Written by Captain Mary on Friday, February 25, 2011

I wish I could take credit for this information, but it is from a new book, author Steve Harvey. What I did do is copy part of the book for the ladies to copy and print and put it on your frig. He has a humorous way of telling guys what they need to do to make their relationships work. But I certainly found his 10 commandments to be oh so true.

Steve Harvey's
Straight Talk 
No Chaser
(A mans view)

Steve Harvey’s 10 Commandments 

Thou Shalt Give Her Free Time

Thou Shalt Remember The Small Things

Thou Shalt Consistently Find New Ways To Say I Love You

Thou Shalt Chip In

Thou Shalt Help With The Kids

Thou Shalt Embrace The Art Of Foreplay

Thou Shalt Respect Her Schedule

Thou Shalt Send Her Roses, Just Because

Thou Shalt Remember The Golden Rule ( you can be happy or you can be right)

Thou Shalt Always Take Her Side

I hope this gives everybody some insight. It worked for me. I realize that women are indeed the ones to satisfy if the rest of the family wants to be happy. I guess what they say is true, "When Mama is happy everyone is happy"

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