Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, March 05, 2011

I had one of those days today. Yesterday, I was suppose to pick up paint, but did not have the time to do so. In the morning I went to the paint store and by a great coincidences a man that represents the paint company was there to answer questions I had about the job I was currently working on. Did you know when you finally get that old wall paper off and clean the wall you can't use regular water based primer? I would have made a big mess. I also learned that you can remove those hideous pop-corn ceiling with a spray of water and a scraper. They can't be repainted, unless you use a paint sprayer. But who wants a pop-corn ceiling anyway.
So, I got all the right supplies for my job. Now I have the oil based 5 gallon bucket of primer. It was so heavy I really couldn't drag it around so I put it in the back of my pickup truck. I parked under the carport of my customers house. As the sun changed directions I guess that it got a little hot. After hours of prep and tape, patching, and stuff like that it was time to start painting. My crew was doing the last of the prep upstairs so I went down to get enough paint out of the giant bucket to begin the job. They sure make these things easy to use, a small screw cap on the top. I began turning the cover to open the paint when it blew up all over me. The oil that separated from the paint splashed everywhere. I jumped up into the pickup to get a rag out of my tool box, but didn't think to look up when I stood up, for as fast as I got in a standing position I was knocked on my back when I slammed my head into the overhang of the carport. Just about knocked me out. I just laid on my back as the paint that exploded all over me became nice and tacky. My eyelid was stuck to my eyebrow, my hair was becoming stiff, I had paint all over me. Got up and got the rag to try to clean it off of me, now I have a rag stuck on me. Went into my customers garage to look for some paint thinner. Who doesn't have a can of paint thinner laying around, well they didn't.
I knew at this point I had a job to do, so I did the best I could to un-stick my eyelid with my hand which now is a mitt because my fingers are stuck together. Back to the giant paint can, noticing that the paint had separated, had to open the can and give it a good stir. Got out my paint stick with my mitt and began to stir, something wasn't quite right, I wasn't catching the bottom because my stick was far too short. So, without a thought in my head, probably because it had a giant bump on it, I just casually put my hand into the paint, still not reaching the bottom to stir properly, kept going, stirring and stirring, by now I had paint up to my elbow. I sure hope that no one had a video camera. This whole thing would get a million hits on YouTube for certain. Well, I got the paint I needed, not able to clean myself, continued upstairs to work with the crew. I  got this really strange look when I appeared with a paint brush and a cup of paint and paint up to my elbow and splattered all over my face and hair.
As I told the story to friends later that evening, they couldn't help laughing trying to envision what had happened, which wasn't to difficult because I still had a arm covered in paint, because I didn't have paint thinner on hand. I sat and laughed with my plastic cup of wine, my friend afraid that my bad luck hadn't quite worn off yet. As I told my story, I too couldn't help laughing at myself. Which I must admit is good medicine.

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  2. By Queenie on March 5, 2011 at 10:53 AM

    I think you looked fabulous and thank you so much for the giggles and the visit. I miss you so much.