Written by Captain Mary on Monday, December 24, 2012

It was a regular pet sitting gig, so I thought. After working for over 10 years at this particular home I was asked if I could pet sit three kitties. One of the kitties is a yellow tabby, very old, perhaps over 18. I thought in my head "How hard could this be?" The old kitty, Wigloff, has diabetes and needs an insulin injection daily. The owner showed me how to do this procedure, and it seemed so simple.

The first day of the gig has arrived, with numerous instructions and duties I began my rounds. First watering the plants and checking for mail, packages and such. Next is cleaning the liter box and feeding the kitties. Placing water glasses and bowls all over the house while looking for the illusive Wigloff, whose is always hiding. He was standing in the door way of the office I simply picked him up, brought him to where I had prepared his injection and the job was done. Spending some time with the other cats petting and talking to them.

The next day was not as simple, but did the job. The third day, Wigloff had turned into a Wildcat. Searching for him was always the first task, found him in the closet and when I reached for him, he began to hiss and growl. I thought it was more bark than bite, because he was an old boy. Never one of the friendliest cats, but should be manageable. Much to my surprise, the cat lunged at me and bit the heck out of me. I couldn't give up on him, he needed his injection.

As the days went by, Wigloff became more and more vicious. I had to secure some thick leather gloves to protect my hands. I soon found out that the gloves would not be enough. My hands were safe for awhile, but my arms were shredded and bleeding. I couldn't help thinking that I was dealing with a bobcat or cougar. By now grabbing the cat had to be timed perfectly, because I only had so much blood to spare. Now, the cat had decided he was a crocodile and did the death roll. Finding a way to give Wigloff his much needed injection had become a life and death procedure, and it was my life I was worried about. It had become almost impossible to give Wig his injection. After wrestling with the cat, with leather gloves and long sleeves on, I took a deep breath. I took off my gloves over the kitchen counter and blooded poured out, I could only burst into tears and began shaking.

Shaking and tears running down my cheeks I could only think that no amount of money is worth the pain I am in to give an injection to a cat, who clearly doesn't want it. After trying virtually everything I could think of, I left the house completely defeated and horrified that something would happen to Wigloff due to the pure stress of the whole ordeal.

I went home thinking that the only thing I could do is to take Wigloff to the vet and let them deal with the cat. But, then I had not done the job that I was hired to do. The next morning I woke with a an idea in my head that could save the cat and myself from injury and stress. How about a net! I can't wait to try it out.

I was expecting the death roll once the cat hit the net and a tangled mess, but I thought it would definitely save my now swollen and infected hands. I brought with me my grandsons to aid in this now very scary, difficult task. I sent the boys to search for Wigloff while I performed my other numerous duties. Now, net in hand and heading to where the wildcat was hiding, I simply slipped the net over Wigloff and he remained motionless, which allowed me to give him his injection without event. A sigh of relief overcame me, for now the feeling of defeat has lifted and I felt like my job can now be done without risking injuries to myself and Wigloff. Wig, didn't know how close he came to spending the rest of the time locked in a kennel at the vets office. The ordeal over, the still growling kitty simply walked away after I lifted the net.

This is one smart kitty cat, I still can't help thinking he is going to wise up the net theory and find a way to tear me to shreds again. Still 8 days left to my grueling punishment I arrive thinking what way will the cat find to defeat me. This has become much more than a pet sitting gig at this point, it has become a challenge to complete a task with a wild animal. It is so much like entering the jungle with only me and the lion, and my survival depends on how I out smart the vicious feline.

More time passed and the smart kitty, became harder and harder to capture in the net, he hid in places that didn't allow me to make an easy netting. Once I got the net over Wig he became wild as they get, his little arms sticking out of the holes in the net, wanting to get a piece of me. Still avoiding damage to myself, I had to add a towel over his head to keep him calm until I was able to touch him without a vicious attack. I must admit I leave the house now with a feeling of satisfaction. Wig is eating well and definitely in good health. As I write now, there is only 1 more day left to my mission. Normally I think of pet sitting as easy money, but this time I have met my match.

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