Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, February 24, 2011

I finally got some replies to my letter to Waste Management, the governor of the state, Rick Scott, and the Mayor of my little town, which I didn't even write to, but the Governor forwarded it my local representative. With all this correspondence I still didn't get a letter from Waste Management, figures doesn't it!
I thought I would share with you the letter that my local Mayor sent, which makes me believe there is some hope in government, not much, but some. I am going to re-send my letter to Waste Management, over and over until I get a reply. I can't be ignored forever. If there is something in your government you don't like, write, write and re-write the officials. Never give up, and pursue them until you get a reply. We are the people of this Nation, lets start acting like it. Below is the letter I received from my local Mayor.

Dear Mary,

I have been forwarded your email and although there is not much the Mayor from Cutler Bay can do about a trash dump in Palmetto Bay ( assume it is on SW`184St) and run by the county. But, be sure, we are like minded. I believe that our great Nation is made up of many small governments that will give leadership to our national direction. Small Towns and cities will let larger counties and states know the mood of the people. I believe the mood is: enough! Enough waste, enough spending, enough invasion of our civil liberties.

I can only be the guardian of the small Town of Cutler Bay. I see it as our Nation. That is how we must view the world around us. As they say, one bite at a time.

I thank you for your email. I would recommend you contact the Village manager or mayor of Palmetto Bay and advise them of your concern. As stated, the local trash collection is not in Cutler Bay. Coming from the Village where it is located has greater weight.

As Winston Churchill once coined; "Never, Never, Never, give up".

With Kind Regards,

Edward P. MacDougall


Town of Cutler Bay Town Hall

10720 Caribbean Blvd., Suite 105

Cutler Bay, Florida 33189

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