Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, March 10, 2011

Update from the Classic Cars Post , to congratulate the winners of the Car Show. My friends Ralph and Carolyn, who achieved first place in their divisions for their two beautiful cars. They are the best car collectors I have ever met. They work hard on every detail and when you look at their cars you stand in amazement, as if you were standing in the show room so many years ago, when the car was first introduced to the public. As I go through my life I sometimes forget the past, and when I see these reminders, so bright and shinny, I look back into those years of my youth with fondness and love for the richness I was honored to be a part of. Children today have no idea what it was like, if you have the opportunity to take them to a Classic Car Show, go, and tell them the stories about what it was like riding around in these beautiful machines. With any luck, they too will tell the stories to their children and let them know how simple and special the little things are.

Another winner, it must be a family trait.

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