Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, September 09, 2012

A couple of days ago, I went to check on the fish in my pond and noticed that more than half of my fish had been killed. Some with heads torn off, others gasping for air from poisoned water. I immediately flushed out the water and saved what I could. I could only think that a predator had been looking for something to eat.

I suspected that it might be a raccoon, but with no evidence it would be hard to prove. Last night I caught this rascal climbing through the dogie door on to my patio, where he made himself at home eating the cats food. My cats sat on the table next to him just looking with confusion. I scared him off and he returned, again and again, in spite of one of my cats swatting him in the face. I finally sent in the dogs and that seemed to scare him off for the night.

I can only assume that my dense landscaping made a great home for him. Plenty of places to hide and climb. All the key ingredients for the perfect home, water, cover and plenty of food. I see advertising that says a home owner should make an environment for wildlife, birds and small animals, a perfect place for butterflies and a peaceful environment in the middle of the brick homes and manicured lawns. Of course, they didn't mention that I would also attract the larger animals, that damage the once peaceful environment. I think the advertisers should also mention the side effects of all the hard work to make this landscape environment into an Eco-system. All I can say is that I made a successful environment for animals, but how do I get rid of the raccoon?

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