Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Last minute plans are sometimes the best. I was talking to my son on the phone at the beginning of the week and he mentioned that he was going on a camping trip. Well, out of curiosity I asked, "Where are you going?", he replied, "A last minute trip with Monica and the kids to the Peace River". I asked why I wasn't invited, he said that he was only invited the day before. Anyway, I invited myself.
I have gone camping often and getting ready wasn't a difficult task. An hour later I was ready.
Friday arrived and we headed on our journey to the Peace River camping area. The kids just old enough now to really enjoy the camp and help find fire wood. The weather was just perfect. The gang did some exploring and Jonathan was amazed by a cows jaw bone, he wanted to keep it so bad.

The next morning was our trip to the river itself. Lots of gear loaded up in the canoes. Monica, my daughter, and her boyfriend had everything you could dream of. I laughed so hard when Jeff pulled out a chain saw. Monica mentioned that camping doesn't have to be roughing it. I was happy to have my cup of hot coffee in the morning, so I didn't complain at all.

We took our time, four adults and five children, the water was high enough that we never had to get out and push our way down the river. The water was cold, but the kids didn't seem to notice much. Jonathan, the youngest was making up a million excused for us to stop. He was hunger, had to pee, or some other crazy thing. The minute we stopped he was in the river, swimming and playing, forgetting why we stopped in the first place. We found a camping spot early in the day, and it was well worth it. Plenty of time for fun, fishing, and setting up for dinner. We had the best time ever, I think the kids had a great time.

I brought my dog with me, Bogart, he was the greatest little guy, he chased vultures and slid in the mud. Boggy was full of mud and stickers. The only thing I worried about was him near the waters edge, due to gators. 
I did a little fishing and caught this big ugly thing. Which by the way tasted pretty good. An evening full of fun, brought us all to an early end to the evening. The weather was great until it began to rain about 11:30 that night, that's when we realized that the tents were not exactly water proof. A bit of a soggy night couldn't even ruin the fun. The next morning we dried out some things and headed back on our adventure down the river. We stopped frequently to pan for sharks teeth and for snacks and swimming. No hurry, no worry. I had a great time with my family. I don't think my kids realize how important these moments are for me. There is nothing better than family.

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