, with my siblings. I found that the more we spoke with each other, the more I loved them. Imagine that, just when I thought I couldn't love them anymore than I do.

We shared some amazing time with each other, Thanksgiving, Italian Club nights, Cruise to Mexico, well it doesn't get better than that. I really enjoy those "look who is coming to town" trips. Dad, Cheryl, and June, were great this year for pop In's. This new year, I am going to make an effort to pop-in on them.

I worked hard and often last year, my busiest of years. It seems that from time to time I actually put in 8 hours in a day. I also have had the joy of working with Monica, when she is on the clock with me, work seems to fly by. We talk and talk, sometimes I can't even remember working. Once a week I head to my sons house and spend some time with him. I also made certain that my grandchildren know who I am and love me crazy. It seems that the most fun I have with my family is working together, no matter what the project. Last year we certainly had a lot of projects around the homes of all of us.

The past year also brought in a new, old president. I am not certain about the country, all I can hope for is that I don't have to pay more to live in America. No matter what the politics are, my priority is survival and love for my friends and family. I don't need anything fancy in my life, just freedom to live my life in a happy state. Letting things that don't matter go from my thoughts, keeping the stress away. I learned many times that things always work out, to stress over it serves no purpose. I have been much happier in the face of turmoil and tragedy, because things just happen out of my control. I spent last year learning more and more about life and how to live in it. It is easier then you think to just be happy!

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