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 Today, a usual day. Except that I was getting some much needed home repairs done. I enlisted my daughter and her beloved to do the job. They unlocked the gate to get supplies in and neglected to shut the gate behind them. Really no big deal.

Upon checking up on my dogs my daughter noticed that she could not locate my precious little Bogey. She began calling for Bogey and nothing, then Monica began to panic. She got the neighbor involved in the search and Jeff, her boyfriend got in his truck, off they went to locate the missing mutt. Bogey was no where to be found, by then I had pulled up to my house and found sitting, hystericly crying was my beautiful daughter. That is when I found out that she thought she had lost my little man.

I knew that Bogey has never run off, he just doesn't find the need to travel, but he does love to hide. Monica said that she had looked all through the house and he never came when called. Bogey has a bad habit of staying very quiet when he doesn't want to be found. Poor Monica and Jeff had searched the neighborhood, shouting, which alerted some neighbors that proceeded to call the police. Now with the police driving around the neighboorhood, there isn't a chance that Bogey would be lost.

After trying to calm Monica down, I realised that she was so upset because she thought it would break my heart if Bogey was lost. It would, but what broke my heart is to see my beautiful daughter so distroyed. Did she think that she wasn't more important than Bogey. Not a chance!

My Monica did all this for me, 45 minutes of complete hysterics and guess where Bogey was! He certainly didn't stay outdoors, he was tucked under my desk, completely silent, so that no one would make him go outside. The look of relief on Monica's face when I brought the little hideaway out, was one of ultimate relief, and a bit of anger toward little Bogey. All is well and I bet the next time there is work done around the house the dogs will be in lock down.

I must admit I was glad to see him safe as well. The best part was to see Monica smile again and Jeff was happy that Monica was happy. Because if Mama isn't happy no one is happy. 

Bad Bogey

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